PR- Akamontakes on Marc Vicente as Marketing Director


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Akamon Entertainment Ltd, the international online social gaming company specialising in traditional games and leader in Spain, has incorporated Marc Vicente as Marketing Director, who until February was director of e-commerce at the recently defunct Spanish airline Spanair.

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PR- Akamontakes on Marc Vicente as Marketing Director

  1. 1. Akamon takes on Marc Vicente as MarketingDirectorThe executive, formerly with Spanair, will be responsible for acquisition,affiliation and client retention programsThe company plans to increase its workforce by 50% in 2012 with highlyspecialised profiles in online marketingBarcelona 8th March 2012 – Akamon Entertainment Ltd, the international onlinesocial gaming company specialising in traditional games and leader in Spain, hasincorporated Marc Vicente as Marketing Director, who until February was director ofe-commerce at the recently defunct Spanish airline Spanair.Vicente, who will be responsible for client management programs, has developed hisexpertise in the area of business development in the field of online business and travel,in companies such as Spanair, and AVG Technologies. In his mostrecent position, from May 2011 until the closure of Spanair in February of this year,Vicente was responsible for e-commerce (the company’s direct sales channel),additional revenue (optional services, excess baggage, advertising etc) and commercialproject management throughout the organisation.Based in Akamon’s Barcelona office, Vicente will take on and meet the objectives forcustomer acquisition and retention, as well as loyalty schemes, Premium Clientprograms and brand reputation. As he himself explains: ‘The main short-term objectiveis to strengthen and guarantee a positive return on marketing investment, and expandAkamon’s network of associates in order to generate up to 40% of revenue andoptimise SEO so that revenues exceed 45% of all sales.’Vicenç Martí, CEO of Akamon, stresses that ‘Marc’s experience in online customermanagement will allow us to successfully handle the significant rise in the number ofusers from our expansion into France this month, as well as into new countries in LatinAmerica in the coming months.’The addition of Marc Vicente follows the recent hiring of Ignasi Faus – in charge ofbusiness intelligence, who previously worked in Microsoft’s user experience program –
  2. 2. and is part of Akamon’s strategy to attract talent from international online socialgaming companies. Over the course of 2012, Akamon plans to double its workforcewhich currently stands at 40 employees divided between the company’s offices inMalta, Barcelona, Valencia and Sao Paulo, with profiles highly specialised in onlinemarketing and business intelligence.With its strong company policy in internal talent management, Akamon aspires tobecome one of the top companies in the ranking of best companies to work forworldwide.***About AkamonAkamon Entertainment Limited is an online social gaming company specialising intraditional games, operating in the south of Europe and Latin America via local portalssuch as the market leading in Spain, in France in Brazil. These sites will be supplemented in 2012 with the company’sexpansion into Italy, Argentina and Mexico.With its headquarters in Malta, Akamon has a development team based in Valenciaand a business intelligence team in Barcelona, and has a total of 40 employees who arehighly specialised in the online sector.Akamon’s portfolio consists of 29 traditional local casino-based social games, such asParchís, Chinchón, Buraco, Mus, Poker and Dominó. All the games incorporate socialfeatures and give players the opportunity to be part of a global gaming communitywhere they are online together and share their gaming experience, whether it be viaAkamon’s international portals, those of its partners or Facebook. Currently, eight ofthe games are on Facebook and the company is working to introduce three new gamesonto the social network each month, with the goal of broadening the gamingcommunity and so offering an even better online social experience.***For more information, visit or contact:Georgina Rifé i Domènech: 902 999 / Twitter @AkamonLTD