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Hudson Talent Management


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Hudson Talent Management

  1. 1. Hudson’s Assessment Solutions Better people decisions
  2. 2. Important business decisions require all thefacts, especially when the consequences impactcompany performance and peoples’ lives.Research and practical experience tell us that top performers are far more productive thanaverage performers, hiring mistakes are expensive, and traditional talent pools will not meetfuture demand. Effective assessment can help to address all of these issues.Benefits of assessment { Increase objectivity for { Identify high potentials for { Powerful learning internal promotions fast-track development experience for participants { Minimise poor hiring { Reliable measurement of { Transparency, equal decisions & associated costs important competencies opportunity & fairnessHudson’s Assessment SolutionsPsychometric Tools Assessment CentresGain objective insight into someone’s Combine multiple assessment and businesssuitability for a given position using simulation methodologies with experiencedHudson’s personality, motivational, and consultants and robust competencies tocultural fit questionnaires, in combination achieve the best possible predictor of futurewith user-friendly reasoning ability tests. performance.
  3. 3. “ At InBev we place a very high priority on attracting and developing the very best people, and Hudson has continued to be a vital partner for us in this regard. We started working together in Western Europe and have recently expanded that relationship to Central and Eastern Europe and China, where Hudson plays a key role in helping to assess the more than 10,000 applications we receive annually for our management trainee programme.” Nigel Miller, Vice President, People — Continuity & Sales, InBev Experienced Consultants Common Intellectual Global Our added value Property Methodology Hudson’s unique offering is based on our commitment to excellence in the field of assessment, is HUDSON Continuous supported by our extensive Bespoke ASSESSMENT Research & Solutions SOLUTIONS Development Research & Development team, and is honed from many years experience working with leading organisations. International Advanced Project Technology Teams Global Delivery Capability Second Opinion High Potentials When making hiring or promotion decisions, Future-proof key positions and strengthen trust Hudson to provide your decision your leadership pipeline by evaluating and makers with a comprehensive secondary validating potential for more senior and/or evaluation of your preferred candidate’s more complex roles. strengths and weaknesses.
  4. 4. HudsonAsia Pacific | Europe | North