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Air revive fan coil unit refurbishment after renovation


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AirRevive's fan coil refurbishment service complements a hotel guestroom renovation project.
This slideshow demonstrates the impact of renovation on hotels' guestroom air conditioners. View what happens to the parts and components of fan coil units after a renovation.

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Air revive fan coil unit refurbishment after renovation

  1. 1. Renovating? What about the guestroom fan coil units? Let’s take a look inside a guestroom fan coil unit cabinet after a hotel renovation…… WAIT! New hotel guestroom furniture, new carpeting, new bedding, sleek new LCD TVs….
  2. 2. All the photos in this series were taken after a guestroom renovation. Refurbish after renovation:
  3. 3. Dirt and debris is in the air your guests breathe, wearing down the unit’s parts and components as well as other assets in the space. Refurbish after renovation:
  4. 4. During a guestroom renovation the carpets are typically pulled up. With it comes dust, debris and allergens. There is typically drywall work. Drywall produces very fine dust that finds its way to the fan motor. Refurbish after renovation:
  5. 5. Before service After AirRevive service
  6. 6. Bathroom tiles may be replaced. Removing and laying tiles is very dusty work. Then wallpaper and paint is applied to the walls. Both of these produce chemicals that are in the air and ultimately reside in the fan coil.
  7. 7. This unit was cleaned shortly before the room renovation. This photo was taken after the room was renovated. The dust and debris sticks to the old fiber glass insulation. Refurbish after renovation:
  8. 8. All of this construction work in the hotel guestroom resides in the guestroom fan coil unit…. Forever if not removed. Refurbish after renovation:
  9. 9. After AirRevive; replace fiber insulation with fiber-free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation. Refurbish after renovation: Before AirRevive service.
  10. 10. AirRevive’s guestroom fan coil refurbishment combines specialized cleaning utilizing proprietary solutions with highly focused component replacement.
  11. 11. AirRevive refurbishment tunes up fan coil units and brings them back to their original, high-quality performance.
  12. 12. Contact AirRevive about fan coil unit refurbishment and re-commissioning. 954-660-2300
  13. 13. For more online information about AirRevive’s services, click the links below. Fan Coil Unit Refurbishment EC Motor Retrofits Air Handler & Roof Top Unit Maintenance Chiller Plant Optimization