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Views of General public on Islamic Banking:


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Different views if general people about islamic finance

Published in: Education
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Views of General public on Islamic Banking:

  1. 1. Islamic Banking Survey On Islamic Financing Submitted to: Prof. Hamad Rasool bhullar Submitted by: Aima Masood 0030 MCOM Punjab College
  2. 2. Views of General public on IslamicBanking:This survey was merely done to gather data about general public views on what theythink about Islamic banking. This data will be only used for research purpose. Theviews of people are given below:Name: Ayesha AliProfession: BankerHow reached: FriendPositive& Negative Views:Islamic Banking is a good way of banking if truly applied with the fair laws according toQuran & shariah.As far as if we talk about Islamic banking in Pakistan I think it is just a drama. Theyconfuse things matters and sell things under the name of Islamic Banking which is reallywrong. I really don’t know whether truly Islamic banking Exist in Pakistan or not or theyjust use the name of Islamic Banking for their businesses.Name: Bilal NasirProfession: jobHow reached: Friend Of FriendPositive& Negative Views:I think Islamic banking Is a simple banking system they just adopt a little bit Islamicways otherwise it is the same as conventional banking.For me its not drama it exist but neither it is totally Islamic nor conventional. As far as itspositive point is concerned there are some Islamic rules which are under practicebecause I believe something is better than nothing. Its negative point is its notcompletely Islamic personally I think its not completely Islamic there are still some rulesand practices are undergone which are from conventional banking system.
  3. 3. Name: Yasir ShiekhProfession: BusinessmanHow reached: Friend Of FriendPositive& Negative Views:I think term Islamic banking is used to make people fool. People who don’t kept theremoney under conventional bank by just thinking that factor of Riba(sood) is involved inthere money and it get haram. Just to convience them they use the term of IslamicBanking.For me it is totally drama they just try to attract those people who are concious aboutconventional baking system. For me it is totally wrong they practices all those ruleswhich are done under conventional banking system the point difference is they justchange the name but the rest of the system is same as of conventional banking.Name: Muneeb TanviProfession: BusinessmanHow reached: Friend Of FriendPositive& Negative Views:For me Islamic banking is not a drama it truly exist. There is no element of sood isadded in here like conventional banking . Whatever they do they just inform. Theyperform all the procedure under Islamic rules. For me I am in favour of Islamic banking.Name: YousraProfession: TeacherPositive& Negative Views:For me there is no such Islamic banking exist in Pakistan. It is the same as conventionalbanking they just change the name but still doing the same practices. The point ofdifference is only that the staff they hire at their branches they are just in Islamic getupbut innerly they are just doing the same thing. They just change the name of practicesand put arabic name just to make it more Islamic.
  4. 4. For me there is no positive point nor any opinion for solving this thing.Name: Mohammad HamzaProfession: Lab attendantPositive& Negative Views:For me there is just a change in name there is nothing islamic in it. They are notfollowing the real Islamic Shariyah practices riba (sood) is involved in it they just changethe name, where as riba (sood) is strictly prohibited in Islamic. So no positive view on itand no opinion for betterment.Name: Aima MasoodProfession: StudentPositive& Negative Views:Before studying this course my views were against the islamic banking. I always wonderthat they are just making people fool. They are doing all those practices which aconventional banks perform they just change the name just to satisfy those peoplewhich are concious about riba(sood).