How to increase Retweets in twitter


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How to increase Retweets in twitter

  1. 1. 1 How to increase ReTweets in Twitter Presented By Group 3FT13110 Ankita Singh www.ankitasingh.comFT13120 Chitvan Keith www.myguiltyindulgence.blogspot.comFT13197 Yagnesh Desai www.yagneshdesai.comFT13283 Tilak Kumar Shrivastava www.tilakshrivastava.comFT13402 Akash Agamya
  2. 2. 2 RETWEETRe-tweets are when someoneelse "tweets" your message or,in other words, reposts yourmessage to all of theirfollowers.
  3. 3. Why do you want Re-tweets? 3• Increased online exposure in other peoples networks• Message spread further than just your own followers• Helps in increasing brand awareness• Increase visits to blog, website or increase in foot traffic to business• Boost in your amount of Twitter followers• Increased credibility - more the number of retweets more credible the source is.
  4. 4. 4 FOLLOW AND ENGAGE• Following and retweeting others increases your presence on twitter• It adds to your social networking Karma – “What goes around comes around”• The top 3 most powerful brands on twitter based on twitter updates – G1 : A brazilian news portal – 252,889 updates – Huffington Posts – 202,074 updates – Fox news - 157,545 updates Source :
  5. 5. Timing is important 5Tweet at the right times • It may make sense to share content more than once to•This is probably the most appeal to people in differentimportant point. There’s no territories. Your followerspoint pushing out tweets when won’t mind so long as youyour followers aren’t tuned in to space out the tweets (weTwitter. typically wait seven or eight•Professionals- 9 am hours, to hit new timezones•Youth- 10 pm at peak times). • The alternative, for brands /Retweet yourself bloggers with an international•Posting the same tweet twice, presence, is to create specific Twitter accounts foralbeit at different times of the specific territories (somethingday is a good practice esp. for I’ll explore in more detailbrands with a global audience. soon).
  6. 6. 6 What’s the “matter”Fill the gaps Internal linking •It’s really important to point•It is always a good idea readers at other articles thatto consider the uniqueness of you have published in the past.your content. A quick scan If they read two articles, rather than one, then you’re doublingaround on Twitter Search is the chances of a retweet (ashelpful in seeing what’s out well as reducing your bouncethere rates / increasing your page impressions)•If there are similar posts then •Internal linking is great forfigure out how to position SEO too. People will share (interesting / useful /yours so it is different enough entertaining) contentfrom the rest, to encourage regardless of how they find it.sharing beyond your ownnetwork.
  7. 7. 7Write fast, edit slow Understand the value of in-•There is a link between the depth contenttime spent crafting a post •It has been observed thatand the amount of retweets itwill generate. It’s a good news stories have highpractice to crank out 80% of bounce rates, while meatiera blog post in 20% of the posts are much stickier andtime, and then spend the have a longer shelf life. Theyother 80% of your time attract the highest number offinessing the post, findingexamples and reference retweets, while also drivingmaterial, backing up posts readers deeper into our site.with stats, hunting forinternal links, and generallytidying things up.
  8. 8. 8Be useful / helpful / informative Readers are likely to share  Entertainment-orientated a blog post if it has helped posts are good too, them in some way. They’ll especially on Friday also be more inclined to afternoons when the brain remember you / your brand, is shutting down for the and some of them will weekend (although this, for become new followers. us, isn’t a peak time for Twitter activity).
  9. 9. Be useful / helpful / informative 9The ‘65 character rule’ Witty vs descriptive?•Trying to abide by the 65 •Descriptive headlines workcharacter rule when writingheadlines helps.The idea is best for search, butto leave enough space for people unorthodox headlines standto append a tweet with their owncomments out from the crowd on the social platforms like TwitterUsing right adjectives (much in the same way that•They’re persuasive and can give they used to stand out onyour headline a distinct tone ofvoice. Google News).•They are also great for retweets, •A headline that possessesas sometimes it appears as if theretweeter has inserted the verve should generate aadjective into the headline higher clickthrough rate than(sometimes they do, if you omitthem). one that looks flat.
  10. 10. 10Be useful / helpful / informativeQuestion-based headlines Use the right labels•These can really help to kick •Consider what searchstart a debate and / or queries people are usingprovide some much needed before determining whatanswers (which can form the headline to use. Googlebasis of new posts). Trends can help you with this.Questions can be great forsearch too, as many peopleuse them as search queries.
  11. 11. UTILIZE TOOLS 111.The Buffer app is a tool that allows one to easily bookmarkand schedule Tweets or Facebook updates from any browseror mobile device.Schedule your tweets : You can schedule your tweets to bespread throughout the day so you don’t go through a readingspree and inundate your followers with 20 tweets within anhour.Analytics and Insights : Analytics on your tweets which willhelp determine what your audience loves, or doesn’t, out of thecontent you share as well as the times of day you get the mostaction on your tweets. Buffer produces statistics so you cansee how many people clicked on links you shared, theestimated reach and the number of Retweets.
  12. 12. UTILIZE TOOLS 122. TweetDeckDesktop Twitter management toolIt has features of creating columns to organize your Twitteractivity as well as the ability to send longer messages usingtheir service which creates a shortened URL thatdirects followers to the rest of your tweet beyond 140characters.Disadvantage is that it’s not a browser-based application
  13. 13. USE ANALYTICS 13Use of Analytics is a good way to get twitter followers and improve your marketing experience. They can help you getinformation such as user interests, retweets, demographics, time when users are most active, etcSome of the analytical tools are –1. Real-time Analytics•Real-time Analytics gives you details of the people who are active usersand have tweeted in the last 10 minutes in real time. This helpsyou determine the specific hour of the day when people are active.•It’s a quick way to know when you should be tweeting2.Klout Moments•This allows you to see your influential tweets in the last 90 days. Hereyou can get insights about the type and topics of tweets your followersare interested in3.Klout Influencers•Who are the influential users who have spent time engaging with you?Klout gives you a list of users who have previously engaged with youarranged according to their Klout scores. This is one way to identify andtarget influential users who may add more value to your networking
  14. 14. 14