Sudha Murty - The Great Industrialist and author


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PPT on the Infosys Lady - Sudha Murty who is also a great Writer.

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Sudha Murty - The Great Industrialist and author

  1. 1. Summer Holiday Homework By Abhinav Nain Grade IX
  3. 3. Mrs. Sudha Murthy
  4. 4. Let us introduce her to you….Sudha Murthy is an Indian social worker and author. Currently she is the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and member of public healthcare initiative of the Gates Foundation. Mrs.Murthy began her professional career as a computer scientist and engineer.
  5. 5. Early life Sudha Murthy was born on August 19, 1950 in Shiggaon in northern Karnataka, India. The daughter of a reputed local physician Dr. S.R. Kulkarni. Her childhood experiences form the historical basis for her first notable work entitled How I Taught my Grandmother to Read & Other Stories.
  6. 6. Education and Employment Mrs. Murthy completed a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from the B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology, standing first in her class and receiving a gold medal from the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Thereafter, she completed a M.E. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science, standing first in her class and receiving a gold medal from the Indian Institute of Engineers. After graduation, Mrs. Murthy held the distinct honor of being the first female engineer hired at Indias largest auto manufacturer TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company
  7. 7. THE FORMATION OF INFOSYSMrs. Murthy heads as the chairperson of Infosys Foundation as well as the seed. In 1981, Mrs. Murthy invested Rs 10,000 to fund the then fledgling software start-up called Infosys Technologies. Thirty years later, at her husband N.R. Narayana Murthys exit from Infosys in 2011, that initial investment has been successfully managed into Infosys Foundation holdings valued at over Rs 30,000 crore. This growth translates into a 30-year annual return of 78%, making Sudha Murthy one of the most successful institutional investment managers in the world.
  8. 8. • Like other noteworthy charitable foundations, the Infosys Foundation distributes funds for the betterment of Indian society through grants to various rural development, public health and educational projects that promote socioeconomic growth and provide jobs for Indians.• Despite their high net worth, the Murthy family is widely known to live a simple middle-class lifestyle.
  9. 9. Her writings and Compositions• Sudha Murthy is a prolific fiction author. She has published several books, mainly through Penguin, that espouse her philosophical views on charity, hospitality and self-realization through fictional narratives.
  10. 10. Some of her best known works include: How I Taught My Grandmother to Read & Other Stories Wise & Otherwise: A Salute to Life The Bird with Golden Wings Gently Falls the Bakula Dollar Bahu Mahashweta Old Man and His God Magic Drum & other Favourite Stories Fasal Cut A Wedding in Russia Sweet Hospitality
  11. 11. Books
  12. 12. Books
  13. 13. Wise & Otherwise- A salute to Life
  14. 14. Mrs Murthy’s work on TV• Dollar Bahu, written by Sudha Murthy was adapted by Zee TV channel in 2001 for a new serial depicting the story which is about two daughters-in-laws of a family, one from America and the other one from India. The story is more of the mother-in- law who thinks that her American daughter-in-law (dollar bahu) is better than her counterpart in India, since she lives in the land of dreams, USA. Henceforth, she desires to live with her son in America. However, when she lives a year or so in America, she realises that the Indians living there face the same problems and challenges as those of living in India. Now she realises that "grass always looks greener on the other side".
  15. 15. AWARDS In 2004, Sudha Murthy was presented with the Raja- Lakshmi Award "in recognition of her outstanding contribution to social work" by the Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation in Chennai. In 2006, She was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest-ranking civilian award from the Government of India, and received an honorary doctorate for her contributions in the spheres of social work and education. In 2011, She was conferred honorary LL.D (Doctor of Laws) degrees for their contributions to promoting formal legal education and scholarship in India. She was the also recipient of the R.K. Narayan’s Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006.
  16. 16. • Mrs. Murthy is the wife of software industrialist N.R. Narayana Murthy. She is the sister Dr. Sunanda Kulkarni, Jayshree Deshpande and renowned Shrinivas Kulkarni. Through her mothers side, she descends from Sardar Melgiri Pandit of the Maratha Empire who battled the invading Mongol hordes at the Siege of Bijapur in the War of 27 years.• The Murthy couple has two grown children, Akshata and Rohan.Personal Life
  17. 17. N.R.Murthy Narayana Murthy is an Indian software entrepreneur who co- founded Infosys Technologies Ltd., the first Indian company to be listed on an American stock exchange. In 2011, he stepped down from the board and became chairman emeritus.
  18. 18. Mr. N.R. Murthy
  19. 19. EARLY LIFEBorn in Mysore, Karnataka on 20August 1946, Murthy earned abachelor’s degree in electricalengineering from the Universityof Mysore in 1967 and a master’sdegree in technology from theIndian Institute of Technology,Kanpur, in 1969.
  20. 20.  During the 1970s he worked in Paris. Returning to India, he accepted a position with a computer systems company in Pune, but eventually he decided to launch his own company. He co-founded Infosys with six fellow computer professionals in 1981. He borrowed Rs 10,000/- from his wife Sudha Murthy to the company.
  21. 21.  Murthy aggressively expanded his company’s services and client base, negotiating deals with many overseas businesses to provide them with consulting, systems integration, software development, and product engineering services. By 1999 Infosys had joined NASDAQ, becoming the first Indian company to be listed on an American stock exchange.
  22. 22. 0Murthy served as the CEO of Infosys for 21 years and was succeeded by co-founder Nandan Nilekani in 2002. In August 2011, he retired completely from the company and taking the title Chairman Emeritus. He also serves as Chief mentor, CEO, board member in many other institutions such as Unilever, HSBC, Ford Foundation, UN Foundation, Cornell University, Wharton School.
  23. 23. An excerpt from TOI 2002 Sudha Murthy said she wants to dedicate her energies to educating the underprivileged and providing better health facilities to women, especially those living in rural areas. Murthy said it was her dream to remove illiteracy from the nation. A staunch believer in simple living and high thinking, murthy said she would prefer to be recognised as a author and a social worker, rather than the wife of a successful man who runs a billion-dollar company.
  24. 24. Thank You for watchingI hope you liked my endeavor of doing the project.