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CSPE Revision Junior Cert Exam 2015


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Junior Cert CSPE Revision Notes for Exam 2015.

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CSPE Revision Junior Cert Exam 2015

  1. 1. CSPE Fact Sheet – Miss O’ Connor Note: What follows below is a list of questions, largely based around the past Junior Cert papers. That’s why certain sections of the course get a great deal more coverage than others – they suit exam questions better. It is NOT a complete list of every topic on the CSPE course, and please don’t think that just because you know everything listed here that you’re guaranteed to know every question that comes up. Keep watching the news, and keep aware of events in the various areas on the course. The SevenKey Concepts CSPE is based on seven concepts. These are? Rights & Responsibilities Every human being is entitled to basic rights, but we also have a responsibility to others, and there is a constant need to safeguard peoples’ rights. Topics: Children’s rights, prisoners of conscience, torture Human Dignity Every human being has the right to live their lives with dignity and to be treated with respect. Topics: Homelessness, bullying, refugees Stewardship Caring responsibly for our environment and the planet on which we live Topics: Recycling, global warming, the ozone layer Development Improvements taking place in local, national or international communities Topics: Tackling poverty in Africa, Third World Debt problems, regional development in Ireland Democracy Citizens voting to elect people to represent them in government Topics: Elections, Dail Eireann, Local Government Law The rules and laws necessary to protect citizens. How laws are made, upheld, and the consequences of breaking the law. Topics: An Garda Siochana, the courts system, the prison system Interdependence The way in which we are connected with others in the world Topics: The European Union, the United Nations, Fair Trade Rights & Responsibilities U.D.H.R. stands for? Universal Declaration of Human Rights What does Asylum mean? The right to a safe place to live What does Freedom of Assembly mean? The right to meet up
  2. 2. International E.U. stands for? European Union Within the European Union there are three law-making groups. There are?  The European Parliament  The European Commission  The Council of Ministers The European Parliament meets in which two cities? Brussels and Strasbourg M.E.P. stands for? Member of the European Parliament How many Irish MEPs are there? Eleven There are 751 MEPs elected to the? European Parliament Name 2 Irish MEPs? Deirdre Clune, Brian Crowley Who is the President of the European Parliament? Martin Schulz, Germany How are members of the European Commission chosen? There are 28 members of the European Commission – one from each country. Each member is appointed by the govt of their own country. Who is the President of the European Commission? Jean Claude Juncker, Luxembourg Who is the Irish European Commissioner? Phil Hogan We celebrate being members of the EU on the 9th May every year. This is known as? Europe Day Why do we celebrate Europe Day on the 9th May every year? To celebrate that Ireland is a member of the EU In the EU, where are legal cases about human rights heard? The European Court of Human Rights E.C.H.R. stands for? The European Court of Human Rights I.M.F. stands for? The International Monetary Fund Why was the IMF in Ireland last year? To lend money to (“bail out”) the Government which didn’t have enough funds to run the country The U.N. stands for? United Nations The Secretary General of the United Nations is? Ban Ki-Moon Where are the United Nations Headquarters? New York How can the Irish Army become involved in international conflicts? Through United Nations Peacekeeping operations The US President is? Barack Obama Where does the US President live? The White House, Washington DC
  3. 3. Where does the Queen of England live? Buckingham Palace Who is the British Prime Minister? David Cameron (Conservative Party) Where does the British Prime Minister live? 10 Downing Street Which country joined the Euro in 2013? Croatia How many countries are in the European Union? 28 How many countries are in the Euro? 19 28 Members of the EuropeanUnion Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom
  4. 4. Law The chief law officer of the Irish State is known as? The Attorney General The Childrens’ Court deals with? Offences committed by young people under the age of 16 The District Court deals with? Civil and criminal cases at a local level. There are 23 such courts around the country The Circuit Court deals with? More serious civil and criminal matters. There are 8 of such courts around the country The Special Criminal Court deals with? Very serious criminal offences. There is no jury in this court The Court of Criminal Appeal deals with? Appeals from convicted persons who believe they haven’t receivedjustice when their case was tried in a lower court The High Court deals with? Appeals from lower courts and some Constitutional cases The Supreme Court deals with? Cases about the Constitution and appeals from the High Court The highest court in Ireland is known as the? Supreme Court The second highest court in Ireland is known as the? High Court The lowest court in Ireland is known as the? District Court Criminal law involves? Serious breaches of the law, such as assault, robbery, rape and murder Civil law involves? Disputes between private individuals (eg. compensation claims, contract law) What is the name of the lawyer who brings a criminal case to court? The Director of Public Prosecutions The Irish Constitution is known as? Bunreacht na hEireann Bunreacht na hEireann is? The name of the Irish Constitution In Ireland, a law (which is also called a “Bill”) passed by the Oireachtas is called? An Act In Bunreacht na hEireann the numbered points are called? Articles A referendum is needed if the Govt wants to change? The Constitution If the Govt wants to change the Constitution it needs to hold? A referendum While an arrested person is awaiting trial, the judge may allow them stay at home, rather than in jail. This is known as? Bail
  5. 5. Politics The voting system in Ireland is known as? Proportional Representation P.R. stands for? Proportional Representation What two letters sum up the voting system in Ireland? P.R. How often must a General Election must be held in Ireland? Every five years How often must a Presidential Election be held in Ireland? Every sevenyears How many terms can an Irish President serve? Two (ie. 2 x 7 years = 14 years) How old do you have to be to have a vote in Ireland or European elections? 18 How old do you have to be to be elected as a TD? 21 How old do you have to be to be elected President of Ireland? 35 The place where votes are cast in an election is called a? Polling Station The slip of paper filled in by a voter is called a? Ballot Paper Someone who stands in an election is known as a? Candidate In an election, what is a “quota”? The smallest number of votes needed to elect a candidate The smallest number of votes needed to elect a candidate is called? A quota What is a spoiled vote? A vote that cannot be counted A vote that cannot be counted is known as a? Spoiled vote What does T.D. stand for? Teachta Dala What is a T.D./Teachta Dala? Someone who is electedto represent their constituency in Dail Eireann What is an elected member of a local authority known as? A councillor (eg. a county councillor) What is a constituency? An electoral area – eg. Wicklow is one constituency and has 5 TDs What is a General Election? When people across in the country vote to elect TD’s in every constituency, thereby forming a new Dail and new government What is a By-Election? When people in one constituency vote to elect a TD to replace someone who has resigned or died. What is a Local Election? When people in a local area vote to elect their local county council or town council
  6. 6. To have a vote in Ireland, a person’s name must appear on? The Registerof Electors The Irish Prime Minister is called? The Taoiseach/An Taoiseach An Taoiseach is? The Irish Prime Minister The Deputy Prime Minister (second-in-command) is called? The Tanaiste/An Tanaiste The name of the President of Ireland is? Michael D. Higgins The person who keeps order during debates in Dail Eireann is called the? Ceann Comhairle What is the national symbol of Ireland that appears on all Govt letters and envelopes? Harp In Ireland, which Govt department is responsible for voting and elections? The Dept of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government What are the names of the two houses of the Oireachtas? Dail Eireann and Seanad Eireann The Irish Parliament is called? Dail Eireann Dail Eireann is? The Irish Parliament The other “house” in the Irish Parliament is called? Seanad Eireann Seanad Eireann is? The Irish senate - The “upper house” in the Irish Parliament Where do Dail Eireann and Seanad Eireann meet? Leinster House How many Dail Constituencies are there at the moment? 43 Where does the Irish President live? Aras an Uachtarain Aras an Uachtarain is? The home of the Irish President in Phoenix Park, Dublin PoliticalParties and their Current Leaders Fianna Fail Michael Martin Green Party Eamon Ryan Fine Gael Enda Kenny Labour Party Joan Burton Sinn Fein Gerry Adams
  7. 7. Important Organisations Amnesty International Draws attention to human rights abuses in different countries – eg. people who are facing the death penalty, being tortured, child labour, prisoners of conscience, etc Age Action Ireland Looks after the rights ofolder people Focus Ireland Looks after homeless people Simon Community Looks after the needs ofhomeless people in Ireland St Vincent de Paul Helps poor people and those who are struggling to afford to live Aware Helps those who are suffering from depression Combat Poverty Agency Helps poor people Irish Refugee Council Looks after asylum seekers and refugees Pavee Point Helps the travelling community Comhairle na nOg Youth councils which allowyoung people the chance to have a say on matters that affect them Dail na nOg he annual national parliament for young people aged between 12-18 years. Delegates are elected to Dáil na nÓg through their local Comhairle na nÓg Ombudsman for Children An independent organisation that represents children’s rights in Ireland. The Ombudsman’s name is Emily Logan National Youth Council of Ireland represents and supports the interests of voluntary youth organisations and acts on issues that impact on young people Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) Protects children’s rights Irish Wheelchair Association Helps people with disabilities Trocaire Helps people and communities in the developing world Goal Helps people and communities in the developing world Concern Helps people and communities in the developing world FAS Provides training and employment schemes UNICEF = United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund Look after children’s rights throughout the world An Taisce Campaigns for a better environment Residents’ Association Looks after the interests ofpeople who live in a particular area Neighbourhood Watch/Community Alert Encourages people to report suspicious activity Meals on Wheels Brings meals to elderly people in their homes
  8. 8. Government Departments We will put names for the ministers for each dept and what each dept does later in the year – with a General Election due in March there’s no point you learning something that is very likely to change significantly by June. Dept of the Taoiseach Dept of Education & Skills Dept of Finance Dept of Foreign Affairs Deals with our relations with other countries Dept of Justice Dept of Health & Children Dept of Enterprise, Trade & Innovation Encourages industry and employment Dept of Communications, Energy & NaturalResources Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Dept of Defence Dept of Environment, Heritage and Local Govt Dept of Transport Dept of Tourism, Culture & Sport Dept of Community, Equality & Gaeltacht Affairs Dept of Social Protection
  9. 9. Photo Call! The first question on the exam usually involves photos 1. President& Party Leaders NB: These are virtually certain to change in spring 2011 Michael D. Higgins, President Micheal Martin, Fianna Fail Enda Kenny, Fine Gael Joan Burton, Labour Party Eamon Ryan, Green Party
  10. 10. Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein
  11. 11. 2. International Figures Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General) Jean Claude Juncker (President, EU Commission) Aung San Suu Kyi (Burnam Human Rights campaigner) ’ Nelson Mandela (former South African President and Human Rights activist – died 2013) Barack Obama (US President) David Cameron (British Prime Minister)
  12. 12. Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) Francois Hollande (President of France) Dmitry Medvedev (Russian Prime Minister) Peter Robinson (Northern Ireland First Minister), Democratic Unionist Party Martin McGuinness (Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister), Sinn Fein Mary Robinson (former Irish President and UN Human Rights campaigner)
  13. 13. 3. Other Important People Adi Roche (Chernobyl Children’s Fund) Bono (Third World Debt campaigner) Martin Luther King, Jr (Human Rights activist in 1960’s USA) Dr. Niall Muldoon (National Ombudsman for Children) Phil Hogan (Irish EU Commissioner) Sean Barrett (Dail Ceann Comhairle)
  14. 14. 4. Important Buildings Leinster House – home of Dail Eireann and Seanad Eireann Government Buildings, Dublin The White House (note, the Oval Office is on the other side) 10 Downing Street (home of British Prime Minister) Buckingham Palace The Four Courts
  15. 15. The European Parliament Building, Brussels The European Parliament Building, Strasbourg The United Nations Building, New York Aras an Uachtarain (v like White House, but flatter and wider) The new Criminal Courts of Justice complex, Dublin Dail Eireann