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  • Why is this important?Global numbers plus highlight on Europe***Build***
  • LinkedIn is the only place on the web where you can recruit both passive and active candidatesTraditional job boards provide access to only the 20% of professionals who are actively lookingLinkedIn provides access to both these, and the over 80% of passive candidates who are not actively searching on job boardsMany of these members are the people you’re interested in hiring. In fact, last year your company hired ### LinkedIn membersWe know this because we can track every time a member changes his or her profile to your company[NOTE: We should not overlook active candidates as a legitimate source of hire. Instead, focus on how LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and the tens of millions of passive candidates that can’t be reached anywhere else]
  • How can we measure your employer brand? We start by looking at the reach and engagement you have with external talentTALENT BRAND REACH: Includes the people who know what it’s like to work at your company—those that are familiar with your company as an employerTALENT BRAND ENGAGEMENT: Includes the subset of people within your reach who are interested in you as a potential employerResearch shows that people familiar with what it’s like to work at your company are the same people connected to and engaging with your employees on LinkedInResearch also shows that people who are interested in working at your company are the same ones who are taking that extra step on LinkedIn to learn more: browsing/applying to jobs on LinkedIn, following your company, and visiting your company and career pages.Because these activities happen on LinkedIn, we can measure them. So we can see that at xyzCo, you have XXX members within your reach, and YYY of them have engaged with you and shown an interest
  • We can measure your talent brand index vs your talent peers. Your competitors to the left of the graph have the easiest time engaging talent– talent shows high interest in them. Your talent peers on the right of this graph have a harder time engaging talent, because of their weaker employer brand.The stronger your brand, the easier it is for you to attract the right candidates to your roles.
  • Your employees are already networking with the right candidates you’d want to hire:Relate Merlin data on job function to their hiring needsRelate Merlin data on viewer companies to their competitors for talent and the companies they’d like to recruit from, as applicableYou can pose this as a question: “Are these the types of candidates that you’d want to recruit more effectively?”[Note: This excludes employees visiting each other’s profiles]
  • Your employees are already networking with the right candidates you’d want to hire:Relate Merlin data on job function to their hiring needsRelate Merlin data on viewer companies to their competitors for talent and the companies they’d like to recruit from, as applicableYou can pose this as a question: “Are these the types of candidates that you’d want to recruit more effectively?”[Note: This excludes employees visiting each other’s profiles]
  • Engaging candidates on LinkedIn begins with posting all of your professional jobs. This way, your outreach is relevant to the candidates you want to engage across the site. LinkedIn understands the professional background of every one of our members. Using our job matching algorithms, we can target each member with the most relevant jobs automaticallyWhen you post all of your jobs on LinkedIn, you’re able to show highly relevant jobs to all of your target candidatesSteve will see marketing roles, Erica will see sales roles and Bryan will see finance roles (If you only post sales roles, for example, you miss an opportunity to engage people like Bryan and Steve)Sharing your relevant career opportunities is the #1 way to engage passive talent on the siteTransition: I’ll show you exactly how candidates experience targeted jobs on LinkedIn.
  • This is a transition slide to shift the conversation to LinkedIn Recruiter. The combined solution of jobs and media allows customers to scale their recruiting with minimal effort. Recruiter is the best in class tool for proactively identifying the very best talent. We talked about how LinkedIn’s solution can help deliver a stream of high quality candidates automatically.Now I want to show you how we can help you take your sourcing to the next level through LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • [Note: These are results that clients who post all or most of their professional jobs and invest in Work With Us and an LCP saw. Buying the LinkedIn solution drives incredible results!]What this chart shows is that clients with a strong branding presence on LinkedIn are 3x more effective in engaging talent on LinkedIn and ultimately converting them into hires. [compared to clients with low/no employer branding on LinkedIn]This shows how having a strong employer brand presence on LinkedIn helps our clients more effectively hire passive and active candidates. Our clients are more successful when they’ve engaged talent on LinkedIn and have warmed them up to be interested in our clients’ career opportunities. [Note: This is a powerful way of demonstrating LinkedIn’s impact, but critical to ensure that the client understands the methodology]LinkedIn can see you have hired talent because our members update their LinkedIn profiles when they change jobs. LinkedIn can also see which of these hires engaged with your brand on LinkedIn prior to making their career move. [Note to RMs: RMs should review Merlin and decide whether to add their client’s results to date as comparison. This can be a very powerful up-sell tool]
  • Harkand demo

    1. 1. Talent Solutions©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    2. 2. What we have covered:• Cost of Hire – need to reduce!• Source of hire – Diversify recruiting source and searching capabilities withaccess to a wider and specialised pool of candidates.• Employer Branding – Positioning Harkand Group as an employer of choiceand driving awareness of the brand• LinkedIn: Overview and Possibilities• Passive/active candidate strategy• Solve: Our solution for you• Demonstration• Next stepsAisling JiangAccount ExecutiveLinkedIn EMEADublin| InternetAgenda:
    3. 3. LinkedIn: A global pool of talent3Europe, MiddleEast and Africa:50M+NorthAmerica:80M+Asia Pacific:37M+Latin AmericaandCaribbean:20M+200M+Members worldwide100 M+Monthly unique visitors+2 newMembers per secondMonthly uniques source:Comscore©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.32.6m+D/A/CH3m+Italy3m+France3m+Spain3m+NL12m+UK170kLinkedInmembers inOil&Energy+3700 ROVqualified+240 in theUnited ArabEmirates
    4. 4. Reach the best candidates, not just the activesPassive>80%200M+Active<20%Talent Poolmembers100+ (51 Brazil)LinkedIn members in last 12 monthsNetcentric LATAM hired:LinkedIn members last yearYou hired61Scott Harris: Sat Diver, Feb 2013Cleveland, United KingdomSean Gill BSc (Hons) MIET: ROVPilot/Technician, Jan 2013United KingdomMichael Mooney: Air DivingSupervisor, Dec 2012Swansea, UKScott Telford: Air/3.2u InspectionDiver, Dec 2012, Carlisle, UKJim Clark: Supply Chain andLogistics Manager, Nov 2012,Aberdeen, UKLee Robertson: Project Manager, Oct2012. Aberdeen, Formerly at DOFSubsea Norway
    5. 5. Why LinkedIn?Establish your BrandPull - Direct SourcingPush – Talent finds youWhy is Brandso important
    6. 6. Why LinkedIn?Establishyour BrandPull - Direct SourcingPush – Talent finds you
    7. 7. Why LinkedIn?Pull – Directsourcing
    8. 8. We first assess your Reach & Engagement on LinkedInLinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved 8Talent Brand ReachTalentTalent that’s familiar with you as an employerTalent Brand EngagementTalent that is interested in you as an employerResearching company and career pagesFollowing your companyViewing jobs and applyingViewing employee profilesConnecting with your employees15,266membersmembers2,994
    9. 9. We can benchmark your Talent Brand Index vs your peers tomeasure how effectively you engage talent on LinkedInLinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved 9Employer ofchoiceWeaker employerbrand101Peers:• Bibby Offshore Limit• Bond OffshoreHelico• Hallin Marine• Halul Offshore Servi• Mermaid MaritimePub• Offshore Installatio• Royal Air Force• Subsea 7• Technipof
    10. 10. Professionals are already interested inISS - 263 monthly company page visitorsNote: number of professionals visiting reflects unique members visiting your employees profilesLinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved 10
    11. 11. TALENT SOLUTIONSYour target talent is networking with your employeesNote: number of professionals visiting reflects unique members visiting your employees profiles1,897professionals visit your employees’profile pages every month2. Targeting©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.11
    12. 12. Why LinkedIn?Push –Talent findsyou
    13. 13. Recruiting SolutionsLeverage Your Employees*13Are These The Type of People You Are Looking For?
    14. 14. TALENT SOLUTIONSFinancial AnalystBank of AmericaProject ManagerGap Inc.AmazonSr.VistaJet InternationProject ManagerVistaJet InternationSenior SHEQ advisorROV Support EngineerBryanSenior SHEQadvisorErica SteveProject ManagerROV SupportEngineerVistaJet InternationROV Support EngineerJOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED INJOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED INTarget every candidate with relevant jobsautomaticallyMoreapplications come from LinkedIn recommended jobs than searches2. Targeting©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.14
    15. 15. Why LinkedIn?Pull – Directsourcing
    16. 16. TALENT SOLUTIONSLinkedIn RecruiterIdentify and reach the very best candidatesSource automaticallyLinkedIn SolutionSource strategicallyLinkedIn Recruiter Expand your reach andaccess the entireLinkedIn network Contact candidatesdirectly with InMail Manage your pipelinewith your team©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 16
    17. 17. Recruiting SolutionsAchieving your goals with Our SolutionsProvide compelling information about theadvantages of working at your companyLeverage your employees to promote youremployment brand & showcase relevantopportunitiesBuild a talent pipeline of qualified candidates, beready with candidates , a pro active approachHave a global way of working, share as a team,common platform, save time and reduced agencyspendLinkedIn Career PageWork With Us Ads (WWU)Jobs, Recruiter LicensesAll solutionsYour Goals Our Solutions
    18. 18. TALENT SOLUTIONSFull ongoing support from Saoirse - Your dedicated and experiencedRelationship ManagerSaoirse will: Share her experience of best practices Ensure your LinkedIn investment is successful Understand your goals and success metrics Facilitate Training for recruiter users Advise on best practice and building your employer brand on LinkedIn Discuss an account management scheduleand usage reports for your quarterly businessreview Online training with our professional trainingteam in Dublin held several times weeklyYour Relationship Manager
    19. 19. TALENT SOLUTIONSYour competition, neighbors & industry are already19• 15,000+ corporate customers• 9,000+ small/medium businesses• 95% RENEWAL RATE
    20. 20. TALENT SOLUTIONSConfidentialHarkand Solution Option 1Solution Products & Services • 1x Recruiter Licence• 5x Interchangeable Job Slots• Gold Careers Page –• Target by language, geographic location• Recruitment Ads• Work with us Ads• Relationship Manager• Enterprise Service & Support12 MonthsPrice Per Year £42,000Payment Method Quarterly availableLinkedIn Solution Proposal