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How to use social media platforms as teaching tools?


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In this presentation, Dr. Ai Zhang discusses how she uses social media platforms (e.g., Snapchat, Twitter, and Blab) as teaching tools to 1) enhance student engagement; 2) better prepare students for their careers; 3) bridge the gap between education and practice in public relations

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How to use social media platforms as teaching tools?

  1. 1. Social media pedagogy
  2. 2. Dr. Ai Zhang An Associate Professor of PR at Stockton University, NJ @aiaddysonzhang on Twitter and Snapchat
  3. 3. @aiaddysonzhang What do you think are some prominent problems in higher ed?
  4. 4. To engage our students, we need to meet them where they are; not where we think they should be.
  5. 5. @aiaddysonzhang How I’m using social media platforms to... 1.Better engage students 2.Assist students with career preparation and connect them with the broader community 3.Help bridge the gap between the industry & academia
  6. 6. @aiaddysonzhang Social Media Pedagogy
  7. 7. Teens spend about ____ hours a day on social media in 2015 College students spend an average of _____ hours a day on cellphones in 2014 How much time do young people spend on average on social media and their smartphones?
  8. 8. ●What is Snapchat? ●What do you use Snapchat for? ●1.55 billion monthly active users ●100 million daily active users ●8 billion daily video views DMR Stats
  9. 9. @aiaddysonzhang 1. Humanize the teacher ✖ Break down the power-distance between teacher and students ✖ Sharing myself in my “natural environment” helps build a rapport with students.
  10. 10. @aiaddysonzhang ✖ Answer students questions via Snapchat ✖ Offer students tailored personal responses → which can blow a student away ✖ A simple Q&A → extended discussions about class ✖ A nice break from emails 2. Snapchat Q&A
  11. 11. @aiaddysonzhang 3. Coaching via Snapchat ✖ #RockYourCareer
  12. 12. @aiaddysonzhang 4. Create class-related geofilters
  13. 13. @aiaddysonzhang 5. Use Snapchat to enhance one’s digital protofolio Note: This idea was developed with Drs. Kyung-Hyan Yoo and Gina Marcello during the NJ Social Media Summit, 2016 ✖Create “Hire Me” Snapchat stories to highlight students’ professional and personal accomplishments targeted toward their dream jobs ✖Use the hashtag “#HireMe16” to share their Snapchat stories on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, personal websites, etc. ✖Invite other schools to join the activity and conduct peer critique ✖Students’ Hire-Me stories will be evaluated by the number of clicks, comments, shares, and engagements.
  14. 14. @aiaddysonzhang 6. Brand the students and the class ✖Feature super students ○ Snapchat “heros” ○ Give students shout outs ✖Highlight students’ accomplishments ✖Other examples here and here
  15. 15. @aiaddysonzhang 6. Branding, Cont’d ✖Account takeover ○ Current students; ○ Invite alumni/professionals: a day in the life videos ✖Feature guest speakers, celebrations/parties, or other interesting events in the class
  16. 16. Students start to 1) Give me shout outs, 2) Share special moments with me (eg, internship applications & career related events), 3) Interact with the broader professional community
  17. 17. Twitter
  18. 18. @aiaddysonzhang ✖ Class Hashtag: #AZSM #AZAdvanced #AZEthics ✖ Join live twitter chats and do storify ○ #HootChat; #MeasurePR; #PRStudChat; #BufferChat; #SproutChat ✖ Invite industry professionals to do live Twitter chats with the class ○ Carrie Morgan: #PRProChat ○ Connect with guest speakers and the larger community ✖ Cross institutional twitter chat Using Twitter as a teaching tool
  19. 19. @aiaddysonzhang Cross-institutional twitter chat ✖#TXC16: A cross-institutional hashtag ○ Rutgers University (School of Communication and Information); William Paterson University; Stockton University ✖Three-week twitter activity ○ Week 1: Describe your “personal identity/brand” with a pic included ○ Week 2: Describe your “professional identity/brand” with a pic included ○ Week 3: Two take-away tweets ✖A reflection paper based on the experience
  20. 20. @aiaddysonzhang Blab is a live streaming platforms that allows public viewable video chats featuring up to four people Periscope/Meerkat + Google Hangouts ✖ Focus Group ✖ Chat with group members/class ✖ Invite industry professionals to do guest talks ✖ Interact with the broader academic and/or professional community
  21. 21. The important role of educators ✖ Be a role model for students as most students don’t know how to use SM strategically and professionally ✖ Get actively involved on social platforms, networking with professionals in the industry, and never stop learning
  22. 22. @aiaddysonzhang The important role of educators: Case study ✖Influencer Marketing with Brian Fanzo ✖Guest blog: Five ways of using Snapchat as a teaching tool ✖Do a live Q&A session with my students on career development and offering advice
  23. 23. Not so much what we know than whom we know. Nowadays, it is who knows you. --Carlos Gil (@CarlosGil83)