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Importance of Phone Answering Service


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Why do you have to have a telephone answering service? Read in detail

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Importance of Phone Answering Service

  1. 1. Phone Answering Service THE IMPORTANCE OF PHONE ANSWERING SERVICE Visit Our Website for Phone Answering Service
  2. 2. Importance Of Phone Answering Service 25% 30% 15% 35% Although we live in an increasingly digitalized world, that does not mean that many people still prefer a humane treatment when dealing with certain questions or queries with a company. It is for this reason that today I will talk about the importance of telephone answering service and why it is still good to have this resource. I am a faithful believer that no matter the digital generation or how technological we are, we all still have that urgent need to pick up the phone and call a business or company when we need certain information and from the other side you hear a person. For example, I spend a lot of time on social networks and I even recommend my clients to have a digital presence, but that does not mean that in the event of a problem with my telephone company, I take the telephone and call the telephone service to know what is happening. Visit our website for phone answering service
  3. 3. Why you should use Phone Answering Service? 01 People are Still Using the Phone 02 You do not lose that Human Touch 03 Support Agent can Calm an Angry Client 04 There are not always Generic Questions Visit Our Website for Phone Answering Service 05 Because it Sells
  4. 4. People are still using the Phone Still the online world has not reached the levels of expected customer service. Moreover, telephone service is still not at its highest level, because many times companies do not train their staff or invest in this aspect. In summary, digital is still not at the optimum level, so for a long time it will be important to maintain telephone answering service.
  5. 5. You do not lose that Human Touch In an increasingly digitalized and robotic world, where even the telephone exchange is an answering machine, people feel the need to talk with another " human being ". It has happened to me many times to have a problem, for example on Facebook, and not find a single number to call, complain or ask for help. Really sometimes you want to talk to someone else, not read, browse or receive emails.
  6. 6. Support Agent can Calm an Angry Client Nothing worse than an angry client, added to how complicated it can be to find an answer, without being attended by a person. It has happened hundreds of times to me to really need to speak with a person before a problem with some page, service, program or product and not to find any form. In the end the anger is so much, that one ends up hating the company. Why not avoid this better? Nowadays, it is not even necessary to have an internal team, there are services such as DOS Customer Support, a remote call center service that allows any professional or company to have their own phone answering service. In summary, and as always I follow: The one who wants can.
  7. 7. There are not always Generic Questions Having a telephone customer service, is understanding that there are not always questions or generic concerns. Each client is a separate world, which will require from a particular type of treatment, to a very particular way to explain or give an answer. Moreover, each question can be totally unique depending on the client. It is true that not having a customer service phone can mean lower costs. But for every penny saved, there is a customer who may not buy from us, who does not buy us back or who does not recommend us, by not being helped.
  8. 8. Because it sells Yes it is. The customer agent sells. What they sells? •Sell ​​anything, if the customer calls with questions before the purchase. •Sell ​​the image of a company focused on the customer. •Sell ​​the show that it is a company that wants to find solutions. •Sell ​​loyalty to the future. •Sell ​​the satisfaction of believing and trusting your company . Obviously all this goes hand in hand with good ser vice. But not having a customer service call ... sells a bad image in these times.
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