Ajax Workforce Marketing Overview


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An overview of the why, what, and how behind our Workforce Marketing process.

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Ajax Workforce Marketing Overview

  1. 1. Workforce Marketing A LinkedIn®-based approach to business that improves communication and amplifies branding.
  2. 2. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Ready or not, here they come… Social media has put all employees on the front line of brand marketing. Company affiliations are now “on” 24/7, with no downtime for either employees or executives. Weekend warrior, still representing. Yikes. Clients saw that.Brand ambassador.
  3. 3. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM So while this is how you see your company...
  4. 4. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM This is often what the world sees.
  5. 5. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM 0 0.33 0.67 1.00 Marketing Media Interactive Digital Social Brand Mobile Engagement Audience 1.5% 3.1% 5.9% 9.6%10.4% 16.8%16.9% 26.4% 34.3% 0% 4.4% 6.5% 13.0% 8.7% 60.9% 19.6% 15.2% 69.6% Keywords } Company Keyword Engagement Employee Keyword Engagement 83%of employees’ LinkedIn profiles lackedthe keyword “digital.” In itsfirstresearchproject,Ajaxlookedatthe LinkedInprofiles ofthe50biggestdigitaladagenciesandtheir51,608employees. In total,wefoundmisalignmentin90%ofemployee profiles. Beyond engagement. Alignment.
  6. 6. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM “Netflix monthly viewing exceeded 1 billion hours for the first time ever in June.” – Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, 7/3/13, via his Facebook page. The SEC took 10 months to clear Hastings for the disclosure. A major software company gets 400,000 views to employees’ LinkedIn profiles each month—4.8 million brand touch points a year, every one of which happening outside the control of marketing. IBM, Duke, and Rutgers studied the impact of social media usage on IBM’s business. They found that inside sales professionals who used social media effectively closed 26% more deals. One Ajax client in the financial services sector used his Ajax- optimized LinkedIn profile to close a new, $3 million account. According to Morgan Stanley, 62% of advisors who use LinkedIn generate new business from it. The benefits are significant.
  7. 7. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Ajax makes employees better brand advocates, both for themselves and for their employers. Photo courtesy Sanden Daphid.
  8. 8. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM We give companies and employees a framework for working together to communicate a clear and consistent brand message. Employee Questions What should I say? Who’s listening? Who should I connect with? How can I control my message? What are the legal risks? Why should I care? What’s the best way to engage? Company Questions How can we align employees? How do we measure the investment? Who’s on social media? How do we influence the message? How do we ensure compliance? What results should we expect? How does this fit with our other work?
  9. 9. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Ajax’sprogramresultsin brandamplificationand measurableefficienciesin sales,marketing,and/or recruiting. ...but this one yielded results.Friends liked this photo...
  10. 10. AJAX WORKFORCE MARKETING WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM 1. Get executive buy in. 2. Put existing company messaging into every day language. 3. Give employees a reason to make that messaging their own. 4. Show them how. 5. Measure pull through. 6. Measure impact. Messaging can be customized for enterprises with multiple companies/ products/geographies. HowAjaxworks
  11. 11. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM We use a variety of tools to get that messaging into the hearts and minds of employees. Our training process includes three parts. The first is a custom video webinar that walks employees through (1) common social business adoption challenges, (2) best practices for using LinkedIn day-to-day, and (3) how to optimize aLinkedInprofile. The video webinar is used to show employees/ stakeholders “why” they should care. We explain what’s in it for them, and for the company, and give them the opportunity to “opt in” to the program.
  12. 12. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM The Ajax Brand Amplifier. Our proprietary Brand Amplifier takes employees step-by-step through the development of a personal brand that is aligned with the company. It makes executing that brand push-button simple, and gives companies the ability to provide on-brand messaging to employeestouse.
  13. 13. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Activation and support. We hold activation webinars for employees to show them how to leverage an optimized profile to build their networks and do business more efficiently. For influencers, managers, and self- motivated professionals, additional coaching services are available (one- timeorongoing).
  14. 14. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Voluntary Message Alignment 24% 9% 16% 0% 11% 40% Message 1 Message 2 Message 3 Message 4 Message 5 Customized Data review. Using the Brand Amplifier creates a feedback loop that allows management to see which messages are resonating with employees, so they can make adjustments in real-time to improve voluntary message alignment, as well as research, test, or refine employer branding.
  15. 15. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Train-the-trainer. Ajax works to make clients self-sufficient in the area of social business. To achieve this goal, Ajax trains internal trainers on our methodologies and helps them integrate the Ajax approach into new employee on-boarding, corporate universities,andotherkeyareas.
  16. 16. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Program management. Throughout the program, Ajax works closely with its client to ensure proper internal communication with stakeholders at each step along the way, fromproject scopingtocloseout.
  17. 17. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Wheretostart Keep it simple. Our most common starting point is a simple, ½ day workshop for either executive decision makers or a single team. We use the time to answer questions, address concerns, and probe into clients’ expectations. Our semi-structured format ensures engagement and prepares clients to move forward with confidence. ?
  18. 18. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM • Assessment of “social readiness” of current messaging • 6 or more “social ready” versions of key brand messaging • Review and development of social media policies and guidelines • Optimized employee LinkedIn profiles • 1:1 coaching for influencers and managers • Activation training (live or webinar) • Analytics & impact assessment • Train-the-trainer materials • Internal communication plan Programdeliverables
  20. 20. AJAX WORKFORCE MARKETING WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Sales&Marketing AboutAjax AjaxisaLinkedIn preferredvendor.We provideprofile optimizationsupport andotherservicesto LinkedIn’senterprise andmid-sizeclients.
  21. 21. AJAX WORKFORCE MARKETING WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Sales&Marketing OurMission Wemakeprofessional communicationmoregenuine andproductive. WeareaWorkforceMarketingagency.Webring companiesandtheiremployerstogetherto communicateaclearbrandmessagetothemarket. JasonSeiden | CEO jason@ajaxwm.com m312961-2107 PatrickAnderson | Sales patrick@ajaxwm.com m312972-1330