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PR & SEPAKBOLA by Dian Noeh


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Published in: Education, Business
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PR & SEPAKBOLA by Dian Noeh

  1. 1. Nice meeting you today!___Dian Noeh AbubakarSenior Vice President, Weber Shandwick / IndonesiaM +62 855 100 dian_noeh@hotmail.comTwitter: @dian_noeh Facebook & LinkedIn: Dian Noeh AbubakarBlog: http://diannoeh.wordpress.comWeber ShandwickAdvocacy starts here.PRWeek International Consultancy of the Year 2009PRWeek Global Agency Report Card 2009 – Gold Medal WinnerThe Holmes Report Global Agency of the Year 2008
  2. 2. Dian Noeh AbubakarSenior Vice President , Weber Shandwick / Indonesia Dian was contributor at SBS Radio Melbourne then she started her PR career by joining Ogilvy PR Worldwide / Jakarta, Indonesia. Her portfolio includes corporate communications, banking and finance, brand/consumers, Islamic Finance and public advocacy. Dian worked at Time International then in January 2005, joined the leading Swiss based financial firm, UBS AG, holding an in-house role. In late 2007, she returned to Ogilvy PR Worldwide / Jakarta and led the firm to become the winning Agency of the Year Award in two consecutive years, honoured by a reputable local media group based on client and journalist nominations. Dian joined Weber Shandwick in June 2009 as Vice President, bringing with her communications expertise in many growing sectors in Indonesia, such as – but not limited to – banking, finance, brand PR, corporate communications and luxury brands. In her free time, Dian lectures public relations courses at leading communications and business universities and is a regular contributor to major publications on the communications industry. She’s now lecturing on part time basis at Prasetiya Mulya Business School at present. Dian is also an active member of the Indonesia PR Practitioner Group [IPPG], a community PR group that focuses on education.
  3. 3. Why PR and Soccer?
  4. 4. I am happy to work in PR industry;both in leading PR firms and as in-house. It gives the pleasure of learning, that I have to hunt and achieve goal. It gives so much fun as I have been working as an individual and a team. It’s fun, guaranteed. Like soccer.
  5. 5. PR Industry in Indonesia has been growing• Global operators build strong presence with the support of local force• The growth of local PR firms which show there has been transfer of knowledge. Plus greater competition that excites PR people• Market that has understood the role of PR in communication.
  6. 6. Hence, with the growth of Public Relations,let’s see our understanding on PR first, thenmove on!
  7. 7. What’s PR?
  8. 8. Let’s begin with… Female, July 2004 edition
  9. 9. Public Relations • PR campaigns enable others do the talking for you.
  10. 10. PR compared to advertising fellow • the big bang approach advocated by advertising people is different with a slow build-up by PR • crucial ingredient in brand building
  11. 11. How PR Differs from Advertising• Advertising can precisely control the message and the delivery vehicle• You can control the “look,” frequency and content of the message• You can control the timing
  12. 12. Business leaders and how they use PR• Build loyalty and trust• Face fewer risks of crisis and recover sooner• Build momentum• Shape brand and reputation of the company, connect to communities of the organization that he / she represents• Cost effective and fluid
  13. 13. How we do PR as a team?I am Gunners, I like 4-3-3.
  14. 14. How do we build PR Program?
  15. 15. PR material starts withaspiration and trust.Not popularity. Delivered brand experience through his consistent fair play and amazing matches. He recorded achievement as a group, and individual. Zidane and his strong determination made him the star of the match and the engine for the team and lastly, Zidane has been able to apply the concept of emotional branding. Marc Gobe in his book Emotional Branding said that emotional branding occurs when there is aspiration. Zidane has inspired children, especially immigrants, about hard work, reward and accolades.
  16. 16. Trusted communicator Personality. Zidane has an emotional dimension of being a soccer genius and patient general. This is aligned with Karl Speak’s thought that personal branding is about value system between the brand and audience. TRUST. Trust level grows along with reputation and it takes time to build one. List of awards and consistency those reflected positive quality have produced a bank of high trust level of Zidane resulting caliber soccer player Beckenbauer supported him in the case of heading Materazzi.
  17. 17. Why are they in media?
  18. 18. Understanding How the Media Works Elements of an interesting piece: controversy, conflict, drama, personalities and change
  19. 19. The key in PR: messaging.We can use moments and unintended moments to become PR moments.
  20. 20. @marketPluzMagz Sepakbola: panggung selebritas Dan, industri besar. Inspiring stories, inspiring messages
  21. 21. People listen to they who (1) Appropriate (2) Meaningful (3) Memorable (4) Understandable (5) Believable
  22. 22. People listen to they who  Properly and effectively use language  Write clearly  Use symbols, acronyms and slogans  Avoid jargon  Avoid clichés  Avoid discriminatory language
  23. 23. What we can do.
  24. 24. Social mediaempowers people.We can driveothers to dosomething positivefor others.
  25. 25. Thank you.___Dian Noeh AbubakarVice President, Weber Shandwick / IndonesiaM +62 855 100 dian_noeh@hotmail.comTwitter: dian_noeh Facebook & LinkedIn: Dian Noeh AbubakarBlog: http://diannoeh.wordpress.comWeber ShandwickAdvocacy starts here.PRWeek International Consultancy of the Year 2009PRWeek Global Agency Report Card 2009 – Gold Medal WinnerThe Holmes Report Global Agency of the Year 2008