Offutt SG Call Nov 2011


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Offutt SG Call Nov 2011

  1. 1. Headquarters U.S. Air Force Integrity - Service - ExcellenceAir Force Medical Service Update Lt Gen C. Bruce Green CMSgt Charlie Cole Surgeon General CMEF 55 MDG Offutt AFB November 2011
  2. 2. We’re All In AF Mission The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace AFMS Mission AFMS VisionSeamless Health Service World-Class Healthcare Support to USAF and for Our BeneficiariesCombatant Commanders Anywhere, Anytime Through Global Vigilance, Reach, and Power! Integrity - Service - Excellence
  3. 3. Globally Engaged Medics 55 MDG Deployments (as of 18 Nov 11) CY10 Total Deployed = 69 Currently: 35 HONDURAS QATAR UAE BAHRAIN AFGHANISTAN KYRGYZSTAN KUWAITAs Missions Transform, Readiness is Still Priority #1 Integrity - Service - Excellence
  4. 4. Our Framework Provides Focus and Alignment? Strategies OverlappingMission Areas Transform Deployable Capability Rapid Response to Any Worldwide Contingency Fit Force Build Patient-Centered Care Continuity & Prevention to Optimize Health Invest in Education, Training & Research Sustain Our Future Capabilities Strategy Common Practice Culture Integrity - Service - Excellence
  5. 5. In Pursuit of Lighter & Leaner Medical Response Humanitarian Assistance Health Response Team (HRT) Rapid Response Team (HARRT) Airlift Deployment Requirements:EarthquakesIndonesia < 24 HRS + C-17’s Rapid Response Medical Capabilities: Emergency, Resuscitative, & Surgical CareEarthquakes Chile T+0 hrs Operational Results: Immediate Care < 20 min EREarthquakes < 2 hrs Haiti OR & ICU < 3 hrs T+3 hrsPursuing Perfection in Medical Response Capability Integrity - Service - Excellence
  6. 6. Continuous Advances in Casualty Care WWII 30% Learning From Coalition Partners, We Leveraged Trauma Registry Data To Build Innovative Solutions > 80 Patients Moved as of Nov 11Combat Mortality Rate Korea 25% Tactical Critical Care Evacuation Team (TCCET) Vietnam 24% INTERFLY AGREEMENT Applying Lessons Learned From the C-17 *AeroSpace Interoperability Council Persian Gulf 24% Creating a “patient staging” continuum Modular Aeromedical Staging Capability (MASC) OIF/OEF New CASF Activated at SAMMC <10% Re-engineering Global Patient Staging Expeditionaryt Operationse Evolving tocSave n c e Globally I n e g r i t y - S r v i c e - E x e l l e Lives
  7. 7. Activating Patients & Care Teams Health Team PatientDecision Patient DecisionSupport Support CenteredPCMH Provides Improved Decision Support- For Patients c eHealthcare Teams Integrity - Service Excellen &
  8. 8. Electronic Health Initiatives Project (eHIP)Integrity - Service - Excellence 8
  9. 9. Innovation & Insight to Recapture Care Delivering Patient-Centered Care To Our BeneficiariesCreating Currency Opportunities To Support Travis AFB, CA Langley AFB, VA Readiness Allowing Medics To Practice Full Scope Of CareTackling Per Capita Cost Through Targeted Nellis AFB, NV Elmendorf AFB, AK Investments Eglin AFB, FL Keesler AFB, MS WPAFB, OH Specialty Hospitals Focused on Currency and Recapture Integrity - Service - Excellence 9
  10. 10. Investing In Education, Training, & Research *METC Awarded Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s Presidential Citation 2011!Keeping Medics Ready Through Joint & Civilian Partnerships Integrity - Service - Excellence 10
  11. 11. Establishing Partnerships to Enhance Our Capabilities Physician/Dentist Education (GME/DME) Stand alone programs Masters with civilian universities Integrated/affiliated with Federal partners Nurse Education (Transition Program) New sites include: Cincinnati, OH & Scottsdale, AZNurse Enlisted Commissioning Program (NECP) USAF Dental Hygiene Program Research Partnerships are Vital Tools to Build & Sustain Medical Services Integrity - Service - Excellence 11
  12. 12. The Focus is on Us Walter Reed National San Antonio Military Medical Center Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Walter Reed National San AntonioMilitary Medical Center Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Joint Healthcare San Antonio Military Health System SAMHS San Antonio Military Health System Ft Belvoir Community SAMHS Hospital (FBCH)Ft Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) AF Theater Hospital, Craig Joint Theater Wilford Hall TheaterAndrews Ambulatory JointJoint BaseHospital, AF Theater Base- Balad- Balad Andrews Ambulatory Craig Joint Hospital Center Hospital - - Bagram Ambulatory SurgeryBagram Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgery Center Care Ctr Care Center Improving eSynergy Through E xCommon Vision Int grity - Service - a cellence
  13. 13. Patient-Centered CareReady: Reassure patient that you “know them”Accessible: Be there when the patient needs youPrepared: Respect patient and their timePrecise: Clarify all treatment and follow-upOrganized: Don’t ask patient what you should know or haveavailable in their medical recordRespectful: Always answer phones/resolve patient concernsThorough: Tell patient what to do if they feel worsePatient-Centered Care Begins with Access to Earn Trust! Integrity - Service - Excellence 13
  14. 14. “TRUSTED CARE ANYWHERE” Integrity - Service - Excellence 14