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this is a program which can be used by students for investograry project in computer science in INDIA.
do not copy take it as reference

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  1. 1. OUTPUT FORMS:-
  2. 2. SOURCE CODE:- #include<iostream.h> #include<fstream.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<conio.h> class HOTEL { int room_no; char Name [30]; char Address[50]; char Phone[10]; int days; int n; int Total_fare; char Date_Of_Booking[10]; public: void menu(); void details(); void search(); void rooms_alloted();
  3. 3. void Modify_data(); void Room_Charge(); int check(int); void modify(int); void Bill(); void fare() { if(n==1) Total_fare=1600*days; else if(n==2) Total_fare=1800*days; else if (n==3) Total_fare=1300*days; else if (n==4) Total_fare=1500*days; } }; void HOTEL::menu() { int choose; while(choose!=6) { clrscr(); cout<<"ntttt################"; cout<<"ntttt** MAIN MENU **"; cout<<"ntttt################"; cout<<"nnnttt1. Book A Room"; cout<<"nttt2. Data"; cout<<"nttt3. Show all room alloted"; cout<<"nttt4. Edit record"; cout<<"nttt5. Room charge"; cout<<"nttt6.Exit"; cout<<"nnttEnter Your Choice:"; cin>>choose; switch(choose) { case 1:details(); break; case 2:search(); break; case 3:rooms_alloted(); break; case 4: Modify_data(); break; case 5: Room_Charge(); break; case 6:break; default:cout<<"WRONG CHOICE"; cout<<"Press Any Key To Continue";
  4. 4. getch(); } } } void HOTEL::details() { clrscr(); int r,flag; ofstream fout("HOTEL.dat",ios::app); cout<<"Enter Customer Details"; randomize(); r=100+random(400); room_no=r; cout<<"Name"; gets(Name); cout<<"Address"; gets(Address); cout<<"Phone"; gets(Phone); cout<<"Date of booking"; gets(Date_Of_Booking); cout<<"How many days you stay"; cin>>days; fout.write((char*)this,sizeof(HOTEL)); cout<<"Your room has been booked"; cout<<"n Room no:"<<room_no; cout<<"Press Any Key To Continue"; getch(); fout.close(); } void HOTEL:: Room_Charge() { cout<<"How many days you stay"; cin>>days; cout<<"t1.SINGLE BED WITH AC: Rs 1600n"; cout<<"t2.DOUBLE BED WITH AC: Rs 1800n"; cout<<"t3.SINGLE BED WITH FAN: Rs 1300n"; cout<<"t4.DOUBLE BED WITH FAN: Rs 1500n"; cout<<"Enter your choice"; cin>>n; fare(); Bill(); cout<<"Press Any Key To Continue"; getch(); } void HOTEL::search() { fstream fin("HOTEL.dat",ios::in); int r,flag; cout<<"Enter room no."; cin>>r;
  5. 5. while(!fin.eof()) {*)this,sizeof(HOTEL)); if(room_no==r) { clrscr(); cout<<"Customer details"; cout<<"n"; cout<<"nn"; cout<<"Room no:"<<room_no; cout<<"n"; cout<<"Name:"<<Name; cout<<"n"; cout<<"Address:"<<Address; cout<<"n"; cout<<"Phone no:"<<Phone; flag=1; break; } } if(flag==0) cout<<"nn Sorry Room no. not found or vacant...!!!"; cout<<"nn"; cout<<"Press any key to continue...!!!"; getch(); fin.close(); } void HOTEL::rooms_alloted() { clrscr(); ifstream fin("HOTEL.dat",ios::in); cout<<"nttt List of Room Alloted"; cout<<"nttt-------------------"; cout<<"nnRoom No.tNamettAddressttttPhone No.n"; while(!fin.eof()) {*)this,sizeof(HOTEL)); cout<<"nn"<<room_no<<"tt"<<Name; cout<<"tt"<<Address<<"tt"<<Phone; } cout<<"nnnntttttt Press any key to continue..!!"; getch(); fin.close(); } void HOTEL ::Modify_data() { clrscr(); int m; cout<<"t1.MODIFY CUSTOMER RECORD";
  6. 6. cout<<"enter room no"; cin>>m; modify(m); cout<<"nnnntttttt Press any key to continue..!!"; getch(); } int HOTEL::check(int r) { int flag=0; ifstream fin("HOTEL.dat",ios::in); while(!fin.eof()) {*)this,sizeof(HOTEL)); if(room_no==r) { flag=1; break; } } fin.close(); return(flag); } void HOTEL::modify(int r) { long pos,flag=0; fstream file("HOTEL.dat",ios::in|ios::out|ios::binary); while(!file.eof()) { pos=file.tellg();*)this,sizeof(HOTEL)); if(room_no==r) { cout<<"n"; cout<<"Enter New details:"; cout<<"n----------------"; cout<<"n"; cout<<"Name:"; gets(Name); cout<<"nAddress:"; gets(Address); cout<<"Phone no:"; gets(Phone); file.seekg(pos); file.write((char*)this,sizeof(HOTEL)); cout<<"nRecord is modified!!"; flag=1; break;
  7. 7. } } if(flag==0) cout<<"n"; else cout<<"Room no is wrong"; } void HOTEL::Bill() { search(); cout<<"your fare"<<Total_fare; } void main() { HOTEL h; clrscr(); cout<<"ntttt*WELCOME TO VILLA*"; cout<<"nnttPress Any Key To Continue"; getch();; }