Case Study on 4P’s Framework to Develop Leaders By Right Management India


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Right Management’s 4P’s Leadership Framework Exploring

Right Management’s ‘4P’s Leadership Framework’ to understand what it means to be a
leader in the Human Age

: What classifies as ‘good’ and ‘great’ performance
: Exploring the ‘stickiness’ of perceptions and why they matter
: Leveraging the Birkman Method to learn more about our personality styles. Understanding how to manifest our innate potential
: Leveraging our understanding of the 4P’s to define a Personal

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Case Study on 4P’s Framework to Develop Leaders By Right Management India

  1. 1. Developing Leaders through 4P’s at JSPL Client Reference Story & Interview In the Human Age that we are in today, a key question that progressive organizations lose their sleep for is, are my existing people ready to reinvent themselves and meet the challenging business needs of the future? Do we know who is the best fit for a critical role / a new opportunity or is personal judgment the best answer to it? According to a recent research, 37% of leaders fail after moving into a new leadership role and 91% of business leaders say today’s business challenges are significantly more complex. Are we pushing leaders to take on roles that they are not ready for or are we simply pushing the wrong leader? The answer lies in understanding the depth of your talent. What are the key strengths at different levels and what are some focus areas at an individual or organizational level. The right way to achieve this is to follow a systematic process year on year which becomes a part of the culture of the organization and encourages people to adopt the behaviors that the organization values. A brilliant example in this case is Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. (JSPL). Jindal Steel and Power is one of India’s major steel producers and is part of the USD 18 Billion O.P. Jindal Group. As a company that has constantly looked to scale new heights, JSPL aspires to move to the next phase of growth by realizing a turnover of 4 billion USD by 2020, having a current annual turnover of USD 3.6 billion. To drive this growth, JSPL intends to have a class of leaders who have strategic and operation excellence capabilities, and are able to lead people in this dynamic and ambiguous environment. To build this capability, the organization started a journey in 2008 of formally assessing the potential of its leaders to be able to plan the development intervention for them. While they have been doing the same for some time, they wanted to increase the effectiveness of the initiative by doing things differently. It was with this context that Right Management presented its approach, which was appreciated by them and thus began our partnership through a holistic talent assessment project. JSPL had a ‘Jindal Leadership Model’ which summarizes the leadership behaviors and values that a Jindal Leader needs to demonstrate. The engagement began by first validating the existing Jindal model and converting it into a framework that details the behaviors and scales for us to consider as the base for assessments. Considering, that the talent in consideration was at the senior leadership level i.e CG1 and CG2 (AVP and above), Right Management suggested their 4P’s Leadership Framework, to holistically assess a leader. Right Management’s 4P’s Leadership Framework Exploring Right Management’s ‘4P’s Leadership Framework’ to understand what it means to be a leader in the Human Age What classifies as ‘good’ and ‘great’ performance Exploring the ‘stickiness’ of perceptions and why they matter Leveraging the Birkman Method to learn more about our personality styles. Understanding how to manifest our innate potential Leveraging our understanding of the 4P’s to define a Personal Brand
  2. 2. Different tools were mapped with an objective to give a leader a holistic perspective about himself/herself. Feedback from the Participants “This is a really excellent opportunity to display situational management. It also allows one to do an introspection of one’s strength and behaviors.” • Performance: What is the individual’s achievement on the defined KRAs/KPIs? Assessment Mode: Performance Appraisal by Manager “Very well managed, well explained, it was more of interactive and participative coupled with good questions. The process was interesting and informative wherein I was able to introspect and could understand myself better.” • Perception: How do multiple stakeholders experience/ view the leadership capability of the individual? Assessment Mode: 360 Degree Feedback Survey “It has been done very professionally. I found the process to be interesting as it gives you time to think and analyze the past and prepare you for future.” • Personality: What are the leadership traits, personality attributes which guides the individual behaviors? Assessment Mode: Birkman Psychometric Tool “The techniques adapted and tools used have enabled me to reflect on my performance, my success and failures and the need to create a strategy to become an effective leader. The assessors have been very cordial in their approach.” • Potential: What are the individual leadership strengths and areas of development? Assessment Mode: Development Center Post the pre-work of Birkman psychometric and 360 Degree feedback, the development center process was run parallel across 3 locations covering 76 participants. The text box to the right showcases some of the feedback received from a few participants during the development center. The intended outcome from the process was twofold. First being the outcome for the Participant: a detailed talent profile was created for each leader which was followed by a structured one-on-one feedback session. The talent profile report and the one-on-one feedback session Reference 2.1 Right Management’s Suitability Mapping Profile Snapshot Participant Name XYZ Current Designation AVP Department Marketing CG CG2 Next Role VP Readiness for next Role Recommendation Immediate – Clear High Potential Ready after short term development intervention - Good Potential but needs some development Needs Development Potential (Max Score = 5) 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Perception Gap 360 Feedback Strategic 1. Thinking & Innovation -0.5 4.0 Process Excellence Personality Birkman DC Score Desired Score DC & Desired Score is same 0.5 4.2 Drive for 3. Results 0.0 4.2 Fair Level of Proficiency 4. Meritocracy 0.5 3.9 Low Level of Proficiency 0.5 4.1 -0.5 4.1 2. Collaboration & 5. Care 6. Change Leadership Key Strengths • • • • 2 Displays sound business acumen and conducts in-depth analysis of data and applies market knowledge Comes across as an action-oriented individual who also has high achievement orientation Displays clarity and confidence while communicating, enabling him to effectively influence people Is likely to set stretch targets for his team, providing them with necessary guidance when required High Level of Proficiency Note: The desired score is for the next level Key Developmental Areas • • • • Could gain from further developing his orientation towards customers Could gain from taking a long-term view, especially when planning and assessing risks Could enhance conflict management skills by attempting to discover the root cause and addressing the same Could benefit from proactively aligning people to the vision of the change initiative and create ownership for the same
  3. 3. encapsulated the 4P’s in detail. Potential and Personality are internal factors that are innate to an individual. Performance and Perception are external factors that depend on one’s dealings and interactions with others. The talent profile reports, along with the analysis from the 360 degree feedback survey and the online psychometric tool along with the development center output provided a robust understanding of a participant’s assessment on varied aspects. During the one-on-one feedback session, the assessor and the participant involved together formulated an Individual Development Plan (IDP). The IDP thereby created had details of the strengths and improvements of the participant along with the way forward. The Second being the outcome for the Organization: the organization was provided with two critical outputs viz-a-viz Suitability Mapping Profile and Overall Analysis. The Suitability Mapping Profile provided comprehensive data and information on Personality, Perception and Potential. Further to this, the profile also had recommendation on the readiness of a leader for the next role along with the key strengths and development areas as identified on the basis of the 4P’s. In addition to the Suitability Mapping Profile, Right Management created an overall analysis that provided imperative data on Potential, Perception and Personality. The Potential and Perception data shared overall inferences on all the competencies on the basis of outcome from the development centers and the 360 degree feedback survey respectively. The Personality data shared inputs wherein all the leaders were categorized under task orientation, people orientation, strategic thinking and process orientation. The intervention benefited the organization as they received the inputs on all 4P’s along with other imperative inputs that were critical in identifying the developmental path for the participants. The key stakeholders found the Suitability Mapping Profiles to be extremely useful for them to be able to take decisions on individuals. Client Speak Praveen Kumar Head – Steel Business HR & Group OD Mr. Praveen Kumar shares his experience of the intervention and working with Right Management. Q What was the context when JSPL began initial conversations with Right Management on partnering together for Development Center initiatives? JSPL as an organization has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past ten years. Our growth has been in variety of portfolios as well as in terms of intensity in a given business. We have to develop leaders both in terms of number and functional competencies to handle this growth in fast changing business scenario. We have consistently been investing efforts towards preparing ourselves for the same. We have introduced a mechanism Talent Ownership in which organization-wide talent related decisions are taken in a very structured manner. JSPL’s Apex body, Group Executive Council (GEC), takes the decisions on the following critical aspects: • Succession Planning • Leadership Development • Career Planning To ensure that the decisions take all the imperative factors into consideration, detailed leadership profiles of all the senior members of the organization are prepared. The profile includes 3
  4. 4. inputs from techniques such as assessment/development center, 360 degree feedback and psychometric test, which together form a participant’s potential assessment. This data is then presented to the GEC to take the talent related decisions. In this regard, we partnered with Right Management to conduct the intervention and seek support in preparing the Talent Profile for each senior leader of the organization. Q What made JSPL go ahead with Right Management as the partner for this significant engagement? When our conversations with Right Management were initiated, Right Management presented a proposal for the intervention. The proposal had the philosophy of the 4P’s (Performance, Potential, Personality and Perception) wherein an individual’s profile would incorporate inputs on each of the P. The philosophy was close to our requirement and the alignment with the organization’s approach helped us in deciding to go ahead with Right Management. Q As a process, development centers have been well institutionalized by you in the system. How was your experience in implementing assessments this year different than the previous years? JSPL has been growing rapidly especially since the last 5 years and the CAGR is more than 30%. The rapid growth threw a challenge on the HR function to build and develop the capability of the leadership in the organization. With this intent, we initiated developing a leadership pipeline and developed our leadership design. The first step in this journey was to map the capability against the requirement for a competency. We had started conducting development centers in 2008 and since then, it has been challenging to ensure participant’s availability for the exercise. But nevertheless, we are in the process of institutionalizing the process. Last year in particular, we started working with Right Management and with their support, we re-calibrated our competency framework. We felt and realized that getting people this time around was a bit easier than the previous time, as people had accepted the development center process to be a robust one as it gives the right feedback to the participants. Every individual wants to grow including the people who have been working for 20-25 years with JSPL as the process helps them identify certain future-oriented behavioural training that they would like to undergo. Agility is a critical factor and ensuring that the participants are engaged for the day during the development center is challenging, but with Right Management, we have now been able to do so. People in the organization have realized that it’s an important exercise and the premise of undergoing various simulations that are robust has been beneficial in enhancing people’s interest. This realization has helped us in making this process an institutionalized one. Q How has been your experience with the team that has been working from Right Management on this to support you? I would like to share a few factors that made the experience of working with Right Management a journey worth cherishing. The flexibility, the ease and the adaptability of the team at Right Management is commendable. It gets quite challenging to ensure availability of our senior leaders for the pre-determined dates and hence I am thankful to Right Management that they were extremely flexible and supportive to this end. Secondly, the team at Right Management definitely helped us with their insight and knowledge. They were robust in their approach for recalibrating the competency framework of our organization and the 4P’s approach that we have introduced basis Right Management’s suggestion is remarkably exceptional. The 4P’s are Perception, Performance, Potential and Personality. We have an apex body named GEC in which every individual is assessed for the future role and their performance for the last year is considered. The recommendation by Right Management for employing the 4P’s approach was extremely beneficial and has been liked by our top management. The approach has given a strong 360 degree view and the multi rater has helped us in correctly reviewing the performance, capability and perception of the leaders in the organization. 4
  5. 5. Q How has the overall feedback from stakeholders been on the services provided by Right Management? The overall feedback of the stakeholders has been exciting and positive. It has helped us in taking organization-wide talent decisions along with preparing the organization for the future. Q On a personal note, could you share about your key learning from the journey. My key learning from the journey is as follows: • The communication to the senior management with regard to convincing them about the intervention being developmental rather than an assessment program • Selection of relevant and contemporary tools for the program for the right group of people About Right Management Right Management is a global leader in talent and career management workforce solutions within ManpowerGroup. The firm designs and delivers solutions to align talent strategy with business strategy. Expertise spans Talent Assessment, Leader Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Engagement, and Workforce Transition and Outplacement. With offices in over 50 countries, Right Management partners with companies of all sizes–including more than 80% of the Fortune 500– to help grow and engage their talent, increase productivity and optimize business performance. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Call +91.124.4536900 email: 5