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Edge 2014: Maintaining the Balance: Getting the Most of Your CDN with IKEA


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Maintaining the Balance: Getting the Most of Your CDN by Johannes Eckerdal, Product Specialist, IKEA

Join Johannes Eckerdal, CDN Product Specialist of Ikea for an informative supersession where he will discuss how to transform your Content Delivery Network into an Experience Delivery Network and other topics including: Why the Edge matters, Considerations around CDN agnostic versus CDN dependent approaches, How to extract the most of your CDN

Akamai Edge is the premier event for Internet innovators, tech professionals and online business pioneers who together are forging a Faster Forward World. At Edge, the architects, experts and implementers of the most innovative global online businesses gather face-to-face for an invaluable three days of sharing, learning and together pushing the limits of the Faster Forward World. Learn more at:

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Edge 2014: Maintaining the Balance: Getting the Most of Your CDN with IKEA

  1. 1. Maintain the balance To get the most out of your CDN… Johannes Eckerdal 8 October 2014
  2. 2. Headlines of today IKEA on the world wide web... The Experience Delivery Network Maintaining the Balance Property Mgr rocked the world Examples from Reality
  3. 3. 1:45min movie about IKEA
  4. 4. IKEA has been present on the Internet since 1997 and we are now building our 5th generation web platform.
  5. 5. From Notepad web to… ...a complex bastard with 170 Million visits in August 2014. Present in 46+ countries whereof 1/3 with eCommerce in some flavor. 5
  6. 6. 6 IKEA today use AQUA Ion and KONA to secure delivery of +150 domains
  7. 7. Sometimes we need a CDN
  8. 8. Experience Delivery Network deliver content. deliver an Experience. deliver the Brand. create a value. WE To use the CDN as an EDN we need to do more on the Edge…
  9. 9. Some things make sense to do on the Edge Visitor Characteristics Check • GEO, Device, Customer Border Control • Minimize Attack Window • Minimize Attack Window • Minimize Attack Window • Kill the zombies • Black Hole • Lock the door Traffic Control • Redirect • Rewrite • Origin this or that • Service Adaption for Reality degradation mgmt • Network status • Browser capabilities
  10. 10. Minimize the Attack window Cache Res ipsa loquitur… (Unfortunately a bigger issue than we normally imagine) Ignore QS Ignore QS by default and include it where it’s necessary Deny POST Deny POST method by default and allow it only where it’s absolutely necessary Ignore Case Ignore Case by default and activate it where it’s necessary BOT strategy Why should bots be allowed to take resources from real users? Even the simplest Make Sense Rule complicates life for the developer
  11. 11. • Using functionality on the Edge impacts Development • The CDN will not become the EDN unless its an integrated component in your complete stack • Using functionality on the Edge must be done with Care
  12. 12. The balance
  13. 13. Content Experience Stand-alone Simple Pure Nice-to-have CDN Agnostic CDN Dependent Integrated Vendor lock-in Vendor independence Complex Less secure More secure Vendor dependency Usage of functionality Usage of what we for
  14. 14. An example of approach… +90% 12% EDN approach, but with maintained balance. There are plenty of more functionality we could use… Managed service. Traditional CDN approach.
  15. 15. The operation was a success success, but the patient died
  16. 16. • IaaS • DevelopmentaaS • SupportaaS • ServiceaaS • RequirementaaS • ResponsibilityaaS • In the end of the day – does it matter who to blame when your brand goes down? • How to maintain the balance if we buy CDN as a Managed Service?
  17. 17. IKEA CDN Competence Centre We have tried a Managed Service of the Managed Service… We have tested a Do-it-yourself approach… We have settled a Competence & Support team. * CDN * The name used in this presentation is fiction, and should not be confused with the internal organizational name.
  18. 18. Monitoring SIRT CDN Competence & Support CDN CDN Application Application Application Network Application Not only Support and Competence, BUT Requirements on Development Strategy Budget
  19. 19. And then came Property manager
  20. 20. PM changes the equation We can do more and still maintain the balance.
  21. 21. • Boosts Time to market • Empowers us to try and explore • Puts you in Driving seat
  22. 22. Examples from Reality
  23. 23. Web Service delivery Problem There is a trillion permutations of the same things... Too low cache hit ratio, too high response times, origin capacity constraint. /product/1,2,3,4,5/ and /product/2,3,4,5/ are almost the same. /product/1,2,3,4,5/ and /product/5,4,3,2,1/ same-same, but different… Solution Use ESI to itemize and assembly at the edge. Cache items individually. Balance maintained Yes, the functionality is not changed. We just get the most out of the CDN. 23
  24. 24. 24 PM implementation 3344 lliinneess From advanced MD override in CM, created by PS, to a few rules we created outselves in PM.
  25. 25. Redirect engine Problem Redirects kill user performance. Redirect cache hitRatio is too low. Solution 1000s of redirects maintained in origin Content Mgmt System. Instead of deploying the list of RewriteRules to origin webServers, we deploy the list to Akamai and use ESI to loop through it and create the redirect on the fly – at the Edge. Immediate activation. Balance maintained Yes, the functionality is not changed. Works even better for Mobile Detection & Redirect… ...where mapping between m. and www. is dynamic. 25
  26. 26. 26 PM implementation tthhee lliisstt From an advanced configuration (not even CM) to a super-simple PM version.
  27. 27. The exception… Obviously it was too good to be true. A redirect is not a redirect. The redirect depends…
  28. 28. Functional clusters Problem Out-of-the-box does not scale. Common backend for all markets. Not possible to optimize for optimal performance – always least common denominator. Solution Functional Clusters instead of Market based Clusters. URL-routing of traffic done already at the Edge. Each cluster optimized for its task, and issues are isolated to a higher degree. Balance maintained Yes, the functionality is not changed. It may easily be done by URI-routing e.g. in LoadBalancer. 28
  29. 29. 29 PM implementation From a mess… with a mixture of CM Basic Rules and advanced MD override... …to direct control and visibility. Easily changed and activated.
  30. 30. Regex rewrites Usage scenario For SEO reasons the same image/document have different paths. Problem Implementation of Rewrite rules differs in origin and at CDN. Different methods has previously been used to solve the same thing. Solution Property Manager! Modify path by regex is what we use at origin, and in all test systems. Now we can replicate this 1:1 in Akamai. Balance maintained Yes, now we are in control ourselves. 30 /image/billy-bookshelf-12345.jpg = /image/billy-bokhylla-12345.jpg
  31. 31. From origin code to PM 31 Replication of Code – Replication of Test – Replication of Function.
  32. 32. All good then…?
  33. 33. Simplifies our communication Complete Visibility DIY Nested rules Complex things are made in a simple way
  34. 34. There are some dark clouds on the PM sky… The more you get – the more you want PPeerrffoorrmmaannccee BBuuggss ”Help” Section MD XML generated far more complicated Debug Tools missing
  35. 35. Final words...
  36. 36. To get the most out of your CDN… Get in Control Stay in Control Maintain the balance
  37. 37. Home is the most important place in the world 16-Oct-14 [IKEA Business Unit/Topic name] 37 © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2014