Presentation SCI European Summit


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Vicenç Marti's presentation at the SCI European Summit, April 2013.

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Presentation SCI European Summit

  1. 1. “Everyday is a Day to Play”London, April 2013
  2. 2. Talking head todayVIÇENS MARTÍ44 years young, 2 great kids, Catalan with aSpanish passport, huge FC Barcelona (Barça) Fan,former Real Money guys, then airlines, now thethe guy in charge at Akamon. Can be found onplanes or pitching Akamon to anybody that listens
  3. 3. So what is the idea again ?“Build a social gaming company specifically avoiding the mostlucrative markets ( US, UK, Canada, Australia and stayingfor now mostly outside Facebook canvas”.WTF ????
  4. 4. And where did you say it is a good idea to base a techstart up ?
  5. 5. Traditional Games Social Casino Games... ...We acquire players through local, culturally relevant,games and monetize them with social casino games.Yeah, those guys make games for S. Europe and Latam…
  6. 6. Today, Akamon´s games can be played synchronously between ownportals, white labels, facebook canvas, and mobile·Single Sign-on·Shared liquidity·Common Currency·Shared Social· FeaturesCross Platform…….=
  7. 7. Combined market: At least USD 500 Million, todayBig Market: you betcha!
  8. 8. Hard truth: you guys have a hard time understanding Latam
  9. 9. The logic behind what we do at AkamonFirst group of big markets:US, UK, Australia“Yeah,……. too crowded”First group of big markets:US, UK, Australia“Yeah,……. too crowded”
  10. 10. Second groupof big markets:Asia“Oh no,…Wehave no clue”The logic behind what we do at Akamon
  11. 11. No other companywith same“Reason to exist”W.O.: winning a tennis match when your opponent does not show up
  12. 12. No wonder,Latin languagebased marketsare differentAnd guess what ………
  13. 13. Not everything is easy about LatamIf you look for stable governments with predictableplaying fields, think again
  14. 14. First, platforms….People in Latam stillsurf the “normal web”I will kill you foractually saying that
  15. 15. Or go straight to mobile……Millions of Latinoswill surf the webfor the first timevia a MobileDevice.(Probably a cheapAndroid tablet)
  16. 16. And the question everybody asks ….Yes!Brazil is that big.First market inFTD´s and trafficfor Akamon afterlittle over a year.Brazilians love toplay and are willingto pay
  17. 17. Cultural similarities between games inBack to the Games: S. Europe and Latam are obvious
  18. 18. What game is that ? 500.000 Chips to the winnerBut deep, country by country knowledge of localgames and markets is not easy to acquire
  19. 19. Distribution is essentialAkamon brands White label PartnersDeals, Deals and more deals
  20. 20. And how do you get those deals ?From 1st meeting to implementation: 60 days
  21. 21. 21We only know one way of doing it
  22. 22. Establishing direct relationships with Payment systems isessentialOK, we need to get all those Pesos and Reais out……
  23. 23. Yeah, but nothing is happening on RMG South of the border….
  24. 24. Maybe you guys are only reading Anglo-Saxon magazines…..This site (with ) IGT product, is live and operating legally at theFederal Level today in Mexico
  25. 25. And the expect effect in the other Latam key markets is…..With a big middle-class being developed in real time in countriessuch as Colombia, Chile Peru (not to mention Brazil)governments need gaming tax revenue sooner rather than later
  26. 26. And what is Akamon´s role in this RMG Latino roll-out ?With 15.000 new registrations a day and 500 FTD´s Akamon´sproperties are the Junior team of RMG in Latam, developingplayers into future starts
  27. 27. A (lucky) elegant designFrom a macroeconomic point of view and RMG perspective,S. Europe and Latam are naturally hedged: one is mature, theother one fast growth, one is heavily regulated, the other is stillthe Far West
  28. 28. Thanks to the industry to have noticed on what we do…
  29. 29. Just launched……And now what ……………
  30. 30. THANKS !!