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Social Media Marketing


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Social Media Marketing Explained and its condition in the Philippines

Published in: Sports, Business, Technology
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Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Carissa
  2. 2. Do you know anything about Social Media & Other Online Marketing Strategies?
  3. 3. “Social media is the tools, services, and communication facilitating connection between peers with common interests.” - Chris GarrettSocial Media is the platform/tools. Ex. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInSocial Networking is the act of connecting on social media platforms. – message we convey Ex. Quick tips, customer support, humorous contentSocial Media Marketing is how businesses join the conversation in an authentic and transparent way to build relationships. – unbiased community Ex. Agents to clients, agents to potential clients, brokers & agents to clients, and etc.
  4. 4. - It’s free- Real-time engagement- Excellent tool for building your brand, customer relationships and industry networks- Google loves social
  5. 5. Reach: Facebook- Facebook has 30 094 560 registered users in the Philippines- Facebook penetration in Philippines is 30.12%Data is based on socialbakers.comReach: Twitter- Passed 500M users in June 2012 – data based on techcrunch- Twitter has 4,016,345 registered users in the Philippines – data based on inquirerReach: LinkedIn- 200M registered users – data based on LinkedIn
  6. 6. Relevance- Social media platforms has the ability to identify prospects of your industry.Facebook – creating Facebook adsTwitter – search segmentationLinkedIn – groupsReturn on Investment- By increasing your fan base, we can acquire leads that we can convert into customers- There are tools we can use to track your social media efforts
  7. 7. Q&ACarissa