AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ Cloud-based Secure Wi-Fi Access with PCI Wireless Scanning


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AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ is the first Wi-Fi access and security solution designed specifically for retail enterprises with distributed outlets. It is an automated PCI wireless scanning and compliance service that can double as an enterprise Wi-Fi access solution,

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AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ Cloud-based Secure Wi-Fi Access with PCI Wireless Scanning

  1. 1. AirTight Networks WHITEPAPERAirTight Secure Wi-Fi™Cloud-based Secure Wi-Fi Access with PCI Wireless ScanningA Whitepaper by AirTight Networks, Inc.339 N. Bernardo Avenue, Suite 200, Mountain View, CA © 2011 AirTight Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. AirTight Networks WHITEPAPERAirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ Executive Summary Retail enterprises have been yearning for an affordable, easy to use, and scalable Wi-Fi access solution that meets their unique business process and customer service requirements while maintaining their PCI compliance and network security. But, the only options retailers had in the past were: 1) traditional enterprise Wi-Fi solutions that are too complex and costly for managing hundreds or thousands of geographically distributed access points, or 2) unreliable, consumer- grade Wi-Fi access points that lack centralized, remote manageability and have very limited security features. AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™, part of AirTight Cloud Services™, is precisely designed to fill this gap. Retail organizations of all sizes, looking to deploy Wi-Fi across geographically distributed sites, finally have a viable enterprise Wi-Fi solution that: – requires zero upfront investment; – entails no additional administrative burden; – can be securely and remotely managed from anywhere on the Internet; – is infinitely scalable; and – takes care of their PCI wireless scanning and security requirements. In fact, organizations with PCI compliance reporting and wireless security as their top priority can start with AirTight’s cloud-based wireless security and compliance service, and seamlessly upgrade the service, with the click of a mouse and a phone call, to include secure Wi-Fi access in the future, without touching the hardware. © 2011 AirTight Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. AirTight Networks WHITEPAPERAirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ More and more establishments in hospitality and retail verticals — such as quick serve restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, and cafes — are considering Wi-Fi access as a strategic business initiative. A number of key applications centered around greater efficiency, increased sales, and customer convenience are driving this interest. But enterprises have been postponing their Wi-Fi rollout in the absence of an affordable, easy to use, and scalable solution. Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions for Retail Traditional enterprise Wi-Fi solutions (including the controller-based architecture) have been designed to support tens or hundreds of access points (APs) covering a single campus. But typical Wi-Fi deployment in retail enterprises involves hundreds or thousands of locations with only one or two APs covering each location. Centrally managing such fragmented Wi-Fi networks, consisting of thousands of geographically distributed APs, is radically different than managing a Wi-Fi network serving a single campus. Not surprisingly, trying to use existing enterprise Wi-Fi solutions in retail environments turns out to be complex, inefficient, and costly. Consumer-grade Wi-Fi APs present a cheaper alternative, but they lack the security, reliability, and central management capability required in an enterprise solution. In addition to Wi-Fi access, retail organizations are looking for a solution that provides comprehensive wireless security and simplifies their PCI wireless scanning requirement at a minimal cost and without additional administrative burden. An enterprise Wi-Fi solution tailored for retail organizations should enable: PCI wireless compliance and security: Enterprises should be able to centrally enforce their corporate wireless security policies, automate PCI wireless scanning and receive a consolidated PCI compliance report. Ease of use: Remove the complexity of deploying, securing, and managing geographically distributed Wi-Fi networks. Role-based permissions: The solution should allow granular delegation of administrative functions such as policy definition, customization, and reporting by local administrators, store managers, or franchisees while maintaining complete control of security and compliance by the corporate IT department. Remote management: For remote sites having little or no IT staff, the corporate network administrator should be able to manage the Wi-Fi network remotely from anywhere on the Internet. Flexibility: Enterprises should be able to rollout their Wi-Fi network when and where needed, and be able to enforce group-based policies where a group could represent a geographical location, type of stores, a specific consumer brand, etc. Scalability: The Wi-Fi network should scale over thousands of remote locations without compromising on functionality and ease of use. © 2011 AirTight Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. AirTight Networks WHITEPAPERAirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ One Hospitality Organization, 18,000+ Locations and the Need for Wireless PCI Compliance and Wi-Fi Access A large retail enterprise, with more than 18,000 quick serve restaurants spread across the United States, was looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to conduct wireless scans at all its remote stores as a part of its PCI DSS Compliance project. AirTight’s SpectraGuard wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), delivered as a cloud based service, was the solution of choice not only because it automated the wireless scanning of 18,000+ stores and simplified the centralized management and reporting for PCI compliance, but also because it provided solid 24/7 security for the corporate HQ network from wireless threats. With no upfront capital outlay, the organization did not have to wait for budget approval to get started and was able to meet the PCI wireless scanning and reporting compliance deadline. But, as a strategic investment, it also wanted to provision Wi-Fi access to its store owners giving them the options of: – providing Wi-Fi HotSpot access to their customers as a way to increase the number of footfalls; – making their inventory control more efficient; and – letting the serving staff place customer orders to the kitchen via mobile PoS. A controller-based enterprise Wi-Fi solution was already deployed at its HQ. But with only one AP required per store, the controller-based architecture was overkill. Further, extending that architecture to its remote stores was not practical because of the high cost, high complexity, limited scalability, and limited remote manageability. That is where AirTight’s cloud based solution came into play to provide wireless security, PCI compliance, and in-store Wi-Fi access. After carefully evaluating enterprise Wi-Fi solutions from leading WLAN vendors, AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™, which combines cloud-based PCI wireless scanning and secure Wi-Fi access, was chosen as the most reliable, automated solution to provide Wi-Fi access to 18,000+ distributed stores without compromising on PCI compliance. © 2011 AirTight Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. AirTight Networks WHITEPAPERAirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ About AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ - Lowest Cost and Complexity for Wi-Fi AirTight Networks Access and PCI Wireless Compliance AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ is the first Wi-Fi access and security solution designed specifically AirTight Networks is the global for retail enterprises with distributed outlets. It is an automated PCI wireless scanning leader in wireless security and and compliance service that can double as an enterprise Wi-Fi access solution, with the compliance products and services, following key features. providing customers best-of- breed technology to automatically Automated PCI wireless compliance and security: AirTight’s wireless sensors provide detect, classify, locate and block 24/7 scanning to detect wireless vulnerabilities and policy violations in real time. For all current and emerging wireless instance, AirTight’s patented Marker packet techniques automatically and accurately threats. AirTight offers industry’s detect Rogue wireless devices in no time, eliminating the need for manual wireless leading wireless intrusion scans. With a single click of a mouse on the central console, the wireless sensors can prevention system (WIPS) and the also be converted into a dual-purpose AP-sensor combo mode. In this mode, the devices world’s only SaaS based wireless conduct background scanning while providing Wi-Fi access, allowing organizations to security, compliance and Wi-Fi maintain their PCI wireless compliance. access branded as AirTight Cloud Cloud-based delivery: A controller-less wireless LAN architecture hosted in the cloud Services™. AirTight’s award- enables virtually infinite scalability and reduces the complexity of managing network winning solutions are used by security, PCI compliance and Wi-Fi access. customers globally in the financial, Pay-as-you-go model: With a pay-as-you-go subscription model and zero upfront government, retail and hospitality, investment, retailers can start their PCI wireless scanning and in-store Wi-Fi access manufacturing, transportation, immediately, without waiting for a capital outlay budget. education, health care, telecom, and technology industries. AirTight Plug-and-play installation: Pre-configured wireless sensor-AP devices that automatically owns the seminal patents for connect and synchronize with the central server, literally enable plug-and-play wireless intrusion prevention deployment at remote locations in minutes without the need for intricate configuration technology with 18 U.S. patents or local IT support. and three international patents Portal-based administration: Administrators can securely access the central granted (Australia, Japan and management console via their web browser from anywhere on the Internet. They can UK), and more than 20 additional remotely manage everything from viewing and responding to wireless security alerts to patents pending. AirTight Networks changing settings on Wi-Fi APs at distributed locations. is a privately held company Centralized policy enforcement: Administrators can simply define and enforce based in Mountain View, CA. For corporate security policies across thousands of stores from a central point, while being more information please visit: able to customize policies for Wi-Fi access, reporting, alerts, incident response, etc. for specific locations. AirTight and SpectraGuard are Flexible services model: Organizations have the option to start with the PCI wireless registered trademarks of AirTight compliance service and then upgrade the service to full wireless intrusion prevention Networks, Inc. AirTight Networks, or to include secure Wi-Fi access in the future with no IT intervention and no additional AirTight Networks logo, AirTight Cloud hardware. Services and AirTight Secure Wi-Fi are trademarks. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. With its unparalleled wireless security technology and ease of use, automated PCI wireless scanning and reporting, and virtually infinite scalability, AirTight Secure Wi-Fi™ is well positioned to serve the unique requirements of the retail and hospitality industry for supporting large-scale distributed Wi-Fi networks.The Global Leader in Wireless Security SolutionsAirTight Networks, Inc. 339 N. Bernardo Avenue #200, Mountain View, CA 94043T +1.877.424.7844 T 650.961.1111 F 650.961.1169© 2011 AirTight Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. AirTight Networks and the AirTight Networks logo are trademarks, andAirTight and SpectraGuard are registered trademarks of AirTight Networks, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein areproperties of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice.