2012_2º Seminário_ALEX COVARRUBIAS - SITA


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Eventos simultâneos organizados pela Sator Eventos, a 2a Airport Infra Expo, feira de infraestrutura aeroportuária, o 1o Workshop de Varejo Aeroportuário Brasileiro e o 2o Seminário Internacional de Infraestrutura Aeroportuária da America Latina, ocorreram entre os dias 24 e 26 no Transamérica Expo Center, em São Paulo, e contaram com a presença de diversas autoridades e empresas do setor.

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2012_2º Seminário_ALEX COVARRUBIAS - SITA

  1. 1. Vision for Intelligent AirportsUnleashing The Potential of AirportsAlex CovarrubiasSolutions Vice PresidentSITA
  2. 2. The time is now 3 key trends are coming together CollaborativeMobility Self-Service Tools
  3. 3. Collaborative Mobility Self-ServiceMOBILITY Toolsis a game changer Declining smart phone prices $  66% of US business Paperless travel passengers carry smart phones 70% of airports plan to offer Personalized journey % mobile services by 2013 One-to-one CRM/marketing 4G/Wifi will provide permanent connectivity Real-time information Context-enriched apps Reduced congestion/delays will be expected Sources: SITA PSS Survey / SITA Airport IT Trends Survey
  4. 4. Collaborative Mobility Self-ServiceSELF-SERVICE Toolsis becoming omnipresent 71% passengers already Simpler passenger journey% use self check-in kiosks Self bag-drop Faster and more secure Self-boarding border processing Biometrics-enabled ID Ancillary revenues management SmartCards, ePassports Reduced operational costs Sources: SITA PSS Survey
  5. 5. Collaborative Mobility Self-ServiceCDM ADOPTION Toolswill improve operational performance 75% of top 50 airports plan to Business Intelligence install CDM tools by 2013 to improve: 48% of airports plan to use social media for disruption / − efficiency emergency updates − effectiveness Geolocation − agility Sources: SITA Airport IT Trends Survey
  6. 6. CollaborativeMobility Self-Service Tools The trip of Mr. Barkley
  7. 7. 1. From his home, Mr. Barkley: − Checks in online − Downloads airport portal to phone to register his preferences (food, books, …) − Prints boarding card and bag tag2. Portal pushes flight status Mr Barkley Flight United UA 582 to Chicago Leaving at 09:38PM Status: ON TIME Gate: T15
  8. 8. Mr. Barkley drives to airport (directions on mobile phone GPS system):1. asks where to park and books/prepays his parking space2. once parked, tags parking location to easily find his car upon his return
  9. 9. 1. Mr. Barkley drops off his bag (and will know at all times where it is thanks to end-to-end bag tracking) 2. The portal directs him to shortest security queue via augmented reality interface Proceed to Security Lane #3 This way
  10. 10. Mr. Barkley goes through biometrics-enabled security & documentation control(faster and more secure procedures)
  11. 11. 1. Mr. Barkley is informed of Alpha Retail Offers Alpha Retail relevant and personalised special offers based on his location ACCEPT DECLINE Select Back Back2. He purchases items using his mobile phone for checkout and payment
  12. 12. Meanwhile, Mr. Barkleysaircraft has landed.Handling crews areoptimally allocatedand supported by the FlightsAirport Management FA123 SK456 SO768 Refuelling:System via 78% completeinformation pushed Apron Mgr.on their handhelddevices
  13. 13. Gate handling staff too is proactivelyinformed of potential time-breaches viamobile devices and resourcesare allocated based onreal-time data (passenger Gate-handling statusstatus and location) Gate 44 BA1365 Planned Actual Gate open 8.05 8.05 Cabin crew reported 8.10 8.15 Boarding started 8.15 8.17 Pax yet to board 15 30 Cabin door closed 8.40 Gate closed 8.42 January 28, 2009 08:31
  14. 14. Mr. Barkleyis informedthatboarding Mr. Barkley, your flight UA 582has begun to Chicago is now(suggested BOARDINGitinerary Please proceed to gate T15with ETA) Estimated time to reach gate: 6 min. Suggested itinerary
  15. 15. He reaches hisgate where heis able to self-board withoutqueueing
  16. 16. So what is an Intelligent Airport? Aircraft Workforce Passengers Baggage Runways Vehicles  Common situational awareness of key assets and resources  Collaboration with stakeholders sharing real-time data about operational activities  Business intelligence for better forecasting and predictions  Personalized passenger journey
  17. 17. More work is required to achieve theIntelligent Airport vision ! Fragmented systems Operational ! Disparate processes inefficiencies Lack of communications due to lack ! of situational ! Lack of visibility on airport assets awareness
  18. 18. SITA’s vision is to deliver Intelligent Solutions thatwill unleash the potential of airportsBusiness Intelligence to make better decisionswith the right information at the right time Operational Efficiency which improves the passenger experience while reducing costs Infrastructure that you can count on
  19. 19. Whats in it for you? Improved productivity and efficiency Enhanced passenger satisfaction New revenue streams Reduced operational costs
  20. 20. We are making it happen  Airport know-how  Integration expertise  Innovation resources Thank you