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    1. 1. The Airdrie and District Tennis Association AD T A Tennis in Airdrie If you build courts... they will come
    2. 2. In the beginning... • I Moved to Airdrie in 2006 • There were six courts in the city of nearly 40,000. All were in bad shape • Airdrie is 10 minutes north of Calgary • The city is very young and residents are open to new family friendly recreational opportunities
    3. 3. In the beginning... • I called the city to ask about the possibility of getting new courts. I was told why bother, nobody plays tennis • As luck would have it, Airdrie hosted the Alberta Over-55 Games in 2009, so new courts had to be built for that event ... • The City built four excellent courts. We are lucky to have them
    4. 4. Twist my arm • In Aug. 2009 I received an email from Jill Groves at Tennis Alberta ... • Tennis is a small world. Jill found me through a contact I made during junior tennis in the 80s. It’s amazing how many of my former junior colleagues in B.C. are still involved in tennis • She drove down from Edmonton, we met for coffee and I agreed to sign my life away and become a BTC champion
    5. 5. • I attended the BTC conference in Richmond, B.C. in Oct. 2009 • I hosted my first Try Event and community tennis rally on Nov. 7, 2009 at Genesis Place, Airdrie’s Recreation Centre. More than 30 people attended • From this event, formed the nucleus of our non- profit Airdrie and District Tennis Association • Some members of our board have been very helpful, volunteering to help corral kids at lessons, umpire at tournaments etc...
    6. 6. The long, cold winter • While busy managing my son’s novice hockey team, I stayed active in tennis formulating my plans for the spring and summer • Cultivated partnerships especially with City of Airdrie community development department
    7. 7. Spring has sprung • March 6 Try Event at local school attracts more than 40 kids! • This was a great way to start developing partnerships with schools • Who says no one plays tennis in Airdrie?
    8. 8. School tennis • One school in 2009/10 • At least three more involved in 2010/11 • Sent letter in Aug. 2010 introducing concept • Teach the teachers. Once they know they can deliver tennis it will become part of the gym program at that school for a long time
    9. 9. Try Tennis • Six try events in and around Airdrie in 2009/10 • No indoor courts? no problem! Rent out gyms at Rec Centres and schools during winter • Outdoor events at courts and at other community events
    10. 10. Instructor course • After in tennis, I finally years more than 30 got got off my butt and certified • Note the look Charlie McLeanwondering if is giving me... he was could pull off Airdrie a top-level hosting junior tournament in a few weeks... stay tuned!
    11. 11. Extreme FX camp • May 15, 2010 • Exposed more than 30 boys aged 9-14 to tennis • Serve, rally, score. They played real games inside an hour. • Tennis second only to Aussie Rules in popularity at the camp! • Jill came down and helped out • We were so successful, city has asked us to run tennis at Go Girl Camp on Nov. 13
    12. 12. Didsbury try tennis • May 16, 2010 • Didsbury 30 minutes north of Airdrie • Town wanted to gauge interest in the game in order to decide whether to resurface courts • 12 kids turned out to play on the worst courts I have ever seen
    13. 13. The Arctic Open! • ADTA hosted Tennis Alberta U14/18 Champs tournament on May Long Weekend. The weather was cold - below zero in the mornings - and windy • Three 12-hour days running the tourney, but now Alberta’s tennis community knows about our great courts. That was worth it • Now you know why Charlie was looking at me funny before!
    14. 14. Spring lesson program May 26- June 20 This was our flagship program for 2010
    15. 15. Spring Lesson program • Lessons sold out • Held registration at Genesis Place and opened up the gym for another Try event • Four groups; two for kids, two for adults • Used progressive tennis, Serve, rally, score. Got them playing right away • Will hire coach for next year!
    16. 16. Tennis at the ACH It is really fun, humbling and inspiring to work with these kids
    17. 17. Rogers Rookie Tour • Everyone who signed up for Spring Lesson program was automatically entered in RRT • More than 30 players in day-long tournament • Huge Airdrie participation covered well by media • Everyone had tons of fun. Convinced me that playing the game of tennis is what people want
    18. 18. Rogers Rookie Tour Fun!
    19. 19. Rogers Rookie Tour • The to the fact parents great success, mostly due tournamentthem a volunteered togreat umpire. It made was feel part of this event, too!
    20. 20. Rogers Rookie Tour Can’t wait for next year’s tournament!
    21. 21. Progressive Tennis • Nets can be set up anywhere. • Backyard Wimbledon anyone?
    22. 22. Community Team Tennis
    23. 23. Community Team Tennis • Experience with RRT convinced me to start CTT league for August/September • Kids want to PLAY • CTT will be the backbone of all my youth programming going forward • Kept it small, four teams of five kids. Age 5-12. Got T-shirts and medals for everyone • Local promotion company co-sponsored the t- shirts. Got 25 for $150. Great business partner! • Massive success! 20 spots filled up right away. Some people couldn’t get in. Will have more leagues next year • Kids itching to move away from half court. With only four courts in Airdrie, will have to figure out how to make 3/4 court and full-court leagues work
    24. 24. Adult Tennis Night • Fun, free, social tennis opportunity for Airdrie adults everyto end ofnight from Aug. 9 Monday September • Scorpions trump tennis! (on this day, anyway)
    25. 25. Adult Tennis Night • More than 15 people come out every week • Hold informal clinics to get beginners playing; people want to PLAY tennis! • Fun doubles • Rotate partners and opponents • Great contact builder; you find the real tennis people in your community • These people will make up the core of our ladders and leagues in the coming years • Word of mouth; they invite their friends and tennis grows • Huge benefit for a small investment in time
    26. 26. Airdrie Fest • Received invite from City • City best partner I’ve had • Huge exposure for Tennis; downtown street festival. Perfect place to set up nets and let people try the sport • Tennis so popular I got an on-the-spot invite to have try tennis at 2011 Mayor’s run, another huge community event
    27. 27. What I learned • People like things to be organized; if you’re going to have a try event, make sure someone there knows how to run a lesson or organize a round-robin • People want to play tennis. Leagues, ladders and tournaments are more popular than lessons • Not everything has to be a big production. Keeping things small and good is better than big and crazy • People like tennis! Don’t confine your efforts to an existing club or tennis community. Involve everyone • Parents are looking for new activities for their kids. Take advantage of this • No partner is too small. Link up with everyone you can. Think about how you can help them, not what they can do for you • Use your provincial association! These people know what they’re doing and want you to succeed
    28. 28. What’s next? • Continue to build partnerships, especially with schools • Keep building website; get the word out to people that you exist and use website as a portal • Use the media! Reach out to all media outlets in your area. You’d be surprised how much coverage you will get and how much that will help you promote what you’re doing • Tweet, blog and talk to people about tennis. The sport is experiencing a resurgence! • Think what you can do for others • Join other groups and volunteer for things such as ThinkAirdrie committee, a group of businesses owners that strives to highlight all that Airdrie offers
    29. 29. Thank you! • Lots of people have helped me in my first year as Community Champion in Airdrie. First and foremost, thanks to Jill Groves at Tennis Alberta. Without Jill’s advice and help, tennis in Airdrie wouldn’t be where it is today • I’m lucky that my wife understands my passion for tennis and has supported me through my first year. This is a lot of work and having family support is important! • The Airdrie and District Tennis Association has also helped out a lot. It’s very important to get others involved. The more people pulling for tennis, the better!