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GBG Angeles


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Learn more about Google Business Group Angeles. The first ever GBG chapter in Central Luzon.

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GBG Angeles

  1. 1. Agenda • • • • • • • What is GBG Introduction to Google Business Group Vision & Mission Who can join GBG Angeles? Core Values Members Plan Target
  2. 2. What is GBG? Google Business Group (GBG) is a community of business professionals sharing knowledge about Google web technologies for business success.
  3. 3. Introduction to Google Business Group (GBG) Angeles This is a community of business professionals based in Angeles City and adjacent cities who are passionate in utilizing Google products and other web technologies to improve their business, organization or company.
  4. 4. Hooray, our first event We had a MapUp first before we became official
  5. 5. GBG Angeles goes to gDayX Central Luzon Despite of long hour drive, we made it to gDayX Central Luzon
  6. 6. GBG Angeles is • • • • • Part of GBG Global Launch Date: February 20, 2014 Status: Incubating GBG Angeles Founder: Carissa Coles GBG Angeles Co-Founder: Rhena Jean Lubao
  7. 7. We’re online Website: Google + Page: +gbgangeles Facebook Group:
  8. 8. Vision and Mission Vision To become the most dynamic and technology-driven business community in Pampanga and adjacent provinces. Mission To collaborate, share and inspire members to leverage Google products and web technologies to improve their business. In addition, members of GBG Angeles can network with other GBG independent communities globally.
  9. 9. Who can Join GBG Angeles GBG Angeles is open for everyone. If you are: • SME's, CEO, Managers who are interested to know more about online tools that will create a great impact on your business • Students who would like to know more about digital trends and career opportunities • Bloggers, PR, Digital Marketers, Consultants who are interested in collaboration, community building and online marketing
  10. 10. Members Criteria: We'd love to get everyone on board but we want to make sure you get 3 yeses from the questions below: 1. Google Are you interested in Google products, services, solutions and technology? 2. Business Do you want to learn how web technology can bring great impact to your business? 3. Community Do you like to network with other professionals, business owners, and students who passionate with web technology and community building? Do you want to give back to the community through workshops, meetups, and networking events?
  11. 11. How to Join Sign up using the form:
  12. 12. Member’s Benefits • To participate in events with no fee. • To participate in internal trainings and workshops. • Networking with global GBG communities. • Networking with local members.
  13. 13. What do we expect from you? • Actively participate and support social gatherings, workshops, online hangouts, larger events, and other activities. • Invite and train new members. • To uphold the core values and integrity of the community. Willing to share ideas and network with each other. • Respect and follow the general provisions of the GBG Global and GBG Angeles.
  14. 14. Core Values • • • • • Connect and Collaborate Learn and Share Camaraderie and Harmony Diversify and Innovate Succeed Online
  15. 15. Target 1. Submit at least 3 success stories from the Transformation Challenge Workshop series. 2. Reached 100 members this year. 3. Members satisfaction over 70% 4. Over 30% of members are successful in implementing Google products, online solutions and web technologies for their business. 5. Mentor one GBG (target cities: San Fernando, Olongapo, Tarlac, Bataan, etc)