Air War College Dec 2011


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Air War College Dec 2011

  1. 1. Headquarters U.S. Air ForceIntegrity - Service - ExcellenceForging a Better Tomorrow Lt Gen C. Bruce Green CMSgt Charlie Cole Surgeon General CMEF AWC 13 December 2011
  2. 2. We’re All In AF Mission The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win%in air, space and cyberspace AFMS Mission AFMS VisionSeamless Health Service World-Class Healthcare Support to USAF and for Our BeneficiariesCombatant Commanders Anywhere, Anytime Through Global Vigilance, Reach, and Power! Integrity - Service - Excellence
  3. 3. Heritage of InnovationPast Conflicts Military Transformation Today Disruptive Innovations Have Shaped The Conduct Of War & Safely Brought Our Heroes Home For Decades Integrity - Service - Excellence
  4. 4. Then.Re-organization & Budget CutsIntegrity - Service - Excellence 4
  5. 5. Now.Re-organization & Budget Cuts Walter Reed National San AntonioMilitary Medical Center Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) San Antonio Military Health System SAMHSFt Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) Wilford HallAndrews Ambulatory Ambulatory Surgery Center Care Center Building Upon Past Experience to Shape the Future Integrity - Service - Excellence 5
  6. 6. Leadership Leaders Understand They Must Earn/Maintain Trust to Achieve Their Vision of the Future “The Crucible of Experience”. Early Aviators: Lt Hap Arnold, Lt RoyKirtland, Lt Tom Milling, Lt Sam Rockwell Misty FACs 1969: Standing: Maj. Tony McPeak, Capt. Ron Fogleman, Kneeling: 1st Lt. Charles "Clay" Veach Experience Builds Expertise and Fosters Insight Integrity - Service - Excellence 6
  7. 7. Leadership Recognizes Excellence. Patient Evacuation World War I through Vietnam“We evacuated almost everyone from our forward hospitals by air, and it has unquestionably saved – thousands of lives.” 18 June 1945, I n t e g rDwightS e r v i c e - E x the lSupreme Commander 7 General i t y - D. Eisenhower, c e l e n c e
  8. 8. Gaining Expertise Resident/ED Mt Pinatubo SrA Crowley (4N) MSgt Ergenbright (4E) Eglin AFB Clark AFB Cranial Bleed ATTC MSgt Stone (First Sgt) SMSgt Withers Lajes AFB Mt Home AFB Air Evacuation MSgt Cole (4N) AF/SG Scott AFB (AMC) CMEF (4N)Today: < 1/10 Beds in Theatre Compared to DS/DS > 92K tpatients- SafelycMoved e l l10 Years I n e g r i t y S e r v i e - E x c in e n c e 8
  9. 9. Future Based Agile Thinking (FBAT) for 2045 Drivers Scope the TrajectoryDrivers are key factors that influence the future. FBAT researchedto fully define and characterize each driver, its polar description, itsconstituent elements, and its current status and indicated trajectory Identify key Determine Adjust Maintain Build drivers of strategic Organization Learning & Scenarios change implications Strategy MonitorPrimary Drivers- Knowledge: Science & Technology AFMS Vector or String- Geopolitics- Culture- Resources: Economic & HumanColoring Drivers 2015- Environmental Change 2027- Human Factors 2035 2045 Strategy -- Common Practice -- Culture Integrity - Service - Excellence 9
  10. 10. Shaping the Future of Military Healthcare Synergy- Patient-Centered Joint & Coalition Care Organizational Precision Agility Healthcare Technology IntegrationWorking Together, Achieving Success Through Common Vision Integrity - Service - Excellence
  11. 11. Our Framework Provides Focus and Alignment. Strategies OverlappingMission Areas Transform Deployable Capability Rapid Response to Any Worldwide Contingency Fit Force Build Patient-Centered Care Continuity & Prevention to Optimize Health Invest in Education, Training & Research Sustain Our Future Capabilities Strategy Common Practice Culture Integrity - Service - Excellence
  12. 12. In Pursuit of Lighter & Leaner Medical Response Humanitarian Assistance Health Response Team (HRT) Rapid Response Team (HARRT) Airlift Deployment Requirements:EarthquakesIndonesia < 24 HRS + C-17’s Rapid Response Medical Capabilities: Emergency, Resuscitative, & Surgical CareEarthquakes Chile T+0 hrs Operational Results: Immediate Care < 20 min EREarthquakes < 2 hrs Haiti OR & ICU < 3 hrs T+3 hrsPursuing Perfection in Medical Response Capability Integrity - Service - Excellence
  13. 13. Continuous Advances in Casualty Care WWII 30% Learning From Coalition Partners, We Leveraged Trauma Registry Data To Build Innovative Solutions > 80 Patients Moved as of Nov 11Combat Mortality Rate Korea 25% Tactical Critical Care Evacuation Team (TCCET) Vietnam 24% INTERFLY AGREEMENT Applying Lessons Learned From the C-17 *AeroSpace Interoperability Council Persian Gulf 24% Creating a “patient staging” continuum Modular Aeromedical Staging Capability (MASC) OIF/OEF New CASF Activated at SAMMC <10% Re-engineering Global Patient Staging Expeditionaryt Operationse Evolving tocSave n c e Globally I n e g r i t y - S r v i c e - E x e l l e Lives
  14. 14. Transforming Focus from Healthcare To Health Total Population FH Clinics Started- 69 Enrolled: 773,887 Peds Clinics Started- 35 Healthcare is a Clinic Team Sport Health Management Management HEALTHCARE HEALTH Right Patient, Right Prevention, Right Time, Right Outcome,Maximize Teamwork/Skill Set s to Deliver Better Health & Better Care Integrity - Service - Excellence 14
  15. 15. Leveraging Medical Informatics DATA INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE WISDOM CHANGE Better CareTMDS Clinical Through Practice Evidence Based GuidelinesDEERS Practice CarePoint Medication Better HealthPDTS Health Alerts Enhanced Patient Services Registries Data Safety$ / M2 Warehouse User Home Best Value (HSDW) Interfaces Sensors Healthy BehaviorDMHRS i Better Care Expedited EHR Test Results Improved Patient Experience Decision Support is No Longer Just for Our Providers Integrity - Service - Excellence
  16. 16. Transforming Data Into Knowledge Ready Better Health Better Care Patients receiving Diabetic patient massive infusions of > educated on 10 pints experienced “remote mortality of 33% monitoring” glucometer Clinical Study Readings Practice registry MTF calls automaticallyGuideline to identify patient to sent todeveloped trends discuss healthcare management team Conclude infusing whole blood Uncontrolled sugar reduced mortality levels Identified to less than 20%Using Informatics to Accelerate Change in Practice Patterns & Behavior Integrity - Service - Excellence 16
  17. 17. Activating Patients & Care Teams Health Team PatientDecision Patient DecisionSupport Support CenteredPCMH Provides Improved Decision Support- For Patients c eHealthcare Teams Integrity - Service Excellen &
  18. 18. Patient Centered-Precision Care AFMS Patient Centered-Precision Care (PC2) State of the art, evidence-based, personalized care incorporating all available patient information Targeted prevention and therapy Two parallel efforts PC2-Z (Research) PC2-Clinical (Application)Leveraging Partnerships To Advance Precision/Personalized Medicine Integrity - Service - Excellence 18
  19. 19. Investing In Education, Training, & Research *METC Awarded Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s Presidential Citation 2011!Keeping Medics Ready Through Joint & Civilian Partnerships Integrity - Service - Excellence 19
  20. 20. Integrating New Technology Hand-held, Battery-powered, Laser Cautery & Ablation Tool From Force Health Protection To Logistics To Portable Surgical Tools AutomatedDirected InformationEnergy & DataSensors Collection (AIDC) Future CCATT Mission - Current CCATT Mission Wireless Reaching Beyond with Evolutionary Advances and Concepts Integrity - Service - Excellence 20
  21. 21. Establish Continuous Academic Partnerships Physician/Dentist Education (GME/DME) Stand alone programs Masters with civilian universities Integrated/affiliated with Federal partners 84 Advanced Education General Dentistry-1 slots/yr Dental Specialty certificate/Masters program opportunitiesNurse Education (Transition Program)Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program (NECP) 50 per year with school of their choice Research USAF Dental Hygiene Program Diabetes 10 scholarships per year Telepathology Trident Technical College (SC) Teleradiology St. Petersburg College (FL)Education & Research – Vital to Building & Sustaining AFMS Integrity - Service - Excellence
  22. 22. Global Reach: AFMS Supporting National Priorities Kyrgyzstan1 Jan 10 - 30 Jun 11, 275 Missions in 81 Countries Ukraine Dominican Republic Mozambique Timor Pacific Belize Angel Honduras Indonesia Vietnam Sierra Leone Building a Stronger Tomorrow With Global Partnerships Integrity - Service - Excellence 22
  23. 23. Activities to Foster Innovation The Crucible of Experience: “A great deal of research has been conducted on the benefits of stepping away from a problem in order to look at it from a fresh perspective. One of the interesting aspects of insightful thinking is that people who have experienced sudden breakthroughs all report feeling “stuck” just prior to their “aha!” moment. They bump up against some cognitive barrier that prevents them from making the new connections needed to solve the problem. But once they step away—relax and temporarily think about something else—bam! The answer strikes from out of nowhere.” Rebecca Costa Brain Fitness: Employ brain exercises to generate agile thinking and insight; incorporate optimal sleep patterns & relaxation techniques Brain Exercise: Brush teeth with non-dominant hand, read journals from other fields of learning Increased Collaborative Environments: Small teams with diverse perspectives; use the best collaborative tools available for solutions Parallel Incrementalism: Parallel performance of more than one operation at a time Exercise: Fitness for the body and the mindFoster Insight to Resolve Complex Problems Integrity - Service - Excellence 23
  24. 24. The Most Important Medic.Is the One Providing Care for YOU When YOU are Ill or Injured Integrity - Service - Excellence
  25. 25. Mission Ready Medics Serving Proudly Doctrinally Aligned Healthy, Fit Force Resilient Families Operationally Focused Medical Support Joint, Interoperable, Interdependent% Mission Effective RESULTS: The Trust of Our All Volunteer Force%The Trust of Our Nation to Care for Its Sons & Daughters Integrity - Service - Excellence 25
  26. 26. Be the Example – Forge the FutureLeadership Requires Trust & Communication of VisionMentor, Develop, and Inspire Your TeamEliminate Waste%Systems Thinking Drives Better OutcomesBe Innovative and Share Solutions Research Creates Knowledge Measurement Causes Change Knowledge/Wisdom Must Be Shared to Change Culture Integrity - Service - Excellence 26
  27. 27. “TRUSTED CARE ANYWHERE” Integrity - Service - Excellence