Dentistry Laguna Hills CA


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Dentistry Laguna Hills CA - Dr. Akash Lapsi Offers Dental Services like Emergency Dental Care, Dental Implants, Sedation Dentistry, Dental Crowns & Invisalign at Affordable Pices to Their Patients.

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Dentistry Laguna Hills CA

  1. 1. Welcome to Excel Dental & Orthodontics Laguna Hills CA Dr. Akash Lapsi is quick, competent, professional and sincerely helpful dentist. There is a team of experienced, professional dentists that provide hassle-free dental service. The service provided here is top class and affordable. Moreover, you can expect a friendly and courteous service. We have been in the market for many years. Our Services:- 1.Dental Implants 2.Invisalign 3.Sedation Dentistry 4.Dental Crowns 5.Emergency Dentist Dental Implants:Dr. Akash, although has experience in many areas of dentistry, he is specialised in dental implants. So far he has done hundreds of dental implants and his continued professional service has taken him to a crowning position in dentistry within and in the close proximity of Laguna Hills. one or more missing teeth. It is made of corrosion free metal called titanium. Titanium is considered excellent base metal for tooth implant for its following characteristics: 1. Strength and durability 2Comfort 3Bio compatibility 4Corrosion free
  2. 2. 5Although there are alternatives for restoration of human teeth like removable bridges and fixed bridges (also called fixed partial dentures), dental implants with their varied benefits are a best choice. Although there are alternatives for restoration of human teeth like removable bridges and fixed bridges (also called fixed partial Invisalign:2Invisalign comes under cosmetic dentistry because it is concerned with improving the appearance of a person's teeth, gums and/bite. To straighten the teeth, 3instead of using the traditional braces, invisalign uses a series of custom made transparent aligners. 4The invisalign treatment spreads across from a few weeks to a few months depending on the consistency of wearer and divided into different stages. 5The first and the most obvious advantage is the treatment is cosmetic in nature. The advantage of the aligners over the traditional braces is that the aligners are custom made at each stage and hence it is more comfortable to wear. 6 7Remember that invisalign is removable. The advantage with this feature is that you can remove it during your meal so that you can eat with ease and comfort. Invisalign is proprietary. This means that the aligners are provided by the company Invisalign. The impression of the teeth is first taken and given to Invisalign. Sedation Dentistry:Sedation dentistry, a safe and effective method focuses on extremely fearsome patients to calm them down and offer the care that they deserve. It is a method of making a patient relax during dental treatment using mediation. It is achieved using pharmacological drugs called sedatives. There are three levels of sedation, each corresponding to a certain degree of
  3. 3. depressed central nervous system. 1Minimal sedation: It is a drug induced state where the patient's mental or physical activities are not impaired. The patient is not asleep and conscious enough to respond to verbal and tactile stimulation. 2Moderate sedation or conscious sedation: Moderate sedation involves depression of consciousness using a pharmacological drug. The patient under the influence of moderate sedation, have the ability to respond purposely to verbal direction alone or verbal direction accompanied by slight tactile stimulation. 3Deep sedation: Deep sedation is intense. It is an induced state of sedation characterized by intensive drowsiness. A patient can be aroused only through repetitive verbal and tactile stimulation. The medication also helps you disregard your worries and make you feel comfortable. Dental Crowns:A dental crown, normally known as cap, is a restoration for a tooth. It covers and strengthens a tooth. A tooth may be damaged due to a number of reasons. It may be due to decay, accidental injury, cracks due to clenching or injury, if the problem cannot be solved by merely filling due to large area in the tooth, and to cover a dental or tooth implant. A crown also can be a solution to unsatisfactory tooth coloration. The other option that you have for restoring a teeth is a dental bridge, fixed or removable. A crown is made by specialised machines in a dental laboratory after taking the teeth impression. It is covered by an enamel that improves the texture of the tooth and hence made beautiful. For some people, it is a life changing experience. It totally changes how they look at themselves resulting in amplified confidence. They smile more, indicating more happiness. With technological development, there is nothing too complicated with aesthetic dentistry. In a few visits to our dental office, you can achieve them. The crowns or caps are classified into temporary and permanent crowns. Temporary
  4. 4. crown is a quick restoration solution to a missing or a damaged tooth and this does not last too long. Emergency Dentist:Dental emergency typically refers to the awful pain relating to your teeth, gums or the jaw bone that is supporting the teeth or any other part in the teeth that affects your normal functioning. Dr. Akash's clinic offers a complete range of comprehensive high-quality treatment against any dental problem including emergency dentistry. If you experience terrible pain while chewing or your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold water or if you are suffering from severe toothache in the mid of the night, then don't worry. Just search for Dr. Akash Lapsi, Liguna Niguel, CA, on your search engine. You will get back to normal in some time. You may have a cracked tooth that may have been caused due to clenching or grinding your teeth, chewing hard items or injury to your mouth. If left untreated, the nerve inside a cracked tooth may get affected, which will result in root canal therapy. The root canal treatment get extensive and expensive. 23521 Paseo De Valencia #206 Laguna Hills CA 92653 USA Mobile:-9493640223
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