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Asia Green Shipping Web

  1. 1. Preparing the Asian Fleet for a New World of Environmental Limits 15 – 17 June 2011 | Sheraton Towers, SingaporeKey Speakers Conference Andreas Chrysostomou Chairman, Thomas Riber Knudsen CEO, Highlights: MEPC, IMO Maersk Lines Asia Pacific • 20+ CEO and Ship Owner / Operator Insights • Ship Owner Dialogue on Emissions Control • Compliance for Retrofits as well as New Ian Adams Rune Steen builds Chief Executive, President & CEO, • Investment Trends in Green Ship IBIA Masterbulk Technologies • Fuel Options and the Commercial / Environmental Balancing Factors • Advances in Ballast Water Management Peter Boyd Bjørn Højgaard COO, Managing Director, • Green Recycling Carbon War Room Thome Ship Management PLUS! Sverre Prytz James Samuel Managing Director, Director of Health, Safety, Pre Conference Symposium: BW Ventures, Security & Environment 15 June 2011 | 9.00am – 5.00pm Senior Vice President, (HSSE), BW Maritime IMC Corp The Business Case for LNG Powered Ships Gunnar Haug Juhani Hupli Market and Sales Director – Vice President, Ship Power Far East & Middle East, Technology, Pre Conference Masterclass: Ulstein Wartsila Corporation 15 June 2011 | 1.00pm – 5.00pm Corporate Social David Tongue Director, Regulatory Affairs, Captain Dave Watkins Fleet Safety, Security and Responsibility (CSR) and International Chamber of Environmental Manager, Green Policies in Shipping China Navigation Shipping www.greenshippingasia.comProduced by: Sponsors: Media Partners:Endorsed by: Generating greater public awareness of International Marketing Partner: maritime affairsAustralian Association for Maritime Affairs REGISTER NOW! Customer Service Hotline: +65 6508 2401
  2. 2. DAY ONE – 16 JUNE 2011, THURSDAY 08.30 Registration & Coffee 08.55 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Egil Rensvik, Science and Technology Counsellor, Innovation Norway 09.00 IMO Regulatory Update • Latest position from MEPC • Immediate compliance priorities across key conventionsWith 90% of the world’s international trade being • Further areas of debate and associated timeframestransported by sea, shipping is the life blood of the global Andreas Chrysostomou, Head of Maritime Policy, Multilateral Affairs and Standards Division of the Department of Merchanteconomy. Shipping and Chairman, MEPC, IMO 09.30 An Environmental & Economic Perspective on Green ShippingThere is a growing scrutiny of its environmental impact • Shipping and Climate Change in contextsince the industry accounts for three to four percent of • Improving information and capital flows for a more efficient market • Locating returns from efficiency investmentsglobal CO2 emissions. Key players however, are still Peter Boyd, COO, Carbon War Roomdebating the best way forward to prepare shipping for 10.00 Questions and Discussion – Followed by Morning Refreshmentsthis new world of environmental limits. MANAGING AIR EMISSIONSThe Asia Green Shipping Summit 2011 provides a 10.30 Shipping Leaders Dialogue: Evaluating Complianceplatform for shipping stakeholders to evaluate current Alternatives for Meeting Emission Targets • LSFO – Abatement Technology – LNG debate: How are ship ownerschallenges and solutions available to meet the evaluating options? • Market based measures versus Bunker Levyenvironment challenge. • Challenges of sailing into SECA regions • Compliance strategy for retrofits and new builds Rune Steen, President & CEO, MasterbulkFrom retrofitting to recycling, the entire ship life cyclewill be looked at, along with next generation ship design Bjørn Højgaard, Managing Director, Thome Ship Managementand new build technology investments. John Aitken, Secretary General, SEAat James Samuel, Director of Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE), IMC Corp 7 Reasons To 11.30 How Regulation Will Transform Fuel Supply? • Availability and cost of fuel for Emission Control Areas (ECA) • Overcoming challenges in ensuring availability of LSF fuel • Other challenges in implementing LSF fuel in Europe Attend Ian Adams, Chief Executive, IBIA 12.00 Transforming Shipping with Advanced Green Innovation • Shipping industry specific challenges of incorporating new technology1 • The urgency and importance of ramping up innovation in shipping Hear about the latest regulatory update from • The impetus for eco-friendly initiatives IMO and how it affects the Asian fleet • Case Studies of successful green maritime innovation Sverre Prytz, Managing Director, BW Ventures, Senior Vice President,2 BW Maritime Learn about compliance alternatives and technologies for reducing emissions to air 12.30 Questions and Discussion – Followed by Networking Lunch3 14.00 Verification of the EEDI and Ship Performance – Why it is Evaluate the commercial and environment Important Now and in the Future criteria for alternative fuels • New vessels: verification of the EEDI • Ship efficiency benchmarking: gimmick or useful tool?4 • The EEOI and in-service performance benchmarking – how to make Review systems and technology applications this useful for owners and charterers • The SEEMP – what are the ‘quick wins’ for Ballast Water Management Solutions Simon Burnay, Director, BMT5 Weigh Green Ship technology trends being adopted and CAPEX required 14.30 Practical Application of Weather Routing to Achieve Lower Carbon Index for the Voyage • The impact on fuel management and voyage efficiency6 • Challenges to confront when using routing software to achieve route Case studies on environmental best practices optimisation • Analysing the costs saved by employing sophisticated weather routing from ship owners and managers system7 • Assessing the options and making realistic decisions Assess viability of LNG powered ships • Will this be used as a long term solution? • Help make your ships part of the global observation system Capt. Dave Watkins, Fleet Safety, Security and Environmental Manager, China NavigationREGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 +65 6508 2407
  3. 3. 15.00 The Practitioner’s View on Environmental Compliance – DESIGN AND KEY TECHNOLOGIES Life at the Sharp End • The challenge of translating the growing volumes of regulation and customer demands into practical working solutions 11.30 Design and Technology Initiatives to Improve the Cost • How to embed a culture of environmental compliance in a multi- Picture & Reduce Emissions national, multi-cultural workforce. • Overall Motivation for energy efficient ships and results that can • What should be done as and when incidents/accidents occur be expected Capt. Satnam Singh Kumar, Managing Director, V-Ships • Design: Options for Ship Hull Shape optimization and case studies15.30 Questions and Discussion • Operations: Trim Optimization and case studies Followed by Afternoon Refreshments Dr. Lars Gruenitz, Business Development Manager, Asia Pacific, Germanischer Lloyd ALTERNATIVE POWER SOURCES 12.00 Questions and Discussion16.00 Future Fuels – What are the Sustainable Options for Followed by Networking Lunch Shipping? • Various Alternatives 14.00 Designing Environmentally Sustainable Ships • LNG – an immediate option? • Design know-how for proven ways of reducing carbon emissions • Prospects of Nuclear Power • Next generation vessels – how will the ship of the future look Dr. Arun Dev, Director, NUMI-Singapore, School of Marine when the focus is low emissions Science and Technology, Newcastle University, NU Marine • EEDI and shipbuilding International (NUMI) – Singapore Gunnar Haug, Market and Sales Director – Far East &16.30 Developments on Using LNG as a Ship’s Fuel Middle East, Ulstein • Cost and benefits • Operation and logistics developments 14.30 Trends in Green Ship Technologies for New Builds and • Commercial and technical challenges Retrofits • Bunkering procedure from ship to ship • Compliance – Options and technologies available for retrofitting Dag Lilletvedt, Chief Executive Officer, Liquiline AS • Abatement and alternative fuel technologies • New build technologies being invested in by owners and yards17.00 Case Study: Using Wind Power as Alternative & Miles Lilley, Deputy Manager, RINA China Sustainable Propulsion Solution for Shipping • Designing a high-performance wind propulsion system that meets the requirements of modern shipping: SkySails 15.00 Innovative GHG Abatement Technologies • The SkySails technology in use: operational experiences on • New technologies developed in Japan – Air Lubrication System, board Organic Rankin Cycle, LNG Fueled Propulsion plant • Fuel and emissions savings potential of the SkySails technology • Meeting cost targets and cost effectiveness Fabian Jürs, Team Leader, SkySails GmbH & Co. KG • Market based incentive scheme to reduce CO2 • EEDI of the future17.30 Questions and Discussion – End of Day One Naoki Ueda, Deputy General Manager, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd18.00 Networking Cocktail 15.30 Questions and Discussion Followed by Afternoon Refreshments DAY TWO – 17 JUNE 2011, FRIDAY END TO END VESSEL LIFE CYCLE08.55 Chairman’s Opening Remarks ENVIRONMENT COMPLIANCE John Aitken, Secretary General, SEAat 16.00 Environmental Performance for Shipping – the Clean09.00 Environmental Performance as a Sustainable Business Shipping Index Model • Project overview • How shipping companies are evaluated Thomas Riber Knudsen, CEO, Maersk Lines Asia Pacific • Ensuring credibility – how the verification service works • Cost implications Ulf Duus, Project Leader, Clean Shipping Project09.30 A Deeper Shade of Green – Recognition and Reward Peter Swift, Green Award Foundation 16.30 Financing and Investing on “Green” Assets • Trends of investment in shipping • Medium to long term outlook of investments into green ship10.00 Questions and Discussion technologies Followed by Morning Refreshments • What investors requires ? • How much more investments needs to be made? ADVANCES IN BALLAST WATER MANAGEMENT Dr. Klaus Wolf, Managing Director, KGAL GmbH & Co.10.30 Update on Ballast Water Management (BWM) Regulation 17.00 Sustainability at the End of Vessel Lifecycle – Green Ship • Timeframes Recycling • Challenges faced by shipowners • Overview of the current ship recycling trend • Steps to take to get ready for legislation • Why is important to recycle your vessels responsibly? David Tongue, Director, Regulatory Affairs, International • Principles of Corporate social responsibilities Chamber of Shipping • Green Recycling procedures Srinath Medepalli, General Manager, Wilhelmsen Ship11.00 PureBallast and PureBilge – How do these process Management approaches meet with the rules and regulations on ballast and bilge water treatment 17.30 Questions and Discussion Pauli Kujala, Senior Business Manager, Alfa Laval End of ConferenceREGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 +65 6508 2407
  4. 4. Pre Conference Symposium: The Business Case for LNG Powered Ships 15 June 2011 | Wednesday | 9am – 5pm08.55 Chairman’s Opening Remarks09.00 LNG – A Future Maritime Fuel • Overview and market drivers • How will the supply chain for marine LNG look and who will be the various stakeholders? • Will it be a competitive market? • Who are the potential suppliers? • What are the challenges and opportunities? Egil Rensvik, Science and Technology Counsellor, Innovation Norway10.00 Questions and discussion, followed by morning refreshments10.30 The Business Case for LNG • Sourcing of LNG • Supply Chain and Infrastructure • Pricing of small scale LNG Dag Lilletvedt, Chief Executive Officer, Liquiline AS12.00 Questions and Discussion – Followed by Networking Lunch14.00 Engine and Propulsion System for LNG Fuelled Ships: What are the Best Options? • Developing new types of marine engines for LNG fuel • Smaller engines for LNG fuel • Regulatory and safety aspects Juhani Hupli, Vice President Ship Power Technology, Wartsila Corporation15.00 LNG Fueled Tanker of the Future “The Triality VLCC Concept Vessel” Sofia Fürstenberg, Senior Consultant, DNV Clean Technology Centre16.00 Questions and discussion, followed by afternoon refreshments16.30 Infrastructure Requirements Needed to Create a Widespread LNG Network • Initial stages and infrastructure requirements • Availability and potential demand • LNG fuel developments • What should shipowners / operators do to prepare for LNG?17.00 Questions and Discussion, Conclusions & End of Symposium Pre Conference Masterclass: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Green Policies in Shipping 15 June 2011 | Wednesday | 1pm – 5pmAnalysis of the business need for implementing CSR as an Excellence,Quality and Sustainability Management tool. The shipping industry could,proactively, change and measure the impact of its business strategy oversocial and environmental issues towards all its stakeholders. The meaningof sustainability in the internal operations of the shipping business will bevery briefly examined, explaining:• How a Business Action Plan on CSR and Climate Change could be drafted• How the CSR concept can be implemented and measured at all levels and departments of a shipping company, targeting to the welfare of all employees and to a ship “fit for the crew” and the society• What are the most prestigious Business Ethics and Excellence Models and Standards available that could assist a company to implement a culture of Excellence and Sustainability• Major Foundations and Guidelines in the relative fields will be therefore introduced and co-related with the shipping industryAbout Your Masterclass Leader: Yanna Pavlopoulou, COMMONLAWGIC, General Counsel, LL.M. MSc, Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant & Climate Change Leader, trained Verifier and Assessor on behalf of Lloyds RegisterYanna Pavlopoulou is a Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) Practitioner andClimate Change Leader, accredited by IEMA UK, since 2008, co-operating with majororganizations as Verifier (e.g. LLOYD’S REGISTER). Ms Pavlopoulou is a trained assessorof companies on Excellence Management Models [(E.F.Q.M) European Foundationon Quality Management, (EBEN) European Business Ethics Network and Investorsin People (IiP)], and a regular lecturer on “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) andShipping” for many conferences and for HELMEPA’s 2009 Environmental TrainingProgram, having published many articles over CSR in Shipping.
  5. 5. 15 – 17 June 2011 | Sheraton Towers, Singapore Who Will You Meet? Key Industry PlayersSHIP OWNERS / ENGINE MANUFACTURERS 5%OPERATORS 25% CHARTERERS 10% FUELSHIPYARDS SUPPLIERS15% 10% MARINE SERVICE PROVIDERS 7%CLASSSIFICATION SOCIETY 15%MARINE EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS 13% Geographical BreakdownSOUTH EAST ASIA 60% EUROPE & USA 15% MIDDLE EAST 5% NORTH ASIA 10% AUSTRALIA 5% SOUTH ASIA 5% Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities The Asia Green Shipping Summit will be an excellent marketing platform for ship designers, builders, equipment providers, fuel companies and technology vendors to highlight their environmental portfolio. Benefit from: • Networking with a guaranteed audience of shipowners • Extensive profiling on the website, brochure, social media and e-marketing campaign • Extensive onsite branding at the event A range of sponsorship opportunities are available – including gala dinner, cocktail reception, bag, lanyard, badge sponsor, and more – which offer excellent branding to help you promote your company to a targeted group of industry executives. For more information, please contact Jonathan Kiang at +65 6508 2471 or email today.
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