Study to Empower Yourself


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To Calebs Forum's (Nigeria) Empowerment Team Lagos.

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Study to Empower Yourself

  1. 1. Study to Empower Yourself AkaChi KanuMy servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly (Num 14:24) The Calebs Forum
  2. 2. Engines of Economic Empowerment• Education• Enterprise• Skill• InnovationNote: Gifts, talents and inheritances are NOT because: – A dormant gift/talent will not produce and will eventually diminish or vanish – Diligence guarantees promotion – No condition is permanent; Change is the only permanent thing! The Calebs Forum
  3. 3. EducationThe acquisition of (expert) knowledge in a subject matter:• Certificate, diploma/degree programmes• Professional Certification• Continuous learning/training• Full-time / part-time / distance study options• Capital intensive but scholarships available• Always worth the time invested The Calebs Forum
  4. 4. Degree/diploma programme• Think entrepreneurial or skills-based courses• Modern trends favour “interdisciplinary”• Consider at least one interdisciplinary course in your 1st / 2nd degree studies• Choice of graduate programme to be informed by your 1st degree major, work experience and personal motivation• Always remember to pursue your passion The Calebs Forum
  5. 5. Master/higher degrees• Higher degree will guarantee specialisation in at least one thing in life!• Two broad streams of master degrees: – Thesis/research based (e.g. MSc, MA, Mphil, etc) • Offers wider opportunities • Best to aim for high grade useful for further studies – Non-thesis/professional (e.g. MBA, MPE, MEM, etc) • None thesis master will not qualify for PhD applications • Best value with work experience (but not a rule) The Calebs Forum
  6. 6. Master/higher degreesTwo major master curriculum structures: – 1-year master curriculum • UK/British system • Fast-track • Designed for strong (hons) bachelor’s degree • Limited/no internship opportunities – 2-year master programs • North America and most EU countries system • Includes 2-3 months internship • Excellent for exchange and “conversion” programmes The Calebs Forum
  7. 7. Examples of programs & schools• MSc Economics & Business Administration – Scandinavian model:,, etc - Various specializations e.g. Energy/Petroleum, IB, Marketing , etc, available• MBA, and Executive courses in Management – Many European and American Business Schools, Lagos Business school, etc.• MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship, MSc GIM, etc – Erasmus Mondus programmes, Univ. of Oslo (, etc.• Engineering & Applied Sciences – Numerous programs available - Energy, health/biotech, environment and ICT programs in high demand – Engineering delivers highest value in versatility + specialty The Calebs Forum
  8. 8. Funding & scholarships opportunitiesNigerian-graduate eligible scholarships/funds:• Netherlands Fellowship Programs –• Tuition-free master programs – study in Norway, Finland or Sweden• Erasmus Mondus Fellowship program• PTDF – Nigeria• British Chevening Scholarships -• Part funded master programs – US & Canadian schools• Regent University – Emerging top global Christian-based Business School – emphasis on integrity, servant leadership and business as mission The Calebs Forum
  9. 9. Move up at once!Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able (Num. 13:30) The Calebs Forum