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Boston Scientific final slide included

  1. 1.  a) How does the economy affect the organization you are studying? Boston Scientific affects the environment because the more products they sell the better known they will become.  b)What kind of product or service does your organization provide? Boston Scientific provides medical supplies.  c) What are some economic challenges the organization may face during these financially constrained times? Some economic challenges the organization may face during these financially constrained times is the fact that
  2. 2.  Boston Scientific is a Developer, Manufacturer and Marketer of medical devices whose products are used for interventional medical specialties  The Boston Scientific Corporate Headquarters is located in Massachusetts Other locations include ~Argentina ~Brazil ~Canada ~Colombia ~Costa Rica ~Mexico ~Puerto Rico ~California ~Indiana ~Minnesota ~Rhode Island ~Washington, D.C. ~Europe
  3. 3. Promotion includes  YouTube videos  Product Manuals  online banner advertisements Competitors ~Cantel Medical Corp. ~Great Basin Scientific ~Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. ~Oculus Innovative Sciences ~Biosystems Inc. Price $19,000 +
  4. 4. The core of the business is based on technological advancements “[our] technologies are used to diagnose or treat a wide range of medical conditions, including heart, digestive, pulmonary, vascular, urological, women's health, and chronic pain conditions.” That include: Electrophysiology Endoscopy Interventional Cardiology Neuromodulation Peripheral Interventions Rhythm Management Urology and Women's Health
  5. 5. E-commerce  Products are sold on the website, can be purchased online through requesting a sales representative
  6. 6. a) What kind of global interest does the organization have or could it potentially have? Boston Scientific Global Has a high Global Interest. Having Locations worldwide they have more opportunities to spread their brand. Being as though medical equipment is used everywhere. Exporting and Importing goods to countries who do not necessarily have the materials they have.  " With approximately 23,000 employees around the globe, including sales forces in 40 countries, we are dedicated to transforming patients’ lives." b) What potential exists for the organization to expand globally?  The company is pretty much already globalized ,being in 6 out of the 7 continents. Expanding to at least have an even proportion in each area would be sufficient.
  7. 7. After reviewing the organization’s diversity policy, how would you rate it? Does it cover the protected classes (women, minorities, and disabled etc.)? What, if anything, would you add to the organizations policies to improve them? • The company does cover some diversity which is good, but the company needs to improve at having more diversity in the business. How does the company address social Responsibility? • By having events for example the company had family fun night in the community, cancer walks and they do volunteering in their local community.
  8. 8. Does the organization support charitable programs? What charitable organizations/programs does the organization support?  yes, they support organizations such as: American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Sudden Cardiac Death a Foundation and Society and Heart Rhythm Society. Does the organization show a concern for environment and going "green? If so, how?  They're definitely open about their concern for the environment because they have their employees environment because they have their employees volunteer to become apart of Green Teams in different regions the company is located; to name a few: Puerto Rico, Ireland, Japan, and Netherlands.
  9. 9. Sustainability and being Environmentally conscience  “Our environmental, health and safety programs show positive results around the globe.” • “Boston Scientific has continued to expand its adoption of sustainable and renewable energy across the globe, including large-scale solar installations, combined heat and power plants, purchase of greenhouse gas offsets, and using
  10. 10. “Boston Scientific is committed to acting ethically in dealing with customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, competitors, and the community and with respect for applicable laws. One way that we make this happen is through the implementation of our global compliance program.”
  11. 11. Most important points your group learned as a result of conducting the study?  As a group we learned that medical technology is a very expansive field which increases the market and also makes a way to market it even though you may not be able to physically view the item or look for it on a magazine. In addition all of which, can be done so by being an environmentally and socially conscience company. Would you work for the company ? Yes? No? (each member respone)
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