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3 puzzle game

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3 puzzle game

  1. 1. Treasure Island By Aine Beirne, Paul Byrne and Aisling Gill.
  2. 2. Game Concepts •Treasure Island is a game based around trying to find the missing treasure. •A pirates ship has capsized and now he is stranded on the wrong deserted Island. He has a series of tasks to perform in order to find the treasure. •Level one: He must cross the lagoon from one island to the next. However there are a series of tasks he must complete in order to do so. There are three word puzzles that you need to answer correctly to cross the lagoon safely. You have 30 seconds to answer a question in order to progress to the next. If you answer all three correctly you complete the puzzle and go onto the next level. On the other hand if you answer incorrectly or run out of time you lose. •Level two: If you complete the first level you have made it to the correct Island. Your next task is to find all the coconuts on thee Island. You have 30 seconds to do so. If you do not complete the task within the time allocated you must go back to the start of the game. Nevertheless if you complete the task in time you will exchange the coconuts to a tribal warrior for the chance to win the treasure. •Level three: You now are given the opportunity to win back your lost treasure. The only thing standing in your way is to find out what pieces of treasure have been stolen by other pirates. In this task you have to spot the difference between two treasure chests. You have one minute to find the 8 items that are missing from one of the chests. Good Luck…
  3. 3. Level 1 Q1: What year was the first Pirates Of The Caribbean released? •2003 •2004 •2005
  4. 4. Level 1 Q2: What is the name of thee actress who plays Elisabeth Swann daughter of the King in Pirates Of The Caribbean? A.Emily Blunt B.Keira Knightly C.Kristen Stewart
  5. 5. Level 1 Q3: How much was spent in the making of Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl? A.$75 million B.$110 million C.$140 million
  6. 6. Level 2 Spot the coconuts.
  7. 7. Level 3 Spot the difference.
  8. 8. The end