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Snack Launch


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Snack Launch

  1. 1. Final Marketing Project Presented to: Prof. Agha Ali Mahmood Presented by Aima Masood MCOM Punjab College
  2. 2. Acknowledgement  For Allah is all Grace, who gave us the ability to prepare thisreportWe are very thankful to our beloved parents because of whomwe are here today and very special thanks to our beloved Prof.Agha Ali Mahmood who has guided us in a true sense tocomplete our final project in a very easy way we are alsothankful to our fellows who stay with us throughout thesession.
  3. 3. Company & Product ProfileCompany • Amu’s Delight• Formation and history of the CompanyProduct:• What is the product is all about? Crush “Feel the difference”
  4. 4. Vision, Mission statement Goals & ObjectivesVision Provide with good-quality nutritional products that become a part of thecustomers’ daily life usage and help them adapt to their changing needsand trendsMission:Make awareness to make a clear cut brand name and image in the mindof our target market by providing quality on a low price with a new idea.
  5. 5. Goal: Launch all over Pakistan.More flavors of crush in future by keeping the demand of our targetmarket.Proposed objectives to be achieved:To sustain low costs of production in the initial phases.To get a first mover advantage in a town because many people alreadyknow about the product and when they get this tasty product in aspecialized flavor it’s become our first mover advantage.
  6. 6. Segmentation, Target market & Positioning Demographically the market has been segmented based in age structure.We have divided the market into two major groups as follows Keeping our product as a solution we have segmented the market into people, specifically children, who are under nutrition and lack proper dietary supplements.
  7. 7. Product Life Cycle This cycle helps in determining where the product lies in terms ofdevelopment, introduction, growth or maturity. Following diagram explainsthe position of Crush in the market. As we are new so our product will be inintroduction stage. Where as our competitor Nestle is in growth stage.
  8. 8. Growth Strategy In order to move forward, our company currently needs a lot of basicnecessities. Effective leadership and hardworking and innovativemanagement team is what the business is counting on. The most basicrequirements which are top priority right are as follows:• A reasonable physical location for the office.• A stable and trustworthy financial resource.• A creative and eye-catching advertising campaign.• Association with some big company.
  9. 9. New product planning & Development As we are launching a new product with limited flavor. That ischocolate. In future we are planning to launch some new flavors withbetter campaigning we will make awareness about our product so thatmore and more people will get to it.
  10. 10. Competitor’s Analysis We classify our competitors into 2 main groups:• Direct competitors: This includes all sweets manufacturers of the country. The stronger competitors among these include Nestle and Cadbury. Chikee is another company which is in direct competition.• Indirect Competitors: This includes competitors which have a product line similar to that of Crush. This will chocolates, candies etc.
  11. 11. Competitive Advantage • Description of the business model:• Basis of differentiation:Positioning strategies:The positioning strategy can help link the product to a special occasion,person, event, class, activity, or any other form which can help in bringingthe product into limelight.For this purpose, we intend to use Benefits of Crush the product will leadto a new generation which is healthier and more complete in nutrition withessential energy resources that can
  12. 12. BCG Matrix Since no Matrix can be currently determined for the new product, we will beelaborating the BCG Matrix on a projection basis. Our goal is to fall in thequestion mark sector initially, means we intend to gain high growth in thestart to increase share size.As Nestle fall in star byHaving high growth andProfit potential.
  13. 13. SWOT AnalysisStrengths Low operational costs.Awareness and familiarity with product and taste.Benefits provided through product.High profit margins.WeaknessesSmall inventory.New name.
  14. 14. OpportunityHigh growth rate of our country. High ratio of malnutrition in PakistanThreatsCompetitors mimic the product.Diversity in taste of people.Social hesitation in accepting “maroonda”as a quality product.
  15. 15. Pest Analysis • Political factor:• Economic factor:• Social Factor:• Technological factor:
  16. 16. Product Decision & Recommendation • Convenience products:• Forms of product: We will bring our product in the following forms:Chocolate balls form.Classical bar form.Open Chips form.
  17. 17. Pricing Decision & Recommendation Price is the value that customers give up or exchange to obtain adesired product.Pricing Method:Pricing for Crush is the major issue which determines the timeto achieve break-even and to gain profits. Following is anexplanation of pricing of each product: Ball form- (Rice made): Cost of Raw material per unit: Rs.3.34 Cost of packing per unit: Rs.1.25 Total ball cost per unit : Rs.4.60 Final price for ball Rs. 7.00 (GST included) Bar form: (Rice made): Cost of Raw material per unit: Rs. 3.75 Cost of packing per unit: Rs. 1.75 Total bar cost per unit: Rs. 5.50 Final price of bar: Rs. 10 (GST included)
  18. 18. Placement &Distribution channel  We are located in Model town. Our main Office and our manufacturer area.Focusing on distribution to old stores, bakerys etc.• Mode of distribution:• Mode of Transportation:You can also place your order on our Facebook’sdelightYou can also call us on our telephone number 0423-7111118 for placing yourorder.
  19. 19. Promotion decision Promotion campaign for Crush includes TV advertisements, internet,radio, bill boards, pamphlets, magazines etc. FeedbackFor feedback you can contact on our number 0423-71111180. you can alsoorder give feedback on our page on’sdelightYou can write us mail on our email address: amu’
  20. 20. ProcessManufactures: Working environment:Shelf life:Dealing with distributors:
  21. 21. Budget We got 1 million to start our business. We invest 65% of our fund inpurchasing of raw material,on initial expenses,on transportation expenses,distributors expenses,workers expenses.While the rest of 45% is kept as a reserve for daily activity expenditureswhich includes both variable and fixed expenses.
  22. 22. Thank you all for viewing my efforts  further data If you really want anyon these presentations mail me over [] with the reference of the file. 