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Best ever-social-bookmarking-software-to-automate-your-bookmarks-an-automated-bookmarking-submitter-best-auto-bookmark-submitter-auto-bookmarker.

why spend your invaluable time in manual submission to social-bookmarking sites when you can do the same bookmarking work with help of an automated bookmarking software program that does all the bookmark submission task for you within minutes. manual bookmark kills lots of your precious time that you could invest in something witch you can't automate otherwise. try these web-based and desktop bookmarking software programs to drive unlimited one way back links from 1000's of social-bookmarking sites on daily basis.

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Best ever-social-bookmarking-software-to-automate-your-bookmarks

  1. 1. 7 best ever auto bookmark submission software Social bookmark submitter : Automated social bookmarking softwareSince the inception of Internet marketing, auto-bookmarking has been very popular and hasbecome a must have tool for affiliates,bloggers, marketers, webmasters, and Internetmarketing professional for the simple reason that auto-bookmarking makes your onlinemarketing / website-blog promotions / online product selling activities process with lighteningfast speed.Posting bookmarks of your website/blog pages to important, useful social bookmarking is verycrucial for the off-page SEO part of your campaigns- and so is auto bookmarking. Auto-bookmarking success could be achieved only with the help of a good social bookmarkingsoftware.( Why bookmarking is so important and how to get maximum out of sharing your bookmarksover 100’s best of social bookmarking sites, read these posts- 1. SEO benefits from bookmarks sharing and best ways to bookmark. 2. List of 100 best ever social-bookmarking sites.
  2. 2. social bookmarking softwareFirst thing first, two types of social bookmarking software programs are available in the market-paid version and free version. Free versions of these auto submitter programs have somelimits, restrictions, drawbacks; while paid versions come up with lots of privilege, power,priorities.The good thing about free versions is that they are free and bad think about any paid version isthat they aren’t free but paid. But, again there are lots of benefits of premium accounts over thefree ones. It’s about the choice and priority.Technically, social bookmarking software are of two types- 1. Web-based auto bookmark submitter 2. Off-site desktop-based bookmarking software 1. Web-based auto bookmark submitterWeb-based auto-bookmark submission software are those that offer add-on supported or scriptbased bookmarking submission services. There is not a separate software to share yourbookmarks. Still they also offer great auto pilot bookmark submission services. And, you cangenerally generate 100’s to 1000’s backlinks everyday from them. Examples of these types ofsocial bookmarking software are :- Social Monkee, Social Adr, I am Automator, etc. 1.1 Social MonkeeSocial Monkee is one of the most popular auto bookmark submitter programs. Millions ofaffiliate marketers, webmasters, and bloggers are using Social Monkee’s bookmarking servicesto generate 500-1000 one way good quality backlinks per day. Social Monkee offers paid aswell as free bookmarking services.1.1.1 Free AccountYou can submit 3 urls everyday to 25 various bookmarking sites, generating total 75 one wayback links.1.1.2 paid accountSocial Monkee’s paid social bookmarking services are probably the cheapest in the market.Social Monkee offer paid bookmarking for as low as $ 7 for once and you get to post 3 linkseveryday to 100 bookmarking sites for lifetime ( total 3×100=300 backlinks per day! )
  3. 3. And you can generate 900 one way backlinks by as small as $12 for once.Register your account today at Social Monkee How to use Social Monkee-Using Social Monkee is very easy, either with an auto spinner or by your own. First of all,paste the desired url in the link area. Now, create around 10-15 unique titles for this url andpaste all the titles in the next field ( title field). Now make a good discreption of that url at most1200 words. Spin it using the proper brackets ( 3 types of brackets are used, i.e { }, | ). Afterwriting the keyword rich description types the keyword tags in the keyword area ( you can use atmost 8 keywords with 2-3 word phrases for each keyword )Below given screenshots displays the same various fields and text areas to auto submit yourbookmarks. 1.2 Social AdrSocialAdr has submitted 76,030,000 social media bookmarks by the time this article waswritten.SocialAdr has a unique approach to bookmark submission.It uses ‘by users for users’methodology. Users share each others bookmarks, get creditis and have their own bookmarks
  4. 4. shared by similar other users. So, it becomes a viral process, and your bookmarks aregenuinely shared by live users and not by machines. You register your sicial bookmarking andnetworking accounts at Social Adr, and start sharing others bookmarks with a click. And for anexample, if you submit 40 bookmarks in a day,then total number of your own bookmarks sharedwill be also 40 or something. You can have free account or paid account. But, again, if you takethe paid account then you get the following benefits over free accounts- 1. You don’t have to link/connect your own registered social bookmarking and social networking accounts to share your own bookmarks. 2. You won’t have to share others bookmarks to get bookmark sharing credits. 3. You won’t have to do anything, other free users or Social Adr will share your bookmarks 4. Your account won’t have any limitation and it will be treated on priority. free users can submit a url at most 200 times. paid accounts don’t have the restriction and you can share any of your url to any number of times. 5. paid accounts are very cheaper, it comes only in $12 or more. Visit SocialAdr for more details Visit SocialArd for more details Visit Off-site desktop-based bookmarking software Best bookmarking software-Bookmarking DemonOff-site bookmark submitter software programs are those that offer bookmark submissionservices backed by a separate desktop-based bookmarking software. You can install it on onyour computer system and create separate projects, lists, tasks that can be saved for later use.Desktop bookmarking software are capable of auto piloting the submission process. You canmodify and arrange the software as per your requirements and different campaign profiles. Off-site bookmarking software provides fully customizable bookmark submission services.Visit Bookmarking demon here for further details Visit Bookmarking Demon here Bookmarking Demon is the most popular and and widely used Bookmarking Demon is the most popular widely used bookmarking software. Bookmarking Demon has been bookmarking software. Bookmarking Demon has been reviewed and and personally utilizedsuccessful expert reviewed personally utilized by by successful expert online marketers, bloggers, advertizers, professionals, online marketers, bloggers, advertizers, professionals, and and publishers ! publishers ! Submission cant be easier than Bookmarking Demon ! ! Submission cant be easier than Bookmarking Demon
  5. 5. Find reviews and further details about 7 best social bookmarking softwareover the wholeall 7 best bookmarking software programs Find reviews of Internet market________________bookmarking software, bookmarking sites, auto bookmarker, bookmark submission, automated bookmarking, bookmarking tools, socialsubmitter, social Monkee, bookmarking Demon, SocialAdr, Social Adr, Bookmark submitter