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WordPress / Genesis Customized Website Process & Procedure

This presentation walks you through the entire process from beginning to end on creating a Customized WordPress Website on the Genesis Framework. We also cover what situations are ideal for customized websites and custom built ones.

Never wonder what what we are doing, we are completely transparent about all of our process. This step-by-step guide helps you understand what is going on behind the scenes and encompasses an overview on the process and procedure of creating a customized website for your small business.

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WordPress / Genesis Customized Website Process & Procedure

  1. 1. WordPress Customized Website Process / Procedure
  2. 2. Never wonder what you are paying for or what we are doing We keep you in the KNOW the entire process:
  3. 3. Customized VS Custom Built Websites CUSTOMIZED  2- 3 Week Process  Customized Genesis Child Theme  2 Home Page Samples  Low to Medium Involvement  Need All Content Upfront  1 Person Completing Project CUSTOM BUILT  4 - 5 Week Process  Custom Built Genesis Child Theme  6 Home Page Samples / 5 Revisions  Medium to High Involvement  We Help With Your Content  A Team of 2 - 3 completing Project
  4. 4. Customized WordPress Website Process : Investment $1,200 - $1,800* 2- 3 Week Process 20 – 25 hour project process Select Genesis Child Theme 1 Person Assigned To Project Need all content upfront Phone, email, communication Low to medium correspondence One Time Content Revision 2 Mock-ups / 2 Revisions
  5. 5. Who It is a Customized Website For? Businesses on a small budget Clients who have logo & all content People who need low correspondence Clients who have existing website People who need a quick turnaround Those who like available Genesis Themes
  6. 6. Custom Built WordPress Website Process : Investment 2,500 - $4,000+ 4 -5 Week Process 50 – 55 hours project total Custom Built PSD to Genesis 2 – 3 People Assigned To Project We help create content / images Phone, email, & screen share Medium – High correspondence Additional Content Revisions 3 Stages of Mock-ups / Revisions
  7. 7. Who It is a Custom Built Website For? Businesses with a flexible budget Clients who need help with content / images People who need frequent correspondence Clients who are starting a brand new website When quick turn-around is NOT needed Clients who desire a completely custom look
  8. 8. Customized Genesis WordPress Website Process Step-By Step Break Down
  9. 9. Interest and Proposal Process Initial Contact Address Current Standing Address Goals and Needs Select Desired Genesis Theme Project Estimate / Proposal Collect all content / images Determine Good Fit Decide To Move Forward
  10. 10. 1.) Initial Contact Online Form Phone Call In Person Referral Social Media Website Estimate Form
  11. 11. 2.) Assess Where You Are Right Now Your Web Hosting Domain Name Registration Logo and Style Guide Website Content / Pictures Multimedia Content
  12. 12. 3.) Address Your Goals and Needs What are your business goals? Desired Style : Modern, Vintage, Etc. Need sales, leads, traffic, or subscribers? What is the MAIN goal of your website? Who is your target audience? Will you have a blog? Sales 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
  13. 13. 4.) Select Your Desired Genesis Theme Theme Selection Based On Your Website Goals and Needs P Based On Your Goals & Needs, We Help You Select The Right Genesis Child Theme
  14. 14. 5.) Project Estimate / Proposal Detailed Project Approach Estimated Project Investment Estimated Time Frame Communication Options Project Management Tool Cover Maintenance plans
  15. 15. 6.) Provide All Your Content Upfront NO EXCEPTIONS Smoother Process Need All Pictures / Text Need Multimedia Edits already completed
  16. 16. We DO NOT Build Empty Box Websites You MUST have all content & Pictures To Begin Process.
  17. 17. 7.) Determine if it is a good fit Compatible Communication Style Clear project scope / expectations Timeframe and Investment Common goals and direction Both parties decide to move forward
  18. 18. WordPress Website Initiation Process Sign Online Agreement 2 Home Page Samples Planning and Organizing Forms of Communication Level of involvement Set expectations & Timeline Outline Home Page Domain and Hosting Provide Logo, branding, colors Site Map and page outline Agree on final home page
  19. 19. 1.) Agreement To Move Forward  Sign Online Contract  Submit First payment  Timeline Outline  Set-Up File Sharing  Set-Up Project Management Tool  Provide Home Page Preview  Agree on overage hourly fee
  20. 20. Communication IS KING Procedure for Email & Phone Calls Screen share when needed* Have a SET Day to touch base Use Project Management Tool Clear expectations / availability
  21. 21. Determine Your Level Of Involvement High Involvement o Frequent Communication o Regular meetings and calls o Ongoing progress reports o Very specific requirements o * Additional Time / Investment Low Involvement o Moderate Communication o Occasional meetings and calls o Weekly progress reports o Flexible & open to suggestions o * Less Time / Investment
  22. 22. Outline Expectations & Timeline Week 1 Process Week 2 Process Cover Customization Process Week 3 Process Cover Final Process Cover Initiation Process Know What To Expect & When To Expect It
  23. 23. Domain and Hosting Information  Hosting / FTP Account Details  Domain Account Details  Need All Page Content  Need All Pictures  Need All multimedia What we need from you in order to move forward
  24. 24. Need Logo, Colors, and Branding Logo in AI, PSD, or PNG Format Specific Website Colors Specific Branding Requirements Style Guide / Mood Board Industry Specific Regulations
  25. 25. 2.) Provide 2 Previews of Home Page  Two Home Page Sample Previews  Based on Selected Genesis Theme  Home page layout / organization  Specific Colors, Fonts, Headings  Flexible to make revision requests  Communication / Feedback Time
  26. 26. 4.) Create Site Map and Navigation Order Home About Service s Contact Create Website Site Map Main Navigation Order Sub-navigation Order Custom Post Types Blog Categories Portfolio / Gallery Locations
  27. 27. 5.) Agree on Final Home Page Preview 2 Rounds of Revisions Communication / Feedback Desired Style an Design Agree on FINAL Home Page Look  Sign Off to begin Implementing
  28. 28. Customization: Behind The Scenes Process Set-Up demo website Populate images / content Theme customization Completion and meeting Reviews & Requests Perform updates / changes Audit site & prepare for launch
  29. 29. Warning! Expect Period Of Silence & Less Communication* Meanwhile you can focus on your business, and let us take care of setting everything up. It May seem like we are doing nothing . . . Do not worry, It just means we are hard at work, and beginning the process of creating your website . . .
  30. 30. 1.) Set-Up Demo Website Set –Up Website Staging Area Add Countdown if desired Fresh WordPress Installation Install Selected Genesis Theme Add Pages and Navigation
  31. 31. 2.) Populate all Images and Content Upload All Media Files Add Content To All Pages Configure Needed Plug- ins Set-Up Galleries / Videos  Approve All Content
  32. 32. 3.) Theme Customization & Personalization Apply desired fonts & colors Theme / Functionality edits Apply page layouts and styles Responsive Elements Match final home page look
  33. 33. 4.) Completion and Meeting Notification Upload All Media Files Add Content To All Pages Configure Needed Plug- ins Set-Up Galleries / Videos  Approve All Content
  34. 34. 5.) Review Site & Make Revision Requests Review each individual page Review all images / files Review all media & galleries Review Theme Functionality Review overall design
  35. 35. 6.) Allow Time for Updates, Edits, Changes Allow Time for updates Period of low communication* Making progress Receive Notification when all reviews are completed Client final site review
  36. 36. 7.) Audit Site and Prepare for Launch Audit site with our checklist Test any website forms Test all functionality Test browsers / devises Move site to proper domain Ready For Launch!
  37. 37. Finalizing The Website Process Launch Website One-on-one Training* Maintenance Plans Additional services* One week follow up call Satisfaction survey Recommend and refer
  38. 38. 1.) Launch New Website Launch Your Website Final Payment Due Give Access to WP Admin Provide Full Site Back-Up Cover Maintenance Plans
  39. 39. Optional One on One Training o WordPress 1 Hour Training o Learn how to log-in to WP o Cover your specific questions o Cover WordPress Basics o Cover best practices o Importance of Maintenance
  40. 40. 2.) Flexible Maintenance Plans Flexible Monthly, Bi-monthly, quarterly plans Ongoing support and communication Consistent Back-ups and security scans WordPress Core & plug-in updates Email or phone support available Keep your site running smooth all year
  41. 41. Optional Social Media Design* Social Media Design to Match Your Site Promotes brand awareness & consistency Your Brand will be recognized instantly Build social proof and authority Leverage social channels for traffic Grow your audience and fan base
  42. 42. Optional Content Strategy Service* o Effective Content Strategy o Tailored to your audience o Blog frequently and grow o Drive Consistent Traffic o Monthly or Quarterly Options
  43. 43. 3.) One Week Follow Up Phone Call o Check that everything is running smoothly o Answer any questions you may have o Additional feedback and suggestions o Suggest Additional services o Cover maintenance plan benefits
  44. 44. 4.) Satisfaction Survey o We welcome your honest feedback o Let us know how your experience was o How can we make it smoother? o Help us serve you and others better o Consistent improvement is our goal
  45. 45. Recommend and Refer Recommend  Social media endorsements  LinkedIn Recommendations  Website Testimonials  Available as references  Be open to possible case studies Refer  Refer your friends or colleagues  Ask us about our referral bonus  Best compliments are referrals  Help us help small businesses  Keep us top of mind for future needs
  46. 46. Keep In Touch o Keep in touch through phone or email o Feel free to call with questions o We are here for additional support o We are happy to provide further technical assistance
  47. 47. Phew! All the Work That Goes into a Website Initiation Process Customization Process Closing Process
  48. 48. Learn More About Our Services
  49. 49. Request An Estimate on Your Website Interested In a Customized WordPress Genesis Framework Website? Visit This Page For An Estimate.