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HR Challenges and Digital Marketing - 2016


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HR challenges and Digital Marketing - My guest Lecture at MDI Gurgaon on 9th July 2016

Published in: Recruiting & HR

HR Challenges and Digital Marketing - 2016

  1. 1. HR Challenges – Digital Marketing Author: Ajay Chhabra
  2. 2. Agenda • HR Key Challenges & Predictions • Digital Marketing Trends & HR Challenges • Author Introduction • Discussions
  3. 3. HR Key Challenges
  4. 4. What are the major challenges of HR for the next ten years? Deliver Value
  5. 5. My Prediction What is the key message for head of HR Professionals Across India?
  6. 6. New Reality One of my prediction in 2015 has become reality in 2016 as reported by ET
  7. 7. Talent Leadership Culture Focus on TLC What are the Primary Job responsibilities of HR Professionals?
  8. 8. Talk Differently Why HR Professionals have to speak different languages which dealing with different employees?
  9. 9. HR Platform or Social Networking? Can someone from HR here can read the real story behind Acquisition?
  10. 10. Niche Portal New niche Job Portals – (like will be in demand and getting popular
  11. 11. Digital Marketing Trends
  12. 12. Moving Stats Unprecedented Growth HR team has to weave the new hire story around Digital Media!
  13. 13. Media Consumption Hiring Ads now becoming Updates!Targeting talent where they are generally found!
  14. 14. Whatsapp Groups Whatsapp groups & confidentiality of company data!As HR your challenge is to provide them platform easier than whastapp and yet secured on your servers!
  15. 15. Mobile First A number of brands are trying mobile first as part of their digital strategy, so even before TV or Print the launches are happening on Mobile and Digital Smart phones as BYOD in companiesHow do you secure mobile conversations while allowing them to use Smartphone as a second or may be first device at workplace?
  16. 16. MOOCs Large number of massive online portals are helping in learning & development of employees all across Revisit Learning & DevelopmentHow do you utilize third-party online resources for L&D of your own employees?
  17. 17. Content Marketing Every brand is aspiring to be a publisher so as to have better connect with the consumers at large. The original content and even third party content has a role to play. Innovative storytelling!Can you become a storyteller and win your target audience by the way of content marketing?
  18. 18. Data & HR There are large number of organized and unorganized sources of data within organization and its increasing. Human Data ScientistHow do you use massive data so produced within organization for it’s benefit and growth?
  19. 19. Digital becoming mainline media Spends on digital media is on the rise and number of brands have shelved Print and TV budget for Digital as the audience is spending lot of time on digital HR Campaigns on digital mediaHow do you convince your HOD on running your first company culture campaign to be launched on digital media?
  20. 20. APPenomics Economical transactions based mobile applications are becoming need of the hour and mobile wallets are going to replace even banks in future…. First mobile App from HR departmentWhat all features & functionalities your company HR app should be utilizing so that it is used by all?
  21. 21. Start-ups 2.0 It’s a world of startups and funding the innovation. A large number of VCs are funding innovations and larger corporations are re-thinking like start-ups…. HR Private Equity & Innovations FundHow do you convince your board of directors on setting up innovation seed fund for the future survival of your company ?
  22. 22. Emergence of Games Games help in increasing attention, improving engagement and increasing productivity of employees Games for engagementHow do you convince your head HR to setup games zone at office?
  23. 23. Convenience shopping at home A large number of mobile applications are providing convenience shopping at home from mobile devices. Some of the large e-commerce players have gone app version. Employee Productivity ToolsShould you tie-up with leading grocery apps so that employee/partners save productive time?
  24. 24. e-commerce is Commerce! Smaller apps and e-commerce players are disrupting big brick and mortar industries and are creating wealth for the brands… OLA Cabs is a great example here…. Innovative storytelling!How do I leverage e-commerce for my talent, leadership and culture growth?
  25. 25. Open Office Culture World is moving towards open office and no cabin culture…. No Cabin Culture How to ensure privacy and business confidentiality of certain key departments?
  26. 26. Youth is Empowered. Mobile apps, connected economy, real time access, Wi-FI zones, video calling, money wallets, education on the go is empowering the youth all across India…. Increased Gen y and Gen Z at workplaceHow do you motivate a Generation Z employee?
  27. 27. Community Building & Marketing Brands are building and funding third party communities to have connect with the consumers at ground, seek real-time-feedback and help them via product specialists and influencers Community building & ModerationHow many digital communities and on what interest groups should employees be a part of ?
  28. 28. Connected Social Media In today’s parlance brands are having an integrated approach for social media by connecting various channels and trying to profile users likes and dislikes and doing behavioral targeting Social Media GuidelinesHow do I build social media compliance guidelines for my company?
  29. 29. Convergence of HR and Digital is on See future today.
  30. 30. Author Introduction
  31. 31. Ajay Chhabra Current: Founder & CDO, BGV Digital Pvt. Ltd Core Strengths  Developing Digital Marketing Strategy  Extensive experience in online leads generation  Hands-on experience on multiple global digital marketing tools and technologies  Advising the boards and working with CXOs for digital transformation of the business  Digital Marketing & Branding Competencies Domain  Diversified business groups, consumer electronics, Automobiles, FMCG, Technology, Mobile Handsets, Travel and Media  Sitecore / Adobe Experience Manager - CMS  Hyperion/Brio BI Tools  Exact target – Email Marketing  SFDC – SFA tool  Marketo / HubSpot – Marketing Automation  Over 16 years of experience in digital marketing, branding & strategy formulation with extensive experience across industries. Ajay has worked with multiple digital marketing agencies including OgilvyOne Worldwide & McCann / MRM Worldwide and worked upon global digital marketing projects including General Motors India  In the client side role worked with The General Electric company (GE) in their Global Healthcare marketing Headquarters role, reporting into Milwaukee, USA, and was responsible for Global Digital Media planning and Content Marketing. Also helped GE other businesses as well. He has worked upon a large number of global demand generation campaigns for X-Ray, MRI and CT machines etc. Also launched global GE Healthcare website and did SEO for the same. He has got number of awards in GE for his campaigns including India CEO award, MICT Above and beyond awards.  He has been an eminent speaker in the digital marketing space and have been a speaker & panel leader at Cyber Media DQ Live 2015 on the topic of The Role of Chief Digital Officer. Recently ET Now Business news TV channel has covered him in the program highlights and have also been invited as a speaker at The Economic Times - Real Estate & Digital Marketing Summit in 2014 for a special address and participated in panel discussions as well.  Wide-ranging exposure in the digital marketing and branding in the industries like Diversified business groups, consumer electronics, Automobiles, FMCG, Technology, Mobile Handsets, Travel and Media. He has contributed to a number of article and won a number of awards in the digital marketing space. He has also delivered guest lectures at MDI Gurgaon. BGV Digital is a recent and his second venture which is a 360 degree digital marketing agency after A3R Digital.  In entrepreneur role he has supported IMT Ghaziabad, Sharp Electronics, BenQ, Franchise India, JBM Auto Limited, FranGlobal, BPL Healthcare, Ambica Steels Limited, Frontline strategy, Appearition pty. Ltd. etc. Certification/Training  Got training for Microsoft Certified Solution developer  D. Pharma, B.A., Masters in International Business  Lean Workshops  GE Crotonville – Foundations of leadership  Inbound Marketing – HubSpot
  32. 32. Clients and Projects – Digital Marketing  Digital Marketing Projects & Clients in Agency Role:  General Motors, Hero Honda, Reebok, Coca Cola India, Tetra Pak India, Cycle Brand, Microsoft, Business Octane, iGate Patni, VeriSign, Seagate, Tech Mahindra, Videocon Mobiles, Motorola India, Micromax, BenQ India, Amadeus, Skyconnect, Sahara Group, Vodafone, HT Media &  BI/ Analytics Projects and Clients:  Airtel, & Ranbaxy Laboratories and Developed SI Partners for Hyperion/Brio: HCL Technologies, Wipro Limited, Infosys Limited, Softcell Technologies & Tata Consulting Services in India etc.  CRM Program Trainer & Implementation:  Tata Motors (Pan India)  Client Side Role  GE Healthcare – Global Marketing Hq. Team  A3R Digital - Clients  IMT Ghaziabad, Sharp Electronics, BenQ, Franchise India & BPL Healthcare etc.  BGV Digital - Clients  Franchise India, JBM Auto Limited, FranGlobal, Ambica Steels Limited, Frontline strategy, Appearition pty. Ltd., Aptech – MAAC, RAM Led Solutions, KRV Physiotherapy & healthcare, Transit Advertising, Seeds of Innocence IVF & Fertility centre, Metroplus Lifestyle Delivered Results in over 250 digital marketing projects with over 100 mid-sized Indian and large MNC global brands in last 10 years
  33. 33. Key Events – DQ Live 2015 – DataQuest – Cyber Media TV Interview - at ET Now Business News Channel
  34. 34. BA digital-officer Key Events – DQ Live 2015 – DataQuest – Cyber Media The Role of a Chief Digital Officer Fire side chat With Walmart India CIO
  35. 35. The ET – Real Estate & Digital Summit - 2014
  36. 36. Most Popular and Viewed Presentation on Slide share - Over 5600 Views so far The ET – Real Estate & Digital Summit - 2014
  37. 37. Recent quotes at Article
  38. 38. Publications and Awards The New 8 P's of Agency Marketing Marketing your Healthcare practice in the new Digital Age - CT Clarity Summer 2013, GE Healthcare Marketing Your Healthcare Practice in the New Digital Age - Medical Buyer Magazine Why digital transformation is a journey and not a destination “Quote” Best Digital Marketing Professionals – World Brand Congress GE Healthcare India CEO Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign Ogilvy’s Awards for best Digital Campaigns for Seagate and Motorola Trainings Delivered- Digital Marketing
  39. 39. Open for Discussions
  40. 40. Ajay Chhabra Founder, Director and Chief Digital Officer - Brand Growth Ventures BGV Digital Pvt. Ltd. 0091-8130940808