Performance Management System


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Performance Management System

  1. 1. Performance Management System Presented To: Prof. Furqan Humayun Presented by: Aima Masood 00-30 MCOM 2012 Punjab College
  2. 2. COMPANY• As we have chosen Punjab Group Of Colleges for performance management system.• The Punjab Group of Colleges established its first facility, the Punjab College of Commerce. In 1985 in Muslim Town on Canal Bank in Lahore, followed a few years later by the Punjab Law College. Since then the Punjab Group (PGC) has successfully branched out into various cities of Punjab. Following arrangements with foreign accredited universities, Punjab College of Business Administration (PCBA) was established in 1991 and Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS), in 1993, at Lahore.
  3. 3. Mission StatementTo train students to develop their skills tothink cogently: to act rationally; to expressthemselves coherently; to work diligentlyand to function compassionately in allavenues of life as they strive to build acohesive, proud and sovereign nation.
  4. 4. ValuesIt rests on the nine core values of Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, Respect, Trust, Purposefulness, Responsibility, Citizenship and Caring.
  5. 5. Current Year Objectives• Its current year objectives is to provide quality education by highly qualified teachers.• Expand its college campuses, universities schools systems.• Its object is not only teaching but also inspire.
  6. 6. Organizational StructureAs far as the organizational structureIt is centralized. Feedback can be takenfrom employees but the final result will betaken by the organization.
  7. 7. PMS System Integration with other human resources and development activities PM provides information for:TNA to meet organizational needs:If we talk about our chosen organization there is no trainingneed analysis are used to conduct to meet organizationalneed. If an employee is not performing up to the standardinstead of providing training, his job is being rotated.
  8. 8. Workforce planning:In this Organization workforce planning doexist. They had a proper planning used toalign the needs and priorities of theorganization.
  9. 9. Recruitment and hiring decisions:The recruitment and hiring decision of thisorganization is ineffective. Most of the timethe employee didn’t get its proper jobdescription apart from a bit informationregarding his job. The organization usuallyhire their employee based on thequalification, their experience and based onthe benchmark which they made on theperformance of previously hired employees.
  10. 10. Development of compensation systemsIn this organization there is such as noproper compensation system exist.Sometimes in order to compensate theemployees additional work hours are givento them.
  11. 11. Purposes of PM Systems StrategicThe organization used to align employeebehavior with organizational goals directly
  12. 12. Administrative• Organization doesnt provide information to the employee regarding any of the following• Salary adjustments• Promotions• Retention, termination or Layoffs• Recognition or punishment
  13. 13. Informational• In this organization objects are made by the top management and communicated among the employees. They communicate to the employees what they are expecting from them.
  14. 14. Developmental• as far as employees feedback, it conducted according to their performance which shows whether they are performing good or bad. But they don’t have any plan to overcome their deficiencies if they are present in their bad performance.
  15. 15. Documentation• PMS helps in meeting the legal requirement of the organization. If we talk about the salary, they give salary to the employees according to the requirement of a standard pay. If an employee work more than its required hours an additional pay has been given to them.
  16. 16. Performance Management Process
  17. 17. Performance Management Process Prerequisites Performance Renewal and Performance planning Re-contracting Performance Performance review execution Performance Assumption
  18. 18. Prerequisites• Employees clearly know the mission of the organization, the organization align their goals and objectives with the department but not with the employee.• Job analysis:As Far as the job analysis is concerned nojob analysis is conducted in this organization
  19. 19. Performance StandardResult Behavior Credit hours Feedback
  20. 20. Performance PlanningDevelopmental PlansAs far as the developmental plans are concerned theemployee by staying in his position try to develop himself, ifon the organizational level there is no such room for it.
  21. 21. Measuring resultThey used to measure result by MBO.By providing key elementsGoal specificity of the employees.Clear time period.Performance feedback.
  22. 22. Measuring Behavior• Measuring their behavior the organization used absolute method to measure their behavior.• For this purpose they used graphic rating scale.
  23. 23. GAP ANALYSISAfter analyzing the performancemanagement system of this organizationthere is huge gap in the system. In thisorganization The some key point of thePerformance Management system ismissing.The method of recruitment is ineffective ofthis organization as Job analysis is notconducted.
  24. 24. Group SwotStrength•Communication•Coordination•Team work•No room for conflicts•Respect each others point of view Weakness • Work at eleventh hour • Easily don’t digest any person in our group Opportunity • We are strong enough to avail any difficult task • This is our opportunity that we worked for that organization Threat • Threats from other groups • As we work the eleventh hour so there is always a threat that whether we will complete our task or not.
  25. 25. OUR LEARNINGAfter analysis we learn that performance managementsystem is very important to asses whether we areperforming good or bad, whether we are better than othersub ordinate or worst. Because of proper PMS we cancome to know we are on which grounds whether we needpromotion or we are having deficiencies in ourperformance.In last I will like to conclude that PMS is very important inorder to asses and develop ourselves.