Audiences in music videos


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Audiences in music videos

  1. 1. Audiences in music videos-Beyonce- Run the world (girls)<br />Aimee Alty, Olivia Rankine, Daniella Worth, Charlotte Brooks. <br />
  2. 2. Who is the Audience?<br />G- the main gender is presented in this music video is women because even the song title emphasizes that ‘girls run the world’ .<br />R- in this music, we see more of a black ethnicity than white because Beyonce’s music genre is mainly R&B so it can represent her black ethnicity. <br />A- her audiences usually ranges 16-25 year olds because she has always catered for a young audience and her music is more appealing to that age group since her music is R&B.<br />S- this social-economic status ranges between group A to D, because black people are usually classed as blue collar workers and we get a wide range audience from different classes since Beyonce is well known artist for many women. But in her video we see that she is representing a lower class that are uprising to power since men can be seen upon as the ‘better sex’.<br />
  3. 3. Psychographic Terms <br />Aspirers-her song represents a strong message that men would be nothing would be nothing without women. Beyonce does this in her video by wearing urban expensive clothes. She wears black and gold clothing; the gold is to represent high fashion goods and the black clothing can be seen as smart high fashion and also black could be seen as slimming and exotic when been worn. It also shows that Beyonce is a very body confident in how she dances and what she wears to go with her chorography. This is reflected upon the audience because Beyonce’s fashion and song show women can be independent. This aspirers different types of women; high fashion women for example because R&B is a genre that entitle a black or low income sort of audience but Beyonce has a wide range of audience. <br />
  4. 4. General Lifestyles<br />YUPPIES- Young Upwardly Mobile Professionals<br />LOMBARDS- Lots of Money but a Real Dickhead<br />LOMBARD- Loads of Money but a Real Donut <br />OINKY- One Income, No Kids Yet.<br />SINBAD- Single Income No Boyfriend And Desperate<br />
  5. 5. What will appeal to this audience? <br />Ideal Audience Member- A young women audience who social-economic status ranges between group A to D.<br />Beyonce’s Fashion- high urban fashion or tribal. Beyonce wore black and gold which would look exotic to her audience. <br />Her physical side in fitness by her dancing and being body confident which makes the music video interesting. <br />Dancers- the dancers move to the beat and rhythm of the song which makes it look like professional and good choreographing. This make the video interesting because there is a lot going on within the video and the dance moves represent the lyrics of the song and shows a strong and powerful message. <br />Other characters- in this music video we see that the men are all dressed in black and all have to require a good physic body to show that men look strong but men don’t rule the world says Beyoncé message.<br />Camera shots- these shots were close ups of Beyonce to emphasize her beauty and her confidence by her impressions on her face. The long shots presents her strong body language as she danced. Representing that she is a strong independent woman. <br /><ul><li>Setting- The setting works well because to the audience it looks like a waste land of just sand, abandoned cars and concrete walls which works well since it is showing a rise to power for the women when the men are ruling their land. It shows power and freedom. </li></li></ul><li>What will appeal to this audience? <br />Lighting- the lighting was mainly yellow and bright and occasionally red lighting was involved. The lighting was shone from the back of Beyonce and her dancers to make them stand out more and look more important than the men when the camera is capturing them. <br />Sound is up beat and fast and some of the lyrics get into your head (girls run the world, girls!) The track is a catchy song and would appeal to the audience if they can remember the chorus.<br />Editing in video is fast so it goes with the pace of the song ; the scenes are cut to move back and forth to the men and Beyonce to give more to the video instead of just focusing on her. <br />Beyonce acts really strong and focused on her message in the video, this so she can make her point to her audience. Beyonce uses big hyenas that are attached to leads in one of her shots to show she is in charge of the world by looking brave and fearless. And also Beyonce’s facial expressions are strong and exotic which looks like she is trying to seduce her audience as well as being confident to get her message across. <br />
  6. 6. What does it offer the audience?<br />Diversion- The video offers another world to its audience, it is sending out the message that women rule the world out. The setting is an urban, tribal waste land. It also looks like the setting could be in Africa because women are a lower ranking in society. Beyoncé's message is towards women not men because she’s herself as equal and in some aspects stronger and determined in herself. <br />Personal Relationship-In the video, Beyoncé is trying to spread her message to a women audience not a male audience because obviously the song title indicates this song is for the girls only. <br />Personal Identity –In the video we see that Beyoncé is a determined person and a person who does not want to depend on a man as she shows in her video. Beyoncé believes that we all should be equal, but in the video you sense that men have mistreated women and should be controlled by the women. But in reality this still happens today, women in third world countries are seen as a lower ranking who should care for their children, do their house chores, and never speak their mind to their husbands. The video offers a different world for women where women are uprising to power. <br />
  7. 7. What does it offer the audience?<br />Surveillance-Beyonce’s imagination is where women are feminist in this music video. In reality men can be seen as the better sex in certain jobs such as strong labour work however Beyonce uses strong ‘well build’ men to emphasize her message. The audience would instantly know the message and a women audience are most likely to follow the message. <br />