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  1. 1. JobLab ‘Tinder for Jobs’
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT? JobLa b matches employers with students looking for part-time and one-off work. JobLab
  3. 3. MARKET OPPORTUNITY STUDENTS • Highly desirable employees • 2.3 million students in the UK with average Debt of £43,000 • 45% have part-time jobs • 88% own a Smartphone own
  4. 4. MARKET OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYERS Office of national statistics, 2014. JobLab
  5. 5. PROBLEM STUDENTS • Loaded with debt • Struggle to find work in-between studies • Many jobs are not posted online at all EMPLOYER S • Too expensive for private and smaller employers to post on job boards • No easy way to screen applicants
  6. 6. LOG IN User downloads the app from the app store.
  7. 7. SIGN UP They connect to a social media site of choice. The app takes available information such as a picture and date of birth, and creates a user profile.
  8. 8. SET RADIUS They set the radius from their current location that they are willing and able to work.
  9. 9. SET AVAILABILITY They set their availability to work during the week.
  10. 10. AND WE DO THE REST The app with then load all the available jobs in their vicinity.
  11. 11. SEE WHATS AVAILABLE Jobs will appear and the user can ‘swipe’ through. Applying to the jobs they want and discarding the ones they don’t.
  12. 12. MATCH If an employer accepts the applicant, they will match. From here the user will have to confirm the job. Once done they can start speaking to the employer.
  13. 13. EMPLOYER From the employers end, users who have applied (Swiped YES). Will appear in a list format.
  14. 14. EMPLOYEE PROFILE The applicants profiles will be easy to read and contain a picture, along with ratings and reviews from previous employers.
  15. 15. CHAT When matched, both parties can communicate through the app.
  16. 16. REVENUE MODEL FREEMIUM Initial job post is free. Employers are allowed to choose from 10 applicants. If an employer wishes to extend their applicant list they will be charged £4.99 to open full features. Platinum (Subscription) £50.00 (Per Month) Until-filled Unlimited Unlimited
  17. 17. REVENUE MODEL ADVERTISING Unobtrusive student specific advertising that users opt-in or opt-out of seeing. Examples: £750.00 pw £500.00 pw £250.00 pw
  18. 18. ThankYou

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