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Azotel Aikom 8giugno2012 Bologna

  1. 1. Azotel SIMPLer, la singola piattaforma software per gestire in modo semplice e completo il business del service provider, dallerogazione del servizio alla fatturazione Azotel SIMPLer, the global single software platform to manage fully and easily your service provide business - from service provisioning to billing John O’Hare
  2. 2. Azotel Technologies- Started as a WISP in 2002. • Initially saw exponential growth and then hit a barrier • To deal with the growth Azotel had to apply multiple separate applications to accommodate • The Founder saw this as the Single largest barrier to Success and Started the process to Develop SIMPLer- SIMPLer is designed by people who know whats involved in running a successful WISP- Now deployed in excess of 90 Networks worldwide: • 90 Operators in 22 countries across 4 continents • 50 Subscribers to Operators servicing 10’s of ThousandsWe are about Enabling Profit Delivery to Shareholders
  3. 3. S I M PLSubscriber Information Management PLatformSingle Platform used for all business functions: Data not entered twice anywhere in your business. No issues caused by conflicting or incomplete data.Enforces Proven Repeatable Process Encompasses Best Practices from around the world.Access Technology Agnostic Any radio equipment, DSL, cable etc.
  4. 4. Typical Service Operator Focus End-User Portal Helpdesk CRM Hotspot Support Coverage Network Checking Monitoring Provisioning Billing Inventory Management Bandwidth Auto Management Reports Disconnect
  5. 5. CRM Helpdesk Billing and Payments Map & Coverage Chk. Install, ProvisioningReporting Bandwidth Mgmt. Network Monitoring Hotspot Support End-User Portal Inventory Mgmt. Auto Disconnect
  6. 6. Bandwidth Management Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 Customer 4 Traffic Shaping Buckets allow you to Customer 5Internet Feed sub-divide available bandwidth into Customer 6 smaller increments. Customer 7 Customer 8 Customer 9 Total available bandwidth for WIB. Assignment of customers to buckets allows control over uplink & downlink rates, PIR/CIR and contention ratio.
  7. 7. Dispatch, Installation and ProvisioningAutomated CPE provisioning for:Minimises configuration by installer, simplifying process, reduces error rate.Automated provisioning support for other radio equipment vendors can be easily added.Integration with Google Calendar allows dispatch/installation scheduling using a user-friendly GUI.Data is synchronised between Google Calendar and SIMPLer, to ensure everything is kept up to date.Work Orders are auto generated and fully customizableCosting calculated by engineer / job
  8. 8. End-User PortalThe End-User Portal allows subscribers to view their account and perform common actions. view and edit their personal information Open Support ticket view and edit their payment method view their current balance download pdf versions of invoices make a payment view their data usage view and purchase hotspot tokens run a speed test, and more.The functions provided by the portal are configurable, so operators can disable any function thatthey don’t want to make available to their customersFully Customisable and brandableIntegrates into operator’s website
  9. 9. Mapping and Coverage CheckingPositions of customers and equipment can be viewed on Google Maps or Google Earth. Subscribers can be plotted by status or type, which can be used to help plan expansion of the network. Intergrated coverage checker is available. This allows you to determine line of sight from Access Points to a potential customer, taking into account factors like Fresnel Zone clearance and path loss. Point to Point testing between any two network points or any two custom points.
  10. 10. Inventory ManagementSIMPLer maintains equipment inventory.Equipment can have a status of “use”, “stock” or “fault”: Use: Equipment is currently in service Stock: The warehouse the stock is currently located in Fault: a trouble ticket can be associated with the item to ensure the fault is resolvedRecord equipment by • IP address • MAC address • Unit value • Purchase Order number • Serial Number etcSIMPLer automatically matches CPE to Parent AP to TowerComplete list of all equipment becomes company Assett RegisterBulk upload of equipment via Upload Tool
  11. 11. Hotspot SystemHotspot service is supported via our own Hotspot-In-A-Box (HIB) or MikroTik RouterBoards.Ability to define tokens based on time and/or data limits.Ability to provide free trial service for limited time periodsStatistics on hotspot and token usage, to help refine service offerings.Customers can purchase new tokens via End User Portal.Hotspot portal pages can be customised with operator branding.
  12. 12. Customer Relationship Management Network MonitoringAzotel’s SIMPLer platform manages all of the data for a customer, or potential SIMPLer monitors the health of the network, and identifies any equipment that iscustomer, from start to finish. This is presented in a user friendly, easy to unreachable. When this happens, alerts can be sent via email and/or SMS, so thatnavigate interface, which means that the required information is always quickly you’re notified of potential problems immediately. SIMPLer also provides usageand easily accessible. The platform also provides integrated trouble ticketing and graphs for individual customers and equipment, and many other diagnostic toolssales tracking systems. Operators can also add their own custom fields to the and statistics.customer record, and attach files of any type.Billing and Payment Processing End-User PortalMultiple payment methods are supported, including automatic payments via The End-User Portal provides end customers with online access to informationdirect debit, e-checks and credit cards. Interfaces to the most common payment about their account. Customers can view and edit their account details, paymentgateways are available, including Authorize.Net, IP Pay, Moneris, Realex, PayPal method and equipment details, can see their current balance and previousand Payment Express. Usage-based billing is supported, which allows subscribers invoices, make electronic payments, purchase hotspot tokens, view their datato be charged based on the amount of data that they use. An integrated usage, run a speed test, and more.debtors ledger and numerous financial reports are also available. Auto Notification, Throttling and Disconnect Mapping and Coverage Checking The positions of all of your customers can be overlaid on both Google Maps and SIMPLer can monitor subscribers who have invoices which are overdue, and/or Google Earth, so you can see their locations graphically. This allows operators to subscribers who have exceeded their weekly or monthly data cap. When pre- identify clusters of potential customers in areas where they do not currently provide defined thresholds are exceeded, the affected subscribers can be automatically coverage. An integrated coverage checker is also available, which determines notified, throttled (so that they remain online, but the speed of their connection whether line-of-sight is available from an access point to a potential customer taking is reduced) or disconnected into account the terrain in between.Bandwidth Management Inventory ManagementThe optional WISP-In-a-Box (WIB) provides bandwidth management and traffic Details of equipment that is in use and in stock can be managed within SIMPLer. Thisshaping capabilities. Customers can be grouped into buckets with pre-defined allows an operator to manage not just the equipment that is assigned to eachuplink and downlink speeds and contention ratios, with the WIB managing traffic customer, but equipment that is available for use for new installs across multipleto ensure that customers remain within their allocation. Peer-to-Peer traffic can warehouse locations. Parent-child relationships can be created and maintainedalso be restricted. automatically, so that the entire hierarchy of the equipment in the network is maintained in SIMPLer.Dispatch, Installation and ProvisioningSIMPLer automates as many of the steps required to provision a new customer as Flexible Reportingpossible, thereby simplifying the process that the installer goes through and Operators can securely connect to the SIMPLer database using an externaleliminating possible causes of error. It also provides a graphical scheduling facility reporting package such as Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports or anotherbased on Google calendars for installs and repairs, which includes the ability to product of their choice. This allows operators to create and run their ownsend daily email notifications to each installer outlining their tasks for the complex queries whenever they want.following day. Hotspot System Hotspot services can be provided using Azotel’s optional Hotspot-In-a-Box (HIB), or a MikroTik hotspot controller. Both free and paid services can be provided, with purchased tokens being limited by time and/or data. The portal pages used during the sign-up process can be easily customized with an operator’s own images and branding.
  13. 13. Most operators focus on NetworkSIMPLer operators are enabled to focus on businessSIMPLer operators have consistently reduced costsSIMPLer operators produce more profitsSIMPLer operators develop a saleable businessSIMPLer operators have a tangible exitSIMPLer operators create sustainable businesses
  14. 14. Case Study Example
  15. 15. Competitive Advantage Competitors SIMPLerRollout Time 4 Months 30 DaysCapital Cost - Core Network (Ratio) 5 1Operating Cost – (Ratio) 5 1Customer Care Ad-Hoc ProfessionalFlexibility and Agility Poor Greatly EnhancedReliability Variety of Equipment StandardResearch and Development None IncludedRisk High LowInvestor Attraction Low / Medium Very HighExit Potential Exit Medium Very High
  16. 16. Technical Deployment Options Bridged Networks Flat Routed Radius Networks
  17. 17. Bridged Network Deployment Flat / Routed Operation / Business Core Network Access Network Support Accessible from anywhere . SIMPLer ServerHosted: Located in our datacenter.Or WIBDedicated: Located in (WISP-In-a-operator’s own data center. Box) WIB performs access control and bandwidth Management
  18. 18. Radius Network Deployment Operation / Business Core Network Access Network Support Accessible from anywhere . SIMPLer RADIUS Server Server 3rd party NAS bandwidth Server manager supporting RADIUS..
  19. 19. Access Network - Technology agnosticAccessiblefromanywhere. SIMPLer Other Wireless Server and WIB RADIUS (WISP-In-a- Box) DSL Server or RADIUS Cable Server Satellite
  20. 20. Process Flow – Operator Startup
  21. 21. Process Flow – Operator Startup
  22. 22. Grazie / Thank You John O’Hare sk: oharej m: +353-87-051-7143