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Aiden helps to reclaim your life from depression

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  1. 1. Reclaim your life from depression
  2. 2. COMMON PROBLEM current format of journaling hinders treatment ✕ client therapist ✕
  3. 3. SOLUTION augmenting conventional therapy journalizing behavioral activation social inclusion
  4. 4. MARKET 1 of 6 suffers from depression in EU source: Eurostat / WHO
  5. 5. BUSINESS MODEL scalable SaaS platform - B2B client client client client therapists subscription payment plan by user accounts client client
  6. 6. TRACTION early proof launched, testing in progress, contests won ☑ proof-of-concept prototype launched ☑ 15 committed test users ☑ featured in Business Insider magazine
  7. 7. TEAM proven domain knowledge and tech. expertise Kristina Wilms Purcy Marte Bram van Oost Evangelist / product development
 Personal insight dealing with depression UI design
 Architect and web entrepreneur UX design / development
 12 y exp. in UX and design Tom van Mierlo Rait Arro Development
 13 y exp. in web development Business development
 10 y exp. in customer acquisition Martin Raak Marketing and communication
 10 y exp. marketing and advertising
  8. 8. Reclaim your life from depression