Mnemonic Learning Iii - Nazi Regime


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Mnemonic Learning Iii - Nazi Regime

  1. 1. Mnemonic Learning III Nazi Control of Germany Nazi Germany
  2. 2. PIG SLAP P Propaganda I Indoctrination G Gypsies, Gays and Jews S S.A. L Laws A Army P Police State
  3. 3. P – Propaganda  Propaganda was spreading information and ideas of the Nazi viewpoint to influence people’s opinions.  Nazis used various tools of Propaganda: Radio; Newspapers; Censorship; Films; Books; Theatre; Music and Mass Rallies.  Hitler’s Propaganda minister was Josef Goebbels. I - Indoctrination  Hitler took great trouble making sure the German children supported him and his views.  In schools teachers had to be Nazis and teach Nazi ideas in their lessons (like Aryan values).  Young people had to belong to the Hitler youth where the boys learned military skills and the girls learned homemaking skills.
  4. 4. G – Gypsies, Gays and Jews  Hitler was determined to crush anyone who he felt was a threat to his rule, but he also targeted groups he personally hated.  Jew were treated very badly – banned from voting, sacked from jobs, barred from schools, even forced to move home.  Hitler started moving these people into concentration camps where many would die. S – The S.A  The S.A. (or brownshirts) were Hitler’s private army.  They broke up opposition meetings, bullied voters and cause trouble for people on Hitler’s Hate list.  They were disbanded and leaders (Rohm) executed in the Night of the Long Knives (1934).
  5. 5. L – Laws  Enabling Act (1933) – After the Reichstag fire this allowed Hitler to make laws without consulting the Reichstag.  Nuremberg Laws (1935) – A set of laws that discriminated against the Jews and said they were only allowed to marry other Jews. A – Army  The army (Wehrmacht) were a potential threat to Hitler( the only force big enough to stand up to him)  As soon as Hindenburg made Hitler President he made sure the army all the army swore an oath of personal loyalty to him.
  6. 6. P – Police State  The S.S. (Schutzstaffel) were Hitler’s personal bodyguards and took prominence after the S.A. Were disbanded.  Gestapo – Were Germany’s secret police who spied on people they thought would be a threat.  Law courts were under Nazi control and Nazi officials were ignored by the police. Concentration camps set up for anyone the Nazis didn’t like – inmates forced to work hard and some were tortured and killed. REMEMBER – PIG SLAP How the Nazis controlled Germany!