Comparative Analysis of Promotional Strategy of Central and Shoppers Stop


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Comparative Analysis of Promotional Strategy of Central and Shoppers Stop

  1. 1. Graduation Research Project on & Presented By:- Ajit Kumar Gupta MFM/11/1956
  2. 2. About Central  Central is a lifestyle retai brand that pioneered the concept of seamless shopping in the country  Central is built of the 3 pillars of shop, eat & celebrate!  The store design, the product mix and the experience stays true to this promise  Central’s differentiation lies in its vibrancy, the seamless experience, the larger than life façade and the celebratory in store experience that makes shopping a truly enjoyable experience.  Central is always buzzing with promotions, events, weekend excitement & a whole lot more for consumers
  3. 3. Snap shot of the offerings at Central • Shop – Over 500 national & international brands – Product categories include apparel, footwear, eye wear, watches, cosmetics, fragrances, sports wear, hand bags, jewelry, accessories, toys & infant accessories & more – Partners like Food Hall, e zone, Home Town, widen the offering basket for consumers • Eat – Food Hall • Celebrate – Live DJ/ music, fashion shows, sweepstakes, weekend celebrations, value added services, multiplex (in few cities) & more
  4. 4. Central store design  A seamless space (no boundaries)  Very city centric (all stores are prefixed with city name and integrate with the local community at large with community initiatives)  Warm & welcoming in store experience  Predominance of red house colour  A place for wholesome shoppertainment – Central Square, Central flag point  A vibrant façade  Maximising productivity – bring alive the EBO experience of the brand in store for a complete brand experience and maximum through puts
  5. 5. Mall that Changed the way people shop  India’s first seamless mall.  Over 500 brands spread across four floors.  Dedicated floors for men’s wear, women’s wear, youth wear, kids wear and supermarket  Also, coffee parlor & food hall  Sprawling over 1.25 lakh sq. Ft,  Never before shopping experience, unique customer services.
  6. 6. Central identity  Central is synonymous with the heart, the hub, the nerve centre where people from all walks of life are drawn naturally to shop, eat, celebrate.  A play full logo with a base line that captures the essence of the offering (the 3 pillars)
  7. 7. Target audience  Central is a melting pot of people from all walks of life across all age groups  Central is about being a part of everyone’s celebrations no matter how big or small  The communication TG however is the trend aware, fashion conscious consumer who seek a lot more from life in the 18 to 35 years age group.
  8. 8. Positioning Central makes shopping a celebration You don’t just shop at Central, you enjoy the ambience, the live DJ, the complimentary makeovers, the music, the value added services, the food, the buzz …. and all this makes shopping an enjoyable and memorable experience at Central.
  9. 9. Personality Youthful, warm & vibrant
  10. 10. Value Added Services There are 6 Value Added Services which Gurgaon Central Provides for the Customer Benefit :  Beauty Central – Complimentary makeover for all ladies customers round the year.  Flower Central – fresh flowers for diff occasions.  Gift Central – Complimentary gift wrapping.  Radio Central – Live music.  DJ Central – Live DJ on weekends.  Wi-Fi Central – Complimentary wi-fi facility.
  11. 11. Why Central Gift Vouchers??  Valid across India at all Centrals.  Valid on more then 300 of the best International & National brands. Rs.501/- and Rs.1001/- (Can be customized as per the requirement).  Valid during the Sale period also.  Valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
  13. 13. Promotional plan (January – May 2013)
  14. 14. Project Objective  “To compare and study Central & Shopper Stop, identify areas of excellence and areas needing improvement in Promotion; and provide suggestions for such improvement”.
  15. 15. Research Methodology Nature of Research:- Exploratory Data Collection Secondary:- both internal & external research was done.  Internal research:- Ready to use documents.  External research:- Internet website & published books were consulted. Primary:- The data was collected based on information provided by: 1. The management of the organization. 2. Customers visiting Central and Shopper Stop Mall. Research tools used:- Descriptive Statistic using Google dock. Sample Size - 117 1. Sampling Technique – Convenience 2. Place of Survey – Inside the mall and through social media sites.
  16. 16. January- April promotion at Central Promotion dates: 1st January to 30th April 2013
  17. 17. Background  January contribution to 11% of central revenues  February contribution to 7% of central revenues  March contribution to 8% of central revenues  April contribution to 5% of central revenues  Every year Central creates a special offering for consumers to distinguish Central’s offering from the competition
  18. 18. Business objective  To achieve sales target of Rs. 165 crs in January  To achieve sales target of Rs. 115 crs in February  To achieve sales target of Rs. 122 crs in March  To achieve sales target of Rs. 77 crs in April Note:- The expected revenue of the central is Rs. 1500 crs.
  19. 19. Marketing objective To position Central as the preferred shopping destination for happiness sale  Expected walk-ins- 35 lakhs in January  Expected walk- ins- 20 lakhs in February  Expected walk-ins-27 lakhs in March  Expected walk-in- 15 lakhs in April
  20. 20. Promotion theme The promotion will be designed to highlight the HAPPINESS SALE for the season
  21. 21. Promotion offering  Latest in party fashion & accessories from best brands  Assured gift voucher on shopping – Shop for Rs. 10,000 & get a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000, and Shop for Rs. 5,000 & get a gift voucher worth Rs. 400  Rs. 2,500 cash voucher for loyal customer (who's shop for Rs. 25,000 minimum )
  22. 22. Promotion offering
  23. 23. 360˚ consumer engagement plan January campaign will be promoted extensively on ATL & BTL with spends of over Rs. 3.5 crores • ATL – Print – Radio – Outdoor – SMS blast – PR – Social media • BTL – In-store announcements – VM – Activation in households/ corporates in the catchment
  24. 24. Print media plan  The promotion will be backed by 2 insertions in the leading print dailies in all the cites where Central is present with advertising in city supplements of Times of India, Hindustan Times & others
  25. 25. Social media strategy  The promotion will be supported with online communication & initiatives on Facebook, twitter, YouTube & more
  26. 26. VM  The store will showcase party fashion with the help of extensive VM initiatives
  27. 27. About Shoppers Stop o Shoppers Stop is an Indian Department Store chain promoted by the K Raheja Corp Group (Chandru L Raheja Group). o Shoppers Stop is a family store catering to Lifestyle needs, delivering experience and selling value for money and merchandise. o Is the country's largest chain of Department Stores. o It has progressed from a single brand shop to a Fashion & Lifestyle store for the families. o It also has its own exclusive brands. o Being amongst India’s biggest hospitality and real estate players, the group crossed yet another milestone with its lifestyle venture. o Shoppers Stop has a brand active on social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with the audience.
  28. 28. Product Line
  30. 30. Promotional Campaign Central Shoppers Stop
  31. 31. Promotional Campaign Central Shoppers Stop
  32. 32. Promotional Campaign Central Shoppers Stop
  33. 33. New arrival at Central
  34. 34. New arrival at Shoppers Stop
  35. 35. April Campaign at Shoppers Stop
  36. 36. April Campaign at Shoppers Stop
  37. 37. May Campaign at Central Love your mom? Show her! Treat her to a day of shopping at Central. We have great offers in ladies apparel, handbags, Footwear, fragrances, sunglasses, watches, fashion jewllery and more. Also, shop for Rs. 4000 & get Rs.600 GV, redeemable in June on minimum shopping of Rs.3000
  38. 38. May Campaign at Shoppers Stop Mother's Day is just around the corner. What will you gift your mother?
  39. 39. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY 2. Why you visit Central?
  42. 42. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY 7. Rate the following:- Gift Voucher at Central Gift Voucher at Shoppers Stop
  43. 43. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY 7. Rate the following:- Loyalty Program at Central Loyalty Program at Shoppers Stop
  44. 44. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY 7. Rate the following:- Discount at Central Discount at Shoppers Stop
  45. 45. ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY 7. Rate the following:- Sale at Central Sale at Shoppers Stop
  48. 48. RECOMMENDATION & SUGGESTIONS  Central has done extremely well so far to project itself as an affordable youth- oriented brand. But there are still certain areas where their brand needs to be much stronger.  With regard to the physical evidence associated with the brand, Central needs to do a lot of work if they hope to catch up with Shoppers Stop.  Customers are not happy with the gift voucher redemption process and payback card as well so as per my opinion try to automated system to redeem.
  49. 49. RECOMMENDATION & SUGGESTIONS  My first recommendation for Central is to provide the value of gift voucher in payback card or provide another card for gift voucher only to redeem easily.  My second recommendation is that Proper dress code at Customer Service Desk (CSD) to improve brand image of the central.  My third recommendation is that Central would do better to provide promotional space for its partners with the use of clever collaborations, and not printed advertisements and posters everywhere.  My fourth recommendation is that Central gift voucher should be converted to cash voucher.
  50. 50. References:-
  51. 51. Thank you