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Nestle STEM recruitment


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Nestlé approached us at the Guardian with some interesting research on students' attitudes to STEM careers and employers' difficulties in filling STEM roles. Using supporting research, I produced this infographic which Nestlé used as part of its recruitment collateral in print and online.

Producer: Aimée Stewart • Designer: Caroline Leprovost for Graphic Digital Agency

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Nestle STEM recruitment

  1. 1. the number of both female and male STEM Ambassadors by end 2015, sending world-leading STEM experts into schools and colleges to highlight exciting career opportunities. Nestlé Populus UK STEM Survey July 2014;; Arts and Crafts: Critical to Economic Innovation, Economic Development Quarterly, August 2013;; The Hidden STEM Economy, Brookings Institute 2013; Value of Food and Drink Manufacturing to the UK, IfM 2010. Nestlé UK & Ireland is planning to place up to work experience intake within technical roles. Nestlé will Speak to your career guidance counsellor or check out to find out what you could do with STEM. quadruple 50% 2015of its THERE ARE SOME SWEET JOBS IN STEM The FOOD INDUSTRY needs over 6,000 9 years NEW PRODUCTS EMPLOYEES NEW RECRUITS OF THESE ROLES to meet growing demand will be in MANAGERIAL positions and other professional occupationsBY 2020 are introduced every year in the food and drink industry INNOVATION IS KEY: AND CHURN IS LOW: in food and drink stay in their jobs on average for ONLINE EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS WORKSHOPS AND WORK EXPERIENCE 16,000 9,000 YOUNG PEOPLE NATIONWIDE BY 2016 NESTLÉ HELPS YOU DISCOVER MORE Nestlé has partnered with social enterprise MyKindaCrowd to offer: 45000,170300, TO STUDENTS HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THE 1ST YEAR Maths anxiety affects ¼ of the population but research suggests IT’S NOT AS HARD AS YOU MIGHT The highest number of A* THINK we’re all born with an ability to do maths were awarded in maths in 2014 a level (22%) Half of STEM jobs don’t require a degree, in areas such as construction, engineering, computing, design,and healthcare of all UK businesses rely on people with STEM skills of all UK new jobs will be STEM related of employers say they have difficulty recruiting graduates with STEM of businesses feel there are not enough young people studying maths and science to meet demand AND THERE ARE loads of jobs 72% 58% 43% 53% IT’S WELL PAID Chemistry & Physics students will earn on average over30% more during their working lifetimes than other A-level holders Working lifetime salary other a-level holders chemistry & physics students +30% IT’S EXCITING It can lead you to wide range of careers such as: health food fashion film social media gaming music sports IT COULD LEAD ANYWERE You could end up working on big project teams: on a windfarm at sea in space at the zoo in a chocolate factory IT’S CREATIVE Successful entrepreneurs and patent holders are to have participated in arts and crafts when they were children 8xas likely IT’S A JOB 7/10 dream jobs are in STEM PILOT ASTRONAUT VET SECRET AGENT DOCTOR ZOO KEEPER TEACHER WANT TO WORK IN MOST STUDENTS would consider a career in STEM STEM 75% Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths TASTE SUCCESS WITH A FUTURE IN STEM