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Corporate Leadership Lessons from Arvind Kejriwal (AAP - Aam Aadmi Party)


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Corporate leaders can learn a lot of leadership and execution excellence from the way Arvind Kejriwal of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) has run the anti-corruption, anti-graft movements and contested Delhi elections in the past couple of years.

This presentation points out the underlying key leadership principles which led to their spectacular success so far.

Disclaimer: This presentation or me, in no way endorse AAP or its political ideology. This presentation has the key lessons related to leadership, management and execution only, which is independent from their political ideology.

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Corporate Leadership Lessons from Arvind Kejriwal (AAP - Aam Aadmi Party)

  1. Corporate  Leadership  Lessons              from  Arvind  Kejriwal  (AAP)   - Ajay Shrivastava
  2. 1.  Begin  with  the  end  in  mind  ..   Corruption free India is our obsession. 2  
  3. 2.  Commit  to  a  chosen  strategy  ..   Change can be brought by “people movement”. 3  
  4. 3.  Change  strategy  when  needed  ..   We tried everything, but it became clear that till politics of this country changed, it can’t improve. - Arvind Kejriwal 4  
  5. 4.  Resistance  to  change  is  expected  ..   Anna Hazare splits from Kejriwal against forming a political party. 5  
  6. 5.  AFenGon/criGcism  is  good  sign  ..   Charges: •  •  •  •  •  •  Political Ambition Dictator Authoritarian Traitor to Anna Is “New” so doesn’t understand the political system Fooling people •  •  Collusion with other parties Hidden Agenda 6  
  7. 6.  Choose  your  baFles  (prioriGze)  ..   AAP decides to contest: •  Only in Delhi legislature elections •  Only 1 out of 4 election going states at that time 7  
  8. 7.  Engage/empower  your  people  ..   AAP involved people for: •  Deciding the manifesto •  Getting people to vote •  Deciding whether to form minority government •  Executing day to day work via Mohalla sabhas (local area meetings) 8  
  9. 8.  EffecGve  communicaGon  is  key  ..   Communication Modes: •  Public address •  Door to door campaign •  Press/media •  Social media •  Branded caps 9  
  10. 9.  Transparency  builds  trust  ..   AAP always kept all its financial records in public domain. 10  
  11. 10.  Being  in  trenches  helps  ..   Arvind Kejriwal led from front in all anti-corruption and anti-system mass movements. 11  
  12. 11.  Power  brings  responsibility  ..   Remember, we’re here to serve, never be arrogant. - Arvind Kejriwal 12  
  13. 12.  Reward  performance  ..   Six first time MLAs of varying age/experience were made cabinet ministers, considering their significant performance as social activists in related fields. 13  
  14. 13.  Results  maFer  ..   Everyone is inspired by AAP & Arvind Kejriwal after Delhi election results. 14  
  15. 14.  Believe  in  yourself  ..   Thanks!   15