English Seminar


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English Seminar

  1. 1. English Seminar
  2. 2. My name is Aidee and I am part of the English Seminar. This is my final project, it is about what we did during the Seminar. It was really fun, but the most imoportant thing is that I learned a lot of things that I know they will be useful for the future.
  3. 3. As you can see, UP WORDS is the name of the first game that we played, it was a really fun game but you needed a lot of imagination to form words with letters that already were at the board. uP WoRds
  4. 4. I don´t remember very well the name of the game, but It was like CLUE. It was a really hard game because you needed to remember where the suspects were but it was a little detail: the suspects were everybody. But It was great the way we played because we could help each other. cLuE
  5. 5. I loved this game because I won jaja This game consists in saying words that began with one letter and ended with the second letter, but this was to hard so we changed the rules and we just sayed words with the letters included. sLiDe LeTtErS
  6. 6. This was a really fun game to. It consists in drawing the actions, places or thing that were in the cards. The funny part of the game was seeing the drawings of my classmates, but I did the best unicorn ever. PiCtIoNaRy
  7. 7. What I liked about slideshow is the way you can create a presentation showing people whatever you want. In my presentation I showed old pictures of my family but the best part is that I could put on it the atmosphere of an old presentation. SlIdE ShOw
  8. 8. What I liked about VOICETHREAD is that I can record my voice and obviuosly I can explain my images. In my voicethread presentation I put a trip that I did with my family and I could explain some places that I met and I was admired to visit. VoIcE ThReAd
  9. 9. On this website you can find videos where there are explained, step by step, things that you can do, for example, I found the instructions of “How to break up the right way”, or “what not to do when you go dancing”. They give you funny instructions but productive too. ViDeOjUg
  10. 10. I liked this website because I could listen to my voice. I enjoy recording things and in this occasion I recorded about Offerings and It was a way to comunicate what is this day about. This is a very useful website becase sometimes in a presentation you can´t explain your images with voice, but with this website you can explain your topic at the same time. EvOcA
  11. 11. Scrapblog is the best place to share your digital scrapbooks with your friends, family, and the world. sCrApBlOg
  12. 12. What I liked about Splendid Speaking is that you can learn vocabulary to explain what you want to say. You can also find the way to speak more polite and it is an important fact, because you can comunicate with all kind of people.
  13. 13. With this website we could create a very funny story about princess, fairy, monsters, etc. It was fun because our story didn´t have coherence, It was a kind silly. sToRy NoRy
  14. 14. This is a very important website because there you can learn english and know how people of other countries comunicate each other. In our activity we saw a video about Australia and a tipical plant there. It is important to know different cultures and this website gives you the opportunity to know them. EnGlIsHbItEs
  15. 15. AbOuT ThE BlOg
  16. 16. I didn´t know what a blog was about. Blogger is a website where you can put everything you want, you can embed pictures, videos, etc. You can tell people about your life, what do you like, which are you hobbies, well all the things you want.
  17. 17. cOnClUSiOn Technology is very important nowadays. In the English Seminar I learned vocabulary, how can I speak more polite, how to create a blog, share things, I learned new games, fun games. And the time that I spent with my classmates was pleasant.