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AidBoard for recruiters


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AidBoard for recruiters

  1. 1. AidBoard for Recruiters Daniele Besana, Director
  2. 2. What is AidBoard? AidBoard is one of the most important career websites for the International Development community. Focus On: ● NGOs ● Non-profit ● International Aid
  3. 3. Why recruit with us? ● Fast-growing audience grants High Visibility to your vacancies ● Trustworthy name recognized by the industry ● Candidate Quality thanks to our Focus on International Development ● Simple & Clear recruitment solutions for all needs
  4. 4. Why recruit with us? (some more reasons) ● Engaged community of Professionals ● Latest technology for Mobile Recruiting and promotion on Social Media “We have gotten many good applicants through Aidboard. It seems to have a good reputation with applicants, and generally our applicants through there are better and more serious than those from jobs websites.” - Tess, Hiring Team, International Humanity Foundation
  5. 5. Who uses AidBoard?
  6. 6. AidBoard services Job Posting ● FREE for non-profit organizations! ● PREMIUM and TOP options for higher visibility ● Control Panel for reporting and administration Resume Access ● Thousands of professionals waiting for you! ● Contact the candidates that match your requirements ● Powerful search tool
  7. 7. AidBoard in numbers ● 342 Active Jobs ● 4,781 Professionals Resumes ● 2,565 Newsletter Subscribers ● 10,355 Visits / 33,483 Pageviews ● Alexa Ranking ~1.000.000 September 2013 performances
  8. 8. Summary ● AidBoard is one of the leading websites for International Development jobs ● AidBoard is specialized in NGOs recruiting ● AidBoard sources high quality candidates ● AidBoard offers free and paid services ● AidBoard is fast-growing
  9. 9. "Work on Stuff that Matters!" More info:
  10. 10. "Work on Stuff that Matters!" More info: