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Seo for LinkedIn


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How to optimize your LinkedIn profile and content for their algorithm.

Published in: Marketing
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Seo for LinkedIn

  1. 1. Aimee Jurenka
  2. 2. Automatic systems based on complicated mathematical formulas, such as the one used to sift through … job applications ... - the guardian Or the code a search engine or channel creates to decide which post will be seen – aimee jurenka
  3. 3. Traditional Updated Picture Headline Country You live In All Contact & Personal Info Education LI Focused Skills Endorsements for ALL Skills Listed 7 or More Recommendations LI Groups
  4. 4. Headline job titles you want | dash separating them Bio personal brand description
  5. 5.  each position listed as a separate job  custom description
  6. 6. Stack them to match your job title
  7. 7. 4 step process
  8. 8. Every time you post an update to LinkedIn (even if it’s an image), a bot immediately places the content into one of three categories: Spam Low-quality Clear
  9. 9. Once your post has been categorized by the robots, it is then sent to a selection of your audience to see how popular the content is.  Hide due to it being offensive or like/share
  10. 10. Content Scoring, a computerized popularity check
  11. 11. Real people check - If the content is working really well then the Editors will also send the content to people outside of your network. It will start to appear in “trending content” on the app, or topical content in the news feed etc.
  12. 12. #1 thing Tech On-page Off-page
  13. 13. Useful links & content Industry relevant
  14. 14. Optimize images Add alt tags Descriptions
  15. 15. Headers Images @mentions
  16. 16. Promote on all channels Share on LI groups
  17. 17. Insider Tips Publisher Tool - CMS Pulse - app SlideShare – deck sharing