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How the internet is reshaping our lives


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Anthony Larkin walks us through how the internet is reshaping our lives.

Published in: Technology
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How the internet is reshaping our lives

  1. 1. The internet is reshaping our lives at an incredible pace
  2. 2. Mobile user behavior User Experience Focus Waiting for slow pages to load Being shown interstitials Encountering unplayable videos Getting redirected to the homepage Other 46% 16% 16% 13% 11% 30s More than half of smartphone sessions are 30secs or less 80x per day, people log into their phones Source: LukeW
  3. 3. Google ranking to factor mobile perf - July ‘18 User Experience Focus 53%O F M O B I L E S I T E V I S I T S A R E A B A N D O N E D I F I T TA K E S L O N G E R T H A N 3 S E C O N D S T O L O A D Google Data, Aggregated, anonymized Google Analytics data from a sample of mWeb sites opted into sharing benchmark data, n=3.7K, Global, March 2016
  4. 4. Server Back end APM Traditional RUM RUM w/ Perceived Performance Do you really know when the page is ready for use? Are deferred elements blocking interactivity? Impacted by CPU 
 limitations on mobile? Back-end Time Network Time Page Load Time Interactivity What does perception really mean? Customer Experience Focus Network Browser User
  5. 5. Spring 2018 What Matters? Perception matters What’s inside matters How you get there matters Perceived Performance Measure visual completion and real user interactions Page Construction Metrics Combat page complexity and weight issues Middle Mile Metrics Evaluate and tune optimization strategies
  6. 6. Is there a gap in your understanding of performance? Customer Experience Focus Page Load Time what we’ve been optimizing for Application 
 looks ready Application is 
 actually ready Actual User Interaction 
 (key, click, scroll) Gapinperceivedperformance
  7. 7. Tune your application and delivery for performance Inform your performance budget How heavy is 
 my page? How much of that 
 is HTML? Are my images overweight? Is JS contributing 
 to page weight? Am I leveraging browser cache effectively? Too many http requests?
  8. 8. Akamai mPulse Real-time performance monitoring and management.
  9. 9. Thank you