Mnemonic learning Y11 - 3 nazi control


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Mnemonic learning Y11 - 3 nazi control

  1. 1. MnemonicLearning IIINazi Control of Germany<br />Nazi Germany<br />
  2. 2. PIG SLAP<br />P Propaganda<br />I Indoctrination<br />G Gypsies, Gays and Jews<br />S S.A.<br />L Laws<br />A Army<br />P Police State<br />
  3. 3. P – Propaganda<br />Propaganda was spreading information and ideas of the Nazi viewpoint to influence people’s opinions.<br />Nazis used various tools of Propaganda: Radio; Newspapers; Censorship; Films; Books; Theatre; Music and Mass Rallies.<br />Hitler’s Propaganda minister was Josef Goebbels.<br />I - Indoctrination<br /><ul><li>Hitler took great trouble making sure the German children supported him and his views.
  4. 4. In schools teachers had to be Nazis and teach Nazi ideas in their lessons (like Aryan values).
  5. 5. Young people had to belong to the Hitleryouth where the boys learned military skills and the girls learned homemaking skills.</li></li></ul><li>G – Gypsies, Gays and Jews<br />Hitler was determined to crush anyone who he felt was a threat to his rule, but he also targeted groups he personally hated.<br />Jew were treated very badly – banned from voting, sacked from jobs, barred from schools, even forced to move home. <br />Hitler started moving these people into concentration camps where many would die.<br />S – The S.A<br /><ul><li>The S.A. (or brownshirts) were Hitler’s private army.
  6. 6. They broke up opposition meetings, bullied voters and cause trouble for people on Hitler’s Hate list.
  7. 7. They were disbanded and leaders (Rohm) executed in the Night of the Long Knives (1934).</li></li></ul><li>L – Laws<br />Enabling Act (1933) – After the Reichstag fire this allowed Hitler to make laws without consulting the Reichstag.<br />Nuremberg Laws (1935) – A set of laws that discriminated against the Jews and said they were only allowed to marry other Jews.<br />A – Army<br /><ul><li>The army (Wehrmacht) were a potential threat to Hitler( the only force big enough to stand up to him)
  8. 8. As soon as Hindenburg made Hitler President he made sure the army all the army swore an oath of personal loyalty to him.</li></li></ul><li>P – Police State<br />The S.S. (Schutzstaffel) were Hitler’s personal bodyguards and took prominence after the S.A. Were disbanded. <br />Gestapo – Were Germany’s secret police who spied on people they thought would be a threat.<br />Law courts were under Nazi control and Nazi officials were ignored by the police. Concentration camps set up for anyone the Nazis didn’t like – inmates forced to work hard and some were tortured and killed.<br />REMEMBER –<br />PIG SLAP<br />How the Nazis controlled Germany!<br />