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3rd Annual Offshore Support Vessels Conference; 11 - 13 April 2011; Resorts World Sentosa

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Osv Conference Web

  1. 1. Held in conjunction 3rd Annual with: Bringing Commercial Trends and Projections to the Forefront 11 – 13 April 2011 • Resorts WorldTM Sentosa, Singapore What’s NEW International Keynote Address: John Westwood For 2011? Chairman, Douglas Westwood, UK • Global trends in Oil markets, and new investment in Key Speakers: offshore E&P projects • Multi Streamed: OSV Commercial Opportunities and Design / Technology Vincent Weve Venkatraman Geoff Taylor Arnstein Eknes Tracks General Manager, Stanford Sheshashayee Chief Executive Officer, Global Segment Director, OSV • Ship Owner Think Tank – Marine LLC, UAE Executive Director, Greatship Drydocks World and Special Ships, DNV, Norway Global Energy Services forecasting demand and day rates across key OSV segments • CEO Insights and Case studies on successful OSV operations Eddy Kurniawan Logam Capt. Sharad Tyagi Geir Sjurseth Torgeir Haugan • Opportunities in supporting Director, PT Logindo General Manager, Marine, Managing Director, Offshore, Asia Area VP, Samudramakmur Reliance Industries DVB Bank STX OSV Subsea Operations and Offshore IMR • Investing in OSVs – what, where and how? • Next Generation OSVs – Jan Van Os David Palmer Kelvin Bulteel, AK Jain Design and Technology Product Director Offshore Managing Director, Logistics Manager, Executive Director, Chief Offshore Innovations & Transport, Pareto Securities BP Logistics, ONGC, India Damen Shipyard Co-located with: : US Choose From 2 Post-Conference PL Workshops Logistics Management for Offshore Benefit from the Oil & Gas Operations shared networking Evolutionary Trends in OSV Designs sessions! www.osvconference.com Produced by: Gold Sponsor: Associate Sponsor: Media Partners: Supported by: Australian Association for Maritime Affairs REGISTER NOW! Customer Service Hotline: +65 6508 2401
  2. 2. 3rd Annual Held in conjunction with: Bringing Commercial Trends and Projections to the Forefront 11 – 13 April 2011 • Resorts WorldTM Sentosa, Singapore Key Speakers: International Keynote Address: Oil Companies John Westwood Chairman, Douglas Westwood, UK A K Jain, Capt. Sharad Tyagi, Kelvin Bulteel, Executive Director, Chief General Manager, Logistics Manager, Offshore Logistics, ONGC, India Vessel Owners and Builders Marine,Reliance Industries BP 10 Reasons To Attend 1 Demonstrated success in 2010 with 200+ attendees 2 Multiple tracks: OSV Commercial Opportunities and Design / Technology 3 Continued presence in Singapore Maritime Week 2011, promoted and supported by the Geoff Taylor, Torgeir Haugan, Eddy Kurniawan Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Chief Executive Officer, Asia Area VP, STX OSV Logam, Drydocks World Director, PT Logindo 4 Co-located with the FPSO 2011 Congress – the meeting point for Offshore Oil and Gas operators Samudramakmur 5 Network and meet the most influential thought leaders in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry 6 Evaluate your business development strategy against the background of international and regional offshore projects Anil Rao, Vincent Weve, Venkatraman Jan Van Os, 7 NEW market updates from Brazil, Middle East, India, Indonesia Head Fleet General Manager, Sheshashayee, Product Director 8 Spotlight on Subsea works and opportunities arising Management, Stanford Marine Executive Director, Offshore & Great Offshore LLC Greatship Global Transport, Damen 9 Design and Technology hot spots, and how to ensure the best commercial returns from Ltd, India Energy Services Shipyard technology investments Pte. Ltd. 10 Learn from peers and competitors on best contracting strategies Offshore Financiers and Specialists Arnstein Eknes, David Palmer, Geir Sjurseth, Global Segment Director, Managing Director, Managing Director, OSV and Special Ships, Pareto Securities Offshore, DVB Bank DNV Norway What You Said About OSV 2010: Kay Lim, Capt. Mike Meade, Kurush Contractor, “Networking, lots of relevant information beneficial for my business.” Equity Analyst, DnB NOR Managing Director, CEO, Kreuz Subsea Markets M3 Marine Ayi Syafrudin, Chevron Indonesia “The networking aspect has been very beneficial.” Technical OSV Experts Capt. J Verma, Great Offshore Francis Tang, John Payne, Eur Ing Dr. Arun Kr. Choose From 2 Post-Conference Workshops General Manager, Sales & Project Development, Group Business Development Director, Dev, CEng, CMarTech, MSNAME, FRINA, 13 April 2011 : 9.00am to 4.30pm Wartsila Ship Design Hallin Marine FIMarEST, Director, Newcastle University Marine Logistics Management for Offshore Oil & Gas International (NUMI) Operations Joey Fisher, Bjorn Tore Markussen, Technical Manager, Managing Director, DNV Evolutionary Trends in OSV Designs M3 Marine Clean Technology Centre www.osvconference.com Produced by: Gold Sponsor: Associate Sponsor: Media Partners: Supported by: Australian Association for Maritime Affairs REGISTER NOW! Customer Service Hotline: +65 6508 2401
  3. 3. 3rd Annual DAY ONE • 11 APRIL 2011 • Monday PLENARY SESSIONS – OFFSHORE DEVELOPMENTS UPDATE 08.30 Registration & Coffee 10.10 Ship Owner Think Tank: Forecasting Demand and Day Rates for Key OSV Segments 08.45 Welcome & Speed Networking • Analysis of OSV types and over-supply in Asia A chance to get to know your peers from both tracks before the start of the conference and • Examining demand and supply scenario for AHTS and PSV set a relaxed and informal atmosphere. • Vessel demand for IRM and subsea intervention Aileen Vitug, Conference Producer, IBC Asia Panelists: AK Jain, Executive Director, Chief Offshore Logistics, ONGC, India 08.55 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Paul Dean, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan Venkatraman Sheshashayee, Executive Director, Greatship Global Energy Services 09.00 International Keynote Address: Offshore Energy Sector Update, the Outlook Vincent Weve, General Manager, Stanford Marine LLC, Dubai for E & P Spend and Trends Expected in Field Development John Westwood, Chairman, Douglas Westwood, UK Eddy Kurniawan Logam, Director, PT. Logindo Samudramakmur John has 32 years experience in the energy industries. He initially spent 12 years in oil & gas business, working in the North Sea, S E Asia, South America and the USA. He has since spent 20 years as a consultant Anil Rao, Head Fleet Management, Great Offshore Ltd., India to organisations including government agencies in five countries, the European Commission’s Energy Directorate and the Office of his Highness the President of The UAE. 09.40 Understanding the Current OSV Market Scenario 10.50 Questions and Discussion • Real utilization rate for OSV operators Followed by Morning Refreshments • Review of average day rates, spot markets and long-term charter contracts • When can we expect an increase in day rates? 11.30 Market Trends Shaping Efficient OSV Development • Analysis of the competitive landscape • Reviewing global market drivers • Outstanding orderbook for OSV and impact on supply for the market • Operational trends and challenges affecting vessel operators • How will consolidation occur? • Is technology and use of innovations the only answer? • Market prospects and predictions • How a green focus can improve the business model David Palmer, Managing Director, Pareto Securities Arnstein Eknes, Segment Director, Special Ships, DNV Norway 12.00 OSV Capabilities Required to Meet Future International Offshore & Deepwater Challenges • Innovative design of complex OSV’s required to meet the technical challenges of efficiently operating in benign- and deep water • Environment trends and requirements for OSV’s • New rules and regulation for offshore anchor handling vessel, what are the technical requirements that must be met and how does this impact offshore support? Torgeir Haugan, Vice President, STX OSV Singapore Pte Ltd 12.30 Questions and Discussion followed by Lunch Joint Networking Lunch with FPSO 2011 TRACK 1 TRACK 2 Chairman: Capt. Mike Meade, Managing Director, M3 Marine Chairman: Denis Welch, Founder, One WorldMaritime MARKET OUTLOOK AND CONTRACTING NEXT GENERATION OSVs – DESIGN AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR OSVs TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS 14.00 Evaluating Trends and Market Dynamics in the Offshore Oil Service Industry 14.00 Recent Innovations in OSV Design – Asia and Worldwide • New innovative OSV design studies • Key findings and results of our 2011 E & P spending update • Increase in deck area and stability improvement. • Global E&P spending outlook – Which segments/ companies stand to gain or lose? • Investigation on seakeeping characteristics of the new design • Where are we now in the cycle (focus on oil services)? Eur Ing Dr. Arun Kr. Dev, CEng, CMarTech, MSNAME, FRINA, FIMarEST, Director, • Where are the opportunities in Asia? Newcastle University Marine International (NUMI)-Singapore Kay Lim, Equity Analyst & Chief of Offshore Logistics, DnB NOR Markets 14.30 Design Developments of Offshore Support Vessels 14.30 Deep Water Development / Marine Assurance on East Coast of India • What have been the recent regulations driving design issues in OSVs? • Expectations from vessel owners regarding Offshore Vessel performance • What are the recent trends in offshore support driving design developments? • Important criteria for selection of Offshore Vessel • As fields get further away, will it still be the AHTS or the PSV? • Marine Assurance – Offshore Vessel Inspection • Recent design requirements from SEA OSV markets Capt. Sharad Tyagi, General Manager – Marine, Petroleum E & P, Reliance Industries Francis Tang, General Manager, Wartsila Ship Design Limited 15.00 Questions and Discussion 15.00 Questions and Discussion Followed by Afternoon Refreshments Followed by Afternoon Refreshments 15.30 New Developments in AHTS – Design & Construction of Modern Offshore 15.30 Tapping OSV Demand and Market Opportunities in Indonesia Support Vessels • Field developments, planned and in operation impacting OSV demand • Market need drivers in OSV designs • Overcoming regulatory challenges and operational impediments • Significant impacts of Regulatory Requirements – SPS Code • OSV orders and contracts awarded by oil companies • Operational drivers for reliable and cost effective operations • Assessing different approaches to securing long-term charters • Crew / Special Personnel Comfort • Reviewing investment and growth strategies • Some real life examples from our fleet Eddy Kurniawan Logam, Director, PT. Logindo Samudramakmur P.V. Suresh, Group Head – New Building, Greatship Global Offshore Services 16.00 Evaluating Offshore Activity in Vietnam 16.00 New Generation of Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) • Timelines and developments on various projects • What’s impacting new development • Assessing numbers and types of vessels on the market • Key technologies coming to the fore • Considerations for purchasing vessels • Establishing the value add • Overcoming regulatory and customs challenges Jan Van Os, Product Director Offshore & Transport, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem • Numbers of support vessels in lay-up 16.30 Questions and Discussion 16.30 Questions and Discussion End of Day 1 End of Day 1 Joint Networking Cocktail with FPSO 2011 REGISTER TODAY! Tel: (65) 6508 2401 Fax back to: (65) 6508 2407 Web: www.osvconference.com
  4. 4. 3rd Annual DAY TWO • 12 APRIL 2011 • Tueday PLENARY SESSIONS 08.30 Registration & Coffee 10.00 Assessing Key Offshore E & P Projects and Future Needs • Update of ongoing activity in offshore E&P in India 08.45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks • Technology, Operational and logistical requirements Paul Dean, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan • Partnership and collaboration sought from industry AK Jain, Executive Director, Chief Offshore Logistics, ONGC, India 09.00 Latest Regulatory Developments Affecting the OSV Industry 10.30 Questions and Discussion Update on the Indonesian Cabotage Law Followed by Morning Refreshments Sunaryo, Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Indonesia* 11.00 Financier’s Perspective on Offshore Markets: Who is Funding Which Projects and Why? • Options and availability of funding to vessel owners 09.30 Accessing Commercial Opportunities in Brazil • Understanding lender’s appetite for newbuild finance • How can the OSV market prepare to operate in this region? • How will the outstanding orderbook will be funded? • Key challenges in accessing the market • Requirements set by financiers for OSV operators • Opportunities open to players in this region Geir Sjurseth, Managing Director, Offshore, DVB Bank Venkatraman Sheshashayee, Executive Director, Greatship Global Energy Services 11.30 Industry Panel: Adopting the Right Contracting Strategy for Long Term Gains • Meeting the expectations from oil and gas companies/ operators • Providing the right vessel requirements at various project stages • Mitigating financial and operational risks when operating in difficult jurisdictions Panelists: Kelvin Bulteel, Logistics Manager, BP Capt. Sharad Tyagi, General Manager – Marine, Petroleum E & P, Reliance Industries Limited John Payne, Group Business Development Director, Hallin Marine Geir Sjurseth, Managing Director, Offshore, DVB Bank 12.30 Questions and Discussion followed by Lunch Joint Networking Lunch with FPSO 2011 TRACK 1 TRACK 2 Chairman: Capt. Mike Meade, Managing Director, M3 Marine Chairman: Denis Welch, Founder, One WorldMaritime INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES GREEN OSVs 14.00 Challenges Faced in Setting Up Offshore Activity in a New Area 14.00 Green Ship Technology and Innovation • Vessel selection • Understanding the importance of green shipping • Infrastructure • Major trends and new developments • Rules & Regulations • How do these advances affect the way the OSV market continues to develop? • Standards Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Drydocks World Kelvin Bulteel, Logistics Manager, BP 14.30 Exploring Clean Shipping Technologies 14.30 Trends in the Persian Gulf Affecting Demand for OSVs • Is LNG a viable option for LNG fuelled shipping solutions? • The evolution of the OSV in the Persian Gulf • Major breakthroughs on clean technologies • Fixing and Operating the OSV in the Persian Gulf • Options currently available • Potential for Far East based OSV owners Bjorn Tore Markussen, Managing Director, DNV Clean Technology Centre Vincent Weve, General Manager, Stanford Marine LLC, Dubai 15.00 Questions and Discussion 15.00 Questions and Discussion Followed by Afternoon Refreshments Followed by Afternoon Refreshments EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES 15.30 Supporting Subsea Works: Requirements and Scope for Vessels • Assessing the market for subsea – what services are required? 15.30 Gain in Efficiency for OSVs with New Maneuvering Systems • Evaluating demand for vessels to support subsea works – comparing charters for multi- • The Becker Nozzle, an alternative to azimuth thrusters purpose vs. specialized construction vessels • Fuel efficient DP operations by intelligent rudder systems • Examining trends in long-term contractors for DSVs, ROVs and SOVs • Mewis Duct for shuttle tankers enhance and impact on propulsion efficiency • Assessing how vessels can best support subsea operations Dirk Lehmann, Managing Director, Becker Marine Systems John Payne, Group Business Development Director, Hallin Marine 16.00 The Asian Shipyards Struggle to Deliver FMEA’s for More Than an OSV and 16.00 OSV Capabilities Required in Meeting Deepwater Challenges the Increased Industry Demand for DP Annual Trials • What are the technical challenges of operating in deepwater? • The purposes of the OSV’s FMEA document • How does this impact offshore support? • General Trends in the quality of FMEA’s for new OSVs delivered in Asia • What are the technical requirements that must be met? • The OSV’s first Annual DP Trial • Progress in ship design to overcome barriers of harsher environments • Industry demand for Annual DP Trials Kurush Contractor, CEO, Kreuz Subsea • Difference between an Annual DP trial and an FMEA proving trial • Lifetime Management of the FMEA document 16.30 Questions and Discussion Joey Fisher, Technical Manager, M3 Marine Close of Conference 16.30 Questions and Discussion Close of Conference Don’t forget to sign up for one of the Post-Conference Workshops on Wednesday 13 April 2011! REGISTER TODAY! Tel: (65) 6508 2401 Fax back to: (65) 6508 2407 Web: www.osvconference.com
  5. 5. POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS 3rd Annual 13 APRIL 2011 • Wednesday WORKSHOP 1 9.00 am to 4.30pm Logistics Management for • High Level Industry Debates Offshore Oil & Gas Operations • Multi Streamed The key to the success of any logistics contract is good logistics management. The • Co-located with the FPSO Congress key to good management is the ability to identify the needs of the project and the • The ONLY such event in the Singapore Maritime countries in which the work will take place. In today's international and remote locations, experience and understanding of logistics operations and local networks Week 2011! is vital. This workshop is aimed at giving attendees a strategic picture of the range of types What’s Happening In Offshore of offshore E&P projects, and factors that impact the demand of support services. It will help participants define project needs for shallow versus deepwater projects, Markets: subsea works, intricacies of specific regional projects, deployment of vessels, OSV • Oil and natural gas companies are expected to raise investment in production fleet management, and applicability of vessel types to different projects. projects to more than $380 billion this year In addition, CAPEX requirements, forecasting logistics requirements based on project • Offshore Operations and maintenance spend slated to exceed $330 billion over variables, supply base operations, etc will also be covered. the next 5 years, and Subsea IRM spend expected to grow to US$3.1billion by 2014 • Capex by listed NOCs to register 16% growth to about $375 billion in 2010 Who Should Attend: • Commercial and Business Development Executives, Project Managers in Integrated Delta E&P USD/bbl Offshore Logistics Service Providers 40% 120 • Head of Operations, Marketing, Chartering / Procurement Executives from OSV 30% 100 Owners and Operators 20% 80 • Marine Logistics, Procurement and Contracts Managers from Oil & Gas Companies 10% 60 • Offshore Brokers 0% • Banking and Finance -10% 40 -20% 20 -30% 0 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009e 2011e WORKSHOP 2 Nomial spending growth (lhs) Average Brent (rhs) Source: Pareto Research 9.00 am to 4.30pm The OSV market in South East Asia and globally, is ultimately driven by the demand for oil. Increases in oil demand will increase oil prices, which in turn boost E&P Evolutionary Trends in OSV spending. This translates to higher demand for oil services assets. Designs With ever increasing complexities in offshore oil and gas operations, the technology What Makes This Conference demands on OSV operators is getting more and more demanding. This workshop will showcase key drivers impacting OSV design and technology, the latest trends Special? in technology adoption and how project requirements can be met. Participants will Indepth research, and timed to perfection, the 3rd edition of IBC Asia’s Offshore get an appreciation of field operator requirements, and technology investments Support Vessels conference has even more market updates, focus on contracting that are likely to generate most ROI. opportunities and presentations from top owners, financiers, yards and charterers. In addition, the Design and Technology Track will bring to attention the developments Who Should Attend: in Next Generation OSVs, and the specific demands of Oil & Gas players that are Senior Management from Ship Yards, OSV Owners, Classifications Societies and driving these technological improvements. Marine Logistics Service Providers, specifically: • Naval Architects Get answers to the most pertinent questions confronting your business: • Heads of Design 1 Where is the day rate graph headed? • Marine Engineers 2 What OSV segments should I invest in? • Head of Shipbuilding 3 Can technology improvement result in higher chartering rates? • Chief Technical Officers 4 How can your OSV contracting strategy be balanced for stable yet high returns? 5 What are the emerging technologies in OSV design, and how proven are they? Here is what YOU have said about OSV 2010! “Well informed, enthusiastic speakers. Applicable “Interesting discussion topics and presentations.” to job.” Algena Lee, ODS Vikram Pahlajani, Dolphin Offshore “Subjects presented were relevant and current to topics.” “Content is work-related and of interest. Speakers Andy Wong, Cummins were good with industry knowledge.” M.J Pillai, J-Ray “Speakers are professional; knowledgeable McDermott in their fields & lively.” M3 Marine “Good interaction between delegates and speakers conveying the subjects in discussion.” Mohd Damid, J-Ray McDermott REGISTER TODAY! Tel: (65) 6508 2401 Fax back to: (65) 6508 2407 Web: www.osvconference.com
  6. 6. 3rd Annual PROGRAMME AT A GLANCE 11 April 2011 12 April 2011 13 April 2011 Plenary Sessions Plenary Sessions Morning • Global Offshore Markets Update • International Market Opportunities Post-Conference • Trends Shaping Efficient OSV Development • Financiers Perspective on OSV Markets Workshops • Ship Owners Think Tank • Industry Panel on Contracting Strategies 1) Logistics Management for Joint Networking Lunch with FPSO 2011 Offshore Oil & Gas Track 1 Track 2 Track 1 Track 2 Operations Afternoon Market Outlook and Next Generation OSVs – Market Outlook and Next Generation OSVs – 2) Evolutionary Trends in Contracting Opportunities Design and Technology Contracting Opportunities Design and Technology OSV Design for OSVs for OSVs Themed “Bringing Commercial Trends and Projections to the Forefront”, the 2nd Annual Offshore Co-located with: Support Vessels conference in April 2010 was a runaway success with 200+ attendees. Also part of Singapore Maritime Week, the conference was hugely successful in showcasing the oil and gas industry expectations, commercial trends and new contracting opportunities. The 3rd Annual conference keeps up with the tradition of being part of Singapore Maritime Week, Benefit from 2 standalone conferences co-located in 1 location, a global event in the world’s largest maritime hub. The 2 day programme will showcase high bringing you 40+ speakers and 250+ offshore industry leaders from level Industry roundtables, Ship Owner Think Tanks, and CEO Insight presentations on the most all over the world. topical commercial issues, alongside developments in next generation OSVs. Network with top industry executives across the upstream oil & gas value chain! Who You Will Meet: 200+ attendees from 70 companies across 16 countries were at A Selection Of Companies Who Attended The Offshore Support Vessels 2010! 2nd Annual Offshore Support Vessels 2010: • ABB • ABOITIZ JEBSEN • ABRAAJ CAPITAL LTD • ABS PACIFIC / AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING • AMAD INVESTMENT HOLDING Network with players from the entire OSV value chain • ANHUI JANTLE MARINE ENGINEERING CO LTD • ASEAN CABLESHIP PTE LTD • AUST INDEPENDENT SHIPBROKERS • BOURBON OFFSHORE ASIA PTE LTD • CANYON OFFSHORE INC • CEMRE MUHENDISLIK GEMI INS SAN TIC STI • CHELLSEA • CHEVRON Academic & Consultants 5% INDONESIA CO • CHINA CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY • C-MAR ASIA PTE LTD • C-MAR GROUP • CSI SERVICES INC • CUMMINS SALES Insurance 5% & SERVICE SINGAPORE PTE LTD • DARWIN PORT CORPORATION • DBS BANK LTD • DET NORSKE VERITAS • DNB NOR BANK ASA • Finance 15% DOLPHIN OFFSHORE SHIPPING LTD • ELSHCON NIGERIA LTD • EZRA HOLDINGS LTD • FARSTAD SHIPPING PTE LTD • FASTSTREAM Classification 5% RECRUITMENT PTE LTD • FEARNLEY OFFSHORE SUPPLY • FUGRO SUBSEA SERVICES PTE LTD • GERMANISCHER LLOYD • GLOBAL Ship Owners 25% INDUSTRIES ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD • GLOBAL MARITIME VENTURES BHD • GREAT OFFSHORE LTD • HEEREMA MARINE CONTRACTORS • HSBC BANK MIDDLE EAST LTD • IMC CORP LTD • J-RAY MCDERMOTT ASIA PACIFIC • JURONG SHIPYARD LTD • KC MARITIME LTD • KENCANA PETROLEUM BHD • KESTREL MARITIME ASIA PTE LTD • KONGSBERG SEATEX AS • LIQUILINE • M3 MARINE PTE LTD • Shipyards 15% MAERSK OIL QATAR • MARINE DELIVERY PTE LTD • MERMAID MARINE ASIA PTE LTD • MICLYN EXPRESS OFFSHORE • MINELCO AB • NAM CHEONG DOCKYARD SDN BHD • NORDEA BANK • OFFSHORE WORKS SDN BHD • OMNI GROUP SDN BHD • OTTO MARINE Subsea Firms 5% LTD • OW BUNKER COPENHAGEN A/S • OWI GROUP (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD • P&O MARITIME SERVICES PTY LTD • PT ALFA TRANS Service Providers 5% RAYA • PT MERATUS LINE • PT PAN MARITIME WIRA PAWITRA • PT TUNAS INTI ABADI • QUOIN ISLAND MARINE WLL • ROLLS-ROYCE SINGAPORE PTE LTD • SARAWAK SHELL BHD • SEA-GOOD PTE LTD • SEALINK SDN BHD • SEMBAWANG SHIPYARD PTE LTD • Oil & Gas / EPC 20% SEMBCORP MARINE LTD • SHELL DEVELOPMENT (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD • SHELL UPSTREAM • SIEM OFFSHORE AS • STRATEGIC MARINE (S) PTE LTD • THOME SHIP MANAGEMENT PTE LTD • THRUSTMASTER ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD • TOISA PTE LTD • ULSTEIN • WARTSILA SHIP DESIGN SINGAPORE PTE LTD • WOODSIDE ENERGY LTD Meet key decision makers and top level executives Others 6% Procurement / Marketing / Sales 13% Chartering 5% Project Manager 3% Engineering 5% is an official event held in conjunction with CEO / GM / Director 30% Operations 7% Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) is the leading maritime event in Singapore. Driven by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), SMW gathers the international maritime Commercial 8% community in Singapore for a week of conferences, dialogues, exhibitions and social events MD / VP 23% in celebration of all things maritime. The range of activities and events organised by MPA, the industry, and research and educational institutions, as well as the cosmopolitan profile of participants, reflect the vibrancy and diversity of Singapore as a major international maritime International representation centre. Europe 17% Middle East 9% SMW has grown in size and significance since the inaugural event in 2006, and is attracting Australia 8% more participants and event organisers from around the world. Participants can experience something new every year, as activities are added to the line-up, and as eminent speakers Indian Subcontinent 3% share their insights and participate in dialogues on topical maritime issues. This dynamism North Asia 6% and the good range of issues discussed during SMW are major draws for maritime decision- South East Asia 57% makers, as are the many business networking platforms. This is why Singapore Maritime Week is all about PEOPLE, IDEAS and OPPORTUNITIES for the maritime community. Be A Sponsor / Exhibitor! Why Sponsor Offshore Support Vessels 2011? • Meet 250+ attendees, with over 50% senior management decision makers • Get updated information on specific technology spend areas by OSV owners • Identify new technology solutions being sought for OSVs and shipyards • Respond effectively to the increasingly complex demands of subsea operations • Get additional exposure to the field operator and subsea audience at the co- • Showcase OSV design and technology solutions to buyers from SE Asia, Norway, located FPSO Congress India, Korea and Middle East • Be part of Singapore Maritime Week 2011 and be included in an extensive • Present technology breakthroughs for deepwater and ice class capable OSVs international promotion campaign Get in touch with us today! For more information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at the upcoming 3rd Annual Offshore Support Vessels conference, please contact Catherine Wong at +65 6508 2469 or Email: Catherine.Wong@ibcasia.com.sg REGISTER TODAY! Tel: (65) 6508 2401 Fax back to: (65) 6508 2407 Web: www.osvconference.com
  7. 7. If undelivered, please return to: SAVE with the 1 Grange Road, #08-02 Orchard Building, Singapore 239693 Early Bird & Tel: +65 6508 2401 Fax: +65 6508 2407 Special Rates! 3rd Annual Offshore Support Vessels ENJOY SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS WITH OUR MULTIPLE BOOKING DISCOUNT! Register 3 delegates from the same company and the 4th delegate attends FREE! 5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER MAIL the attached registration form with your cheque to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd 1 Grange Road, #08-02, Orchard Building, Singapore 239693 Customer Service Hotline Fax +65 6508 2401 +65 6508 2407 This label contains your priority booking code. To expedite registration, please do not remove label. If you have Email Web already received a copy of this brochure, we apologise. For reasons of confidentiality, your full particulars were not available to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd for deduplication prior to mail drop. register@ibcasia.com.sg www.osvconference.com RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY! HOTEL INFORMATION ❑ Yes! I/We will attend 3rd Annual Offshore Support Vessels • 11 – 13 April 2011, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore TM Resorts WorldTM Sentosa, Singapore ❑ I cannot attend this event but ❑ Please include me on your mailing list. 8 Sentosa Gateway, ❑ I would like to purchase the conference documentation at SGD1000 / SFD1070 (with 7% GST) per set. Singapore 098269 Tel: +65 6577 8899 Early Bird Rate Special Rate Normal Rate Group Rate FEE PER DELEGATE Register & Pay Register & Pay Register & Pay (3 or more Email: reservations@rwsentosa.com Before 28 Jan 2011 Before 4 Mar 2011 After 4 Mar 2011 delegates) ❑ 3 Day Package (2 day Conference + PAYMENT TERMS SGD 3,695 SGD 3,895 SGD 3,995 SGD 3,595 Post Conference Workshop 1) Payment must be received 10 business days prior to the event. To take advantage of discounts with an expiry cut-off date, ❑ 3 Day Package (2 day Conference + SGD 3,695 SGD 3,895 SGD 3,995 SGD 3,595 registration and payment must be received by the cut off date. All Post Conference Workshop 2) payments should be made in Singapore dollars. ❑ 2 Day Package (2 day Conference Only) SGD 2,695 SGD 2,895 SGD 2,995 SGD 2,595 • Payments by S$ bank draft or cheque should be made in favour of “IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd” payable in Singapore. GROUP BONUS: Register 3 delegates from the same company and 4th delegate attends FREE! (only one discount scheme is applicable) • Payment by telegraphic transfer in S$ must be made to: IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd • A 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST) is applicable to all Singapore based companies for Singapore venue. • All fees stated include luncheons, refreshments and complete set of documentation. It does not include the cost of accommodation and travel. A/C No.: 147-059513-001 (SGD) The Hongkong and Shanghai Delegate 1 Details Delegate 2 Details Banking Corporation Limited 21 Collyer Quay, HSBC Building, Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Singapore 049320 Job Title: Job Title: Bank Swift Code: HSBCSGSG Department Department Bank Code: 7232 Tel: Tel: • Payment by Credit Card (AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD). Please Mobile No.: Mobile No.: provide your Card Number, Name of Cardholder, Expiry Date and your Signature and send it by fax to +65 6508 2407. Email: Email: Delegate 3 Details Delegate 4 Details CANCELLATIONS / SUBSTITUTION NT OU Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome Job Title: C Job Title: E at no extra charge. Cancellations must be received in writing at DIS FRE Department Department least 10 business days before the start of the event, to receive a UP refund less 10% processing fee per registration. The company Tel: Tel: O regrets that no refund will be made available for cancellation GR Mobile No.: Mobile No.: notifications received less than 10 business days before the event. Email: Email: Please photocopy for additional delegates IMPORTANT NOTE Who is Head of your Department? Please quote the name of the delegate, event title and invoice Who is Head of Training? number on the advice when remitting payment. Bank charges are to be deducted from participating organisations own accounts. Company Information Please fax your payment details (copy of remittance advice, cheque Company Name: Main Business/Activity: or draft to +65 6508 2407. Attendance will only be permitted upon receipt of full payment. Address: Postal Code: Participants wishing to register at the door are responsible to P51297 WEB ensure all details are as published. IBC Asia will not be responsible for any event re-scheduled or cancelled. Payment Method (Please tick:) ❑ I enclose my Cheque/Draft payable to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd ❑ I am paying by bank transfer (copy attached) DATA PROTECTION ❑ Payment by Credit Card: ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Amex The personal information entered during your registration/ order, or provided by you, will be held on a database and may be shared with companies in the Informa Group in the UK and internationally. REG NO. 200108203N Card Holder’s Name: Signature: Sometimes your details may be obtained from or shared with external companies for marketing purposes. If you do not wish Card Number: Expiry Date: (mm/yy) your details to be used for this purpose, please contact the (Please provide photocopy of front & back of your Credit Card) Winnie Seah (Database) on winnie.seah@ibcasia.com.sg Tel: +65 6508 2468 or Fax: +65 6508 2408. REGISTER NOW! FAX BACK TO +65 6508 2407