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nursery poems

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  2. 2. Index…1. Soup of 9. Papa Parrot and Alphabets Mummy Parrot 10. Worm2. Rinky, the Rat 11. This Little Bunny3. Jim and Jam 12. Five Apples 13. Penguin4. Akbar and 14. Colours Birbal 15. Pumpkin5. A Day 16. Apples 17. Cindy Circle6. Merchants of 18. I Am Special China 19. Turkey7. Plants 20. All of Me
  3. 3. I want to read mummy’s book,Mummy says to learn alphabets.I tell mummy she’s a good cook,Mummy say to have some soup.I want to read, I want to eat,I ask for the soup of alphabets,Mummy laughs out, ha ha ha…
  4. 4. I am the king of the night, Little, but full of might. I roam where I wish, Dancing in the dish. Here and there I chew, Do I hear a meow-mew? O its Cal, the cat; I scat, I am Rinky, the rat.
  5. 5. Jim and Jam went to school, O it was morning and so cool. Teacher stood in the class,Jim and Jam were on the grass.O what happened on this date? O! Jim and Jam were late.
  6. 6. Akbar had a great big horse, Birbal had a great little nose. Smart as Birbal was no one, So the horse was his for fun. O what fun it was as he rode, But to laugh no one was bold. Then Akbar saw and Ho! Ho! Ho!A little nose on a big horse Lo! Lo! Lo!
  7. 7. In the morning, brush, brush, brush, To the school, rush, rush, rush On the ground, run, run, run, Playing games, fun, fun, fun, Tired at home, rest, rest, rest, Mummy’s food, best, best, best.
  8. 8. O look at the merchants of China, They have got a cute mynah.Said one, would you like to hold her? Said I, with glee, yes, yes, yes sir. Mynah is so little and so beautiful,O merchants of China are wonderful.
  9. 9. Weed, weed,weed out weeds, Sow, sow, sow some seeds. Plant, plant, plant a plant, Aunt, aunt, look here aunt. The seeds are now shoots,O aunt, can I have new boots?
  10. 10. I love the chocolate, It is a brown kit-kat. Munch,munch, I drill, O so joyfulness I feel.Too much takes its toll, To eat it is my goal.
  11. 11. Papa parrot went to town, To get mummy parrot a gown. Mummy parrot went to bake, For papa parrot a nice cake. Mummy parrot liked the gown,Papa parrot gulped the cake down.
  12. 12. Come out of little one, o little worm, You are so slimy, o dirty crumb. In the earth you slyly slither, I’ll pull you and make you to wither. Ah! There you are in my beak,On eating you, happy will be my chick.
  13. 13. This little bunny has two pink eyes. This little bunny is very wise. This little bunny is soft as silk. This little bunny is white as milk. This little bunny nibbles awayAt cabbages and carrots the livelong day!
  14. 14. The first apple in the basket was bright and shiny red.The second apple in the basket said, "What a cozy bed!" The third apple in the basketsaid, "Please move over there."The fourth apple in the basket said, "Now we are two pair." The fifth apple in the basket, said, "Oh dear, me-oh-my!""This basket looks like pastry," "I think were apple pie!"
  15. 15. Im a little penguin Black and white. Short and wobbly An adorable site. I cant fly at all but I love to swim.So Ill waddle to the water and dive right in!
  16. 16. Red, red, red, touch your head. Blue, blue, blue, tie your shoe.Brown, brown, brown, touch the ground. White, white, white, take a bite. Black, black, black, touch your back. Purple, purple, purple, draw a circle. Pink, pink, pink, give a wink. Gray, gray, gray, shout hurray!
  17. 17. Im a little pumpkin Orange and round. Here is my stem,There is the ground.When I get all cut up, Dont you shout! Just open me up And scoop me out!
  18. 18. Apples in the attic, Apples in the hall, Apples in the summer, Apples in the fall.Apples make you healthy, Apples make you tall, I will eat some apples, I will eat them all!
  19. 19. I am Cindy Circle Watch me turn Round and roundAnd you will learnIm not straight and I dont bendMy outside edges Never end!
  20. 20. I am special, I am special, Look at me, You will see,Someone very special,Someone very special, It is me, It is me.
  21. 21. I heard Mr. Turkey say, "Gobble, gobble, gobble. Soon it will be a holiday. Gobble, gobble, gobble. People say it is great fun But I think that I will runAnd hide until the day is done. Gobble, gobble, gobble."
  22. 22. All of Me See my eyes. See my nose. See my fingers. See my toes. See my lips. See my knee.Now you have seen all of me!