Quiz in cancer


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Quiz in cancer

  1. 1. Quiz On Cancer 1.Certain types of cancer are genetic. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : A 2.Ethnicity is a factor in the development of skin cancer. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : A 3.HPV, a virus that can cause cancer, is contagious. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : A 4.Some cancers are contagious. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B 5.Men cannot develop breast cancer. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B 6.Cancer is a group of over 500 diseases A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B
  2. 2. 7.Chemotherapy is not the only treatment method for cancer. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : A 8.During chemotherapy, everyone loses their hair. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B 9.A positive attitude can help cure cancer. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B 10.Smoking cigars does not cause lung cancer. A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B 11. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally A.True B.False Correct Answer is : A 12.Cancer occurs due to A.Signal Transduction B.Transcription C.Meiosis D.None of the above
  3. 3. Correct Answer is : D 13.The spreading of cancer across the body is called A.Homeostasis B.Metastasis C.Osmosis Correct Answer is : B 14.The use of drugs to treat cancer is called  A.Radiotherapy B. Chemotherapy C. Physiotherapy Correct Answer is : B 15.Which of the following are carcinogens? A.Silicon B.Insecticide C.Tobacco D.All of the above Correct Answer is : D 16.Monoclonal Antibodies (MAB) are not used in the treatment of  cancer A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B 17.Melanoma is a type of  A.Skin cancer B.Lung cancer C.Testicular cancer D.Blood cancer Correct Answer is : A 18.Today 50% of all cancers are cured. A.True
  4. 4. B.False Correct Answer is : A 19.The following reduces the side –effects of cancer treatment. A.Getting up in the morning B.A well-balanced diet C.Meditation D.Going for walks Correct Answer is : B 20.The virus implicated in cancer is  A.Herpes virus B.HIV C.Influenza virus D.Epstein- Barr virus (EBV) Correct Answer is : D 21.What do all cancers have in common?  A.They develop from red blood cells B.The develop from white blood cells C.They develop from uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells D.They develop in tissues in the body Correct Answer is : C 22.All tumors are malignant (cancerous). A.True B.False Correct Answer is : B 23.How many people in the United States develop cancer each year? A.25,000 B.500,00 C.One million D.Two million Correct Answer is : C 24.What is metastasis? A.A type of treatment for tumors
  5. 5. B.The spread of cancer in the body C.A chemotherapy medication D.A physician who treats cancer Correct Answer is : B 25.The American Cancer Society believes what percentage of  cancers have a dietary link?  A.Less than 10 % B.10 to 20 % C.30 to 40 % D.Over 50 % Correct Answer is : C 26.After skin cancer, what the two most common cancers  diagnosed in the United States?  A.Stomach and colon cancer B.Lung and brain cancer C.Liver and pancreatic cancer D.Breast and prostate cancer  Correct Answer is : D 27.Which of these is not a main form of cancer?  A.Oophroma B.Carcinoma C.Lymphoma D.Myeloma Correct Answer is : A 28.Cancer is caused by gene mutations.  A.True B.False Correct Answer is : A 29.In men, what is the estimated occurrence of cancer in a  lifetime? A.One out of five  B.Two out of five
  6. 6. C.One out of two D.One out of ten Correct Answer is : C 30.All cancers form tumors.  A.True B.False Correct Answer is : A