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Ppt kak ainal


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Inquiry based Learning

Published in: Education, Technology
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Ppt kak ainal

  2. 2. What is inquiry-based learning? Inquiry educational is where we can create opportunities for student to be engaged in active learning based on their own question.
  3. 3. Effective inquiry is more than just asking question. A complex process is involved when individuals attempt to convert information and date into useful knowledge. Useful application of inquiry learning involves several factors: • A context for question • A frame work for question • A focus for question and • Different levels of question
  4. 4. • Illustration developed by Joe Exline . • This figure illustrates how human society and individuals within society constantly generate and transmit the fund of knowledge.
  5. 5. • Inquiry is important in the generation and transmission of knowledge. This is why schools must change from a focus on "what we know" to an emphasis on "how we come to know."
  6. 6. Illustration developed by Joe Exline . This chart illustrates that while knowledge is constantly increasing, so is the boundary of the unknown.
  7. 7. The application of inquiry • Inquiry learning can be applied to all discipline . because individual need many perspective for viewing the world. Such as include, artistic, scientific, historic , economic,, and other perspective.
  8. 8. Outcome inquiry • An importance outcome of inquiry is can help organize the content of the school curriculum to provide relevant t and cumulative framework for effective learning
  9. 9. CONCLUTION • To summarize is where we as a teacher can do situation interesting in class also to be influence fpr student to active learning. Then inquiry based learning can useful to all knowledge and implied in their live.